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12/01    'The Carnaby Street Chameleons' at Worcester Park Tavern, Worcester Park (more)
24/01 Quo concert at Cambridge Corn Exchange (rescheduled from 07/12/00) (more)
26/01 Rhino on mystery webchat at (more)
28/01 Quo concert at Expo Centre, Leeuwarden, Holland
29/01 Quo concert at Stadthalle, Braunschweig, Germany
30/01 Quo concert at Stahlwerk, Düsseldorf
--/01 Rhino featured in HomeStyle magazine (UK)
--/01 Review of Marks & Spencer CD in Record Collector magazine (more)
01/02 Quo concert at KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark (more)
02/02 Quo concert at Idraetshallen, Odense, Denmark (more)
03/02 Quo concert at Skivehallerne, Skive, Denmark (more)
04/02 Quo concert at Aalborghallen, Aalborg, Denmark (more)
06/02 Quo concert at Solnahallen, Stockholm, Sweden
08/02 Quo concert at Liseberghallen, Gothenburg, Sweden
09/02 Quo concert at Värmekyrken, Norrköping, Sweden
10/02 Quo concert at Billingehov, Skövde, Sweden
14/02 "Tuned to the Music of Status Quo", by Dave Oxley, released
17/02 State of Quo at Blues Garage, Hannover (more)
24/02 'The Carnaby Street Chameleons' (aka 'The Mods') at The Woodstock, Sutton
--/02 Quo feature article in Mojo magazine (UK) (more)
02/03 John Daly Show (BBC1, Northern Ireland)
24/03 "Whatever You Want - The Status Quo Story" on Radio 2 (more)
Francis Rossi article in The Sun (UK) (more)
"Top Ten Guitar Heros" hosted by Rick and Francis on Channel 4
10/04 Rhino interviewed on Talk Sport Radio
12/04 Francis Rossi interviewed on Radio 5 Live
13/04 John Coghlan interview in Birmingham Evening Mail (more)
State of Quo at Old Railway, Curzon Street, Birmingham
18/04 Quo concert at Beau Sejour, Guernsey
19/04 Quo concert at Fort Regent, Jersey
21/04 Quo concert at Schwung 2001 Festival, Roeselare, Belgium
23/04 Quo concert at Olympia, Dublin (more)
24/04 Quo concert at Olympia, Dublin (more)
25/04 Quo concert at Olympia, Dublin (more)
26/04 Quo items in Christies 'Pop and Collectable Guitars' auction (more)
27/04 Quo appearance on "Big Brother" TV show, Norway (more)
05/05 Rhino's Revenge concert at The Borderline, London
06/05 Rhino's Revenge / State of Quo double bill at The Limelight Club, Crewe
11/05 'Piledriver' cover band concert at Ureterp, Holland
14/05 "Pictures of Matchstick Men" released by The Divine Comedy (more)
--/05 "Gerdundula" released by Two Timers (more)
02/06 '4 Bills and a Ben' concert (with John and Jeff) at The Khartoum, Croydon
14/06 Quo concert at Stadthalle, Osnabrück (more)
15/06 Quo concert at Amphitheater, Gelsenkirchen (more)
17/06 Quo concert at Circus Krone, München
20/06 Quo concert at Columbiahalle, Berlin (more)
21/06 Quo concert at Pier 2, Bremen
'Never Say Never' UK tour dates announced to FTMO members
23/06 Quo concert at Wohlen Open Air, Switzerland (more)
State of Quo at Skaerbaek Open Air, Denmark
24/06 Quo concert at Little Big One, Vaduz, Liechtenstein (more)
26/06 Quo concert at Stadion Sporthalle, Hannover
27/06 Quo concert at Serenadenhof, Nürnberg (more)
29/06 Quo concert at Open Air, Bocholt
30/06 Quo concert at Veltins Open Air, Meschede (more)
01/07 Quo concert at Schlachthof, Dresden
04/07 Quo concert at Gundelfingen an der Donau Schwabenstadion - Open Air
06/07 Quo concert at Wernesgrün Open Air
Little Egypt at The Half Moon, Putney
07/07 Quo concert at Nordseehalle, Emden
08/07 Quo concert at Waldbühne, Thallwitz (cancelled)
11/07 Quo concert at Eisstadion, Esslingen (more)
12/07 Quo concert at Rosengarten, Mozartsaal, Mannheim
Quo Vadis at The Corner Hotel, Richmond (more)
13/07 Quo concert at Hohentwiel Open Air, Singen
Quo Vadis at The Icon, Bendigo (more)
14/07 Quo concert at Antenne Bayern Festival, Ingolstadt (more)
Quo Vadis at The Inferno Nightclub, Traralgon
18/07 Rick Parfitt interviewed on The Richard Allinson Show (BBC Radio 2) (more)
19/07 Quo and the Beach Boys "Route of Kings" concert at Edinburgh Castle (more)
Francis Rossi interviewed on Dutch Radio 2 (more)
