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That was the Quo month that was ... February 2001

1st - Quo concert at KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark

This review comes from Michael in Denmark, who also reviews the gigs in Odense, Skive and Aalborg.

Don't know where to begin or end. It has been 4 fantastic days!

It all started in Copenhagen, February the 1st. 25 km from home. We had our sons at 12 and 16 years with us - and they were very excited - like it was the first time, even if it was their 7th concert.

We arrived late in the afternoon, the weather was very cold - last week it was +7 and now it was minus degrees and the wind was blowing. We got to say hello to Matt and Paul when they arrived. At 5.30pm people began to arrive, so we were standing out in the cold for 90 minutes, before we were let inside. Got front row right in front of Rick and Francis.

The support band were very great (LH - Midnight Blues) - it always helps - then the time of waiting isn't that long.

Quo went on at 9 pm and played for 1 hour and 40 min. They played "Burning Bridges" here but not at the other three concerts. The atmosphere was great - people sang and danced and had a really good time - no pushing - everybody just enjoyed it and there is a big difference between Copenhagen and the rest of this small country. Quo were really on top and the best of it all was "Big Fat Mama" and "Juniors Wailing" - I haven't heard those the last 15 years - I guess!! So I was very, very happy - I have been wishing for that in so many years. The light was different from last time I saw Quo - it was good. Francis talked a lot and Rhino got to sing more than usual. Both my sons were so lucky to get a drumstick each - so that really made their day. They both agreed that it was the best concert they've been to so far. They are coming with us to Sweden on Friday and Saturday and they are really looking forward to that.

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2nd - Quo concert at Idraetshallen, Odense, Denmark

This review comes from Michael in Denmark, who also reviews the gigs in Copenhagen, Skive and Aalborg.

We took off just before midday - it was a drive of about 140 km and the weather was still very cold and the snowy weather had started - we haven't really had much snow since the last time Quo were here in December 1999 with "Night Of The Proms" - so it seems like the Quocloud brought snow instead of rain this time!!!!

We went to the hall at about 5.30 pm and were so lucky to be let inside because of the cold and a long story about we came all the way from Copenhagen. The people who came later were not let in until 7 pm. As "Caroline" started I took a picture of Rick as always and then the guard flew over and demanded the camera - I gave it to my wife next to me - and suddenly a guard came and wanted her out right now! They were really crazy. I went to the office with one of the guards and discussed with him for about 5 min. Rick "asked" my wife what happened and they got a "chat". I came back in and Rick "asked" me if everything was OK - and I told him no and what the problem was and pointed at the guard. But besides that the concert was as usual really great and it was my wifes number 50 so we had a celebration after the concert together with some of our friends. Quo played all of "Living Doll" here. After the concert I could get my camera back - and I got an apology - they didn't know, that Quo had such a big "army" and that Quo don't mind pictures to be taken. One German was also taken to the office because of a camera. We met two people from Belgium, two from England, three from Holland, and some from Germany. It is always nice to meet people, you have met and talked to before in another country. It's like one big family. Hello to you all.

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3rd - Quo concert at Skivehallerne, Skive, Denmark

This review comes from Michael in Denmark, who also reviews the gigs in Copenhagen, Odense and Aalborg.

Rick rocking Skive

Next morning before we were leaving for Skive, we met Quo at the hotel and talked about the photo-situation and Rick said that it was a stupid way to act. Quo don't mind people taking pictures. Got some autographs and photos of them all - that was indeed very nice.

We headed for Skive and the longer we got into Jutland the more snow there was. When we arrived, we got something to eat - it was a big place with swimming pool and several halls. We were allowed to wait inside again because of the cold weather. Over here there were no problems with photos, so I took a lot of pictures and Quo were really giving all they've got. It was just so very great!!!! The sound was a bit loud. After the break when Quo went on again, Rick threw a pear to my wife - we just thought he pretended, he would throw it - but he really threw it and she caught it. The set was now down to 1.30. We left Skive at 11 pm and arrived at our hotel in Aalborg at 12.30 am. Next morning we were very glad that we drove up to Aalborg after the show, then we had 2 nights at the same hotel and the weather had gone worse.

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4th - Quo concert at Aalborghallen, Aalborg, Denmark

This review comes from Michael in Denmark, who also reviews the gigs in Copenhagen, Odense and Skive.

In Aalborg there were only sold a bit more than 1000 tickets - the 3 other shows were sold out - and because of the weather, not many people came to buy tickets at the door. So it was a small crowd and a bit dead. Francis did his very best to wake people up, but the crowd were heavy to dance with! Also here there were no problems with photographing - so I did my very best and took a lot! Same setlist and same front row people - Belgium, England, Holland and Germany.

I think that everybody in Quo do a fantastic job and they seems to work well together - they are just soooooo good!

Francis and Rick rocking Aalborg Go Ricky!

Now Quo have left Denmark and the snow is melting and the temperature are up at +8 degrees.

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17th - State of Quo at Blues Garage, Hannover

This review comes from the one and only Suzie Quo.

On Saturday night a blond charming bloke, looking very similar to a certain Rick Parfitt, only better in shape than him, asked me, how many times I saw Quo or whether I have stopped counting...Indeed I don't know how often I lost me drooling for the ponytail and I haven't a way with numbers, really and I don't like contests like : I did it 8 times a night what was your record? I saw Quo a few hundred times since I am 12 years old. An Armada of sweaty shirts passed by and all produced by a sexy ponytail and we won't forget the one which found its way in my arms and which lies beside me every single night since this gig in Wembley. BUT after this night on the 16th Feb. I begin a new not less enjoying tradition: it is called

"Suzie in a state of Quo"
You will ask yourself what made a shirt hunter to a State of Quo fan and how long this report will be. I will explain the first part in this report but I cannot assure this report will be a short one. I saw the most famous cover band of Status Quo last Saturday and I was amazed. It is as simple as that. Paul, Mike and Graham had been brilliant!! And you wouldn't believe it - the drummer looks very alike John. For those who are loving dirty wild sex, mixed with a good music and a real party of screwing up England grammar this report is an invitation to enjoy in an mental way the gig report of State of Quo. I think, you will get the right feeling and the burning desire to visit one of the next gigs, when they are around. You must know this band is even managing to get some Germans fans to drive a few hundred kms (I have no idea how much it is in real money - a few hundred miles I suppose hehehh) for this gig on the 16th of Feb 2001. I will tell you now tight blue jeans, tattooed bodies and the one and only wish the State of Quo CD is coming out soon. A desire some of us hadn't had with some of the Quo CDs really - yes crucify me for this statement but I always was honest about my obsession of Status Quo and about their softening up and I am not changing my mind and my kind. So what is the point to go to a gig of a cover band help? I had no idea before, I always avoid visiting a gig of a Quo cover band. A very surprising gig, indeed. It was my first time, listening to a Quo cover band. But State of Quo is not "A" cover band it is "THE" band which is doing the real Quo celebration!!! And here we are to find out and explain their success. Here you have a band which is playing the real old and hard stuff. Let us now come to the thrilling dirty details of the gig. Like it or like it not. Here it is (mhhhh should I do five parts of this report).

This is a report about a gig, how to meet the boys and have a very enjoyable evening or my first time, or I cannot make up my mind which title this gig report shall have. Ok, hold on, let me pick the perfect title, let me call it

"The feeling to be in a STATE OF QUO"
Sorry Oh can't skip this tradition: hello Francis you horny thing you. No man is looking in tight blue jeans as you really do!!!! Did I ever mention that I like when you rub your nipples in public. I could help you or you could help me. Drool (this was the erotic part of the gig report).

Ok you haven't seen Mike doing this but his performance is very like my fav ponytail. Some of the older geezers (no, I am not naming anyone especially but this is costing you one or six Tequilas when I meet you the next time) will remember- the good old times, free beer and free love and some gig reports, famous by rapping the English grammar. Jolly good times are back!!! Give the Mistress a kiss.

How to find a good concert when nobody knows about

Against all odds I found the thrilling place in Isernhagen called Blues Garage, where the gig took place. And this only while I was looking on the web page and a viking has whispered in my ear where 'n' when. So people which wanted to find the venue under the keyword Hannover would have been fucked. There was no announcement of the band, neither in the papers, not known at the usually places - no posters. I cannot understand why this event wasn't really promoted. This has to be changed!!! The band is coming over for a gig to see the German fans but at all only a little group of internet muppets like us is getting the date and the location right to hurry there. Gigs are for pleasing the fans but they are also there for making the band known over some borders and not only for satisfying those fans which know all about them already. Hello dear management we want to see State of Quo please not only by a happy coincident. Give us the occasion to do, pleeeease.

How to meet the band

This viking bird also rang the mobile number of the band leader in my ear so I could write Paul Carr a text message and tell that I am on my way to meet them. I was quite nervous (but you couldn't spot it really) and I was awaiting to meet the blokes and see the gig. We said hello shortly and some hefty kissies to Paul and Mike and then the boys hit the stage - yahhhhhhhh.

How to enjoy yourself as much as you can in public not being caught

First read the set list.

Any further questions ???? Then imagine all the songs are played in the RIGHT speed, full LENGTH. It made me kind of Quogasm (hello viking Per Rannug my sweet) to hear, that they are not playing any Medley. Wonderful! ((Yes Francis ask back for your shirt but I like the full Monty !!!!)) The full real versions are not giving you the impression the band wanna hurry to get finished. (( Ah this is costing me an other shirt now I fear. Francis, ponytail darling, sexiest man alive, lovie, I hate to feel being a rush. I don't have anything against a quick one but when it comes to music I am very narrow-minded. So this way of STATE OF QUO play the songs QUO I liked a lot more. ))

How to play brilliant when sound is crap

Well when you are good artist you let it show even when the sound seems to have its own will. We all could see the band memebers using the same guitars so it makes it a bit harder for them but more origin what is bring me back to my early Quo time feeling. Mike did a real "blood" sport on his guitar. Graham did his play in the Lancaster manner. I liked this even when I am not a Lancaster girl.

Perhaps this is the ultimate evidence that I am old now thinking like this but I enjoyed it quite a lot: Guitars with cables, small venue, fans head down enjoying themselves at the same time the band did. Dancing ... enough space for air guitaring. I felt in a time tunnel, but not like seeing the young Quo it was more like seeing the young music played of ambitious men in our age. I like they miss the commercial stuff. All was harder, not "20 Wild Horses" or my most hated "All Around My Hat" ... really I cannot come over this song after years I still feel pissed off.

And there was this very strange moment: To see John behind the drums