20/07 Quo and the Beach Boys "Route of Kings" concert at Warwick Castle (more)
21/07 Quo and the Beach Boys "Route of Kings" concert at Liverpool Docks
22/07 Quo and the Beach Boys "Route of Kings" concert at Hyde Park
28/07 Filming of "Night Fever" (Channel 5) in Majorca (more)
01/08 Quo concert at Kongeparken, Sandnes, Norway
02/08 Quo concert at Kaje Amfi Vinstra, Norway
04/08 Quo concert at Guffstock Lyngen, Norway
08/08 Review of "Route of Kings" concert at Warwick Castle (more)
Interview with Rhino in UK RockNet Newsletter (more)
10/08 Little Egypt gig at Ahlen Open Air, Germany (more)
12/08 Quo concert at Parc des Expositions, Colmar, France (more)
14/08 Quo concert at Lourdes, France
17/08 Francis and Rick on "The Horror of the Mid-life Crisis" (BBC1) (more)
30/08 Death of David Walker (more)
07/09 Quo Vadis at Dapto Leagues Club, nr Wooloongong, Australia
08/09 Quo on "Bingolotto" (Sweden, TV4) (more)
Quo Vadis at The Bull & Bush Hotel, Baulkam Hills, Sydney, Australia (more)
22/09 Quo on "Night Fever" (Channel 5) (more)
04/10 Quo items in Christies 'Pop and Collectable Guitars' auction
16/10 Quo on "This Morning" (ITV)
20/10 Dutch Quo Convention at Opeinde (featuring "Piledriver" cover band)
25/10 Quo concert at Valby Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark (more)
26/10 Quo concert at Arenaen, Aarhus, Denmark
28/10 Quo concert at Heineken Festival, Heinekenhall, Amsterdam
29/10 Quo concert at Forest National, Brussels (more)
31/10 Quo concert at North Wales Theatre, Llandudno
--/10 Review of "Rockers Rollin' - Quo In Time 1972-2000" in Q magazine (more)
01/11 Quo concert at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
02/11 Quo concert at Bradford St Georges Hall (more)
04/11 Quo concert at Sunderland Empire
05/11 Quo concert at Preston Guildhall
06/11 Quo concert at Sheffield City Hall
08/11 Quo concert at Newport Centre
09/11 Quo concert at Bristol Colston Hall
10/11 Quo concert at Nottingham Royal Concert Hall
12/11 Quo concert at Carlisle Sands Centre (cancelled, rescheduled for 09/02/02)
13/11 Quo concert at Grimsby Auditorium (cancelled, rescheduled for 10/02/02)
Francis Rossi interviewed by Nick Hancock on "You Only Live Once" (BBC1)
14/11 Quo concert at Leicester De Montfort Hall (cancelled, rescheduled for 08/02/02)
17/11 Quo concert at Manchester Apollo (more)
18/11 Quo concert at Brentwood Centre
20/11 Quo concert at Dundee Caird Hall
21/11 Quo concert at Glasgow Clyde Auditorium
22/11 Quo concert at York Barbican
24/11 Quo concert at Harrogate Centre (more)
25/11 Quo concert at Scarborough Futurist
26/11 Quo concert at Southport Theatre
28/11 Quo concert at Eastbourne Congress
Quo on "Stars and their Dressing Rooms" (ITV)
29/11 Quo concert at Basingstoke Anvil Theatre (more)
30/11 Quo concert at Croydon Fairfield Hall (more)
--/11 "The Best Air Guitar Album In The World ... Ever" released (more)
Review of "Rockers Rollin'" set in Classic Rock magazine (more)
02/12 Quo concert at Cambridge Corn Exchange
03/12 Quo concert at Crawley Leisure Centre
"Rockers Rollin' - Quo In Time 1972-2000" box set released (more)
04/12 Quo concert at Southend Cliffs Pavillion
06/12 Quo concert at Northampton Derngate
07/12 Quo concert at Folkestone Leas Cliff
08/12 Quo concert at Ipswich Regent
10/12 Quo concert at Portsmouth Guildhall
11/12 Quo concert at Bournemouth International Centre
12/12 Quo concert at Brighton Centre
14/12 Quo concert at Wembley Arena
15/12 Quo concert at Birmingham NEC Arena
16/12 Quo concert at Oxford Apollo Theatre (cancelled, rescheduled for 23/01/02)
18/12 Quo concert at Hereford Leisure Centre (cancelled, rescheduled for 12/02/02)
19/12 Quo concert at Guildford Civic (cancelled, rescheduled for 22/01/02)
20/12 Quo concert at Plymouth Pavilions (cancelled, rescheduled for 14/02/02)
21/12 Quo concert at Port Talbot Aquadome (cancelled, rescheduled for 13/02/02)
--/12 Review of "Rockers Rollin' - Quo In Time 1972-2000" in 'Record Collector' magazine (more)

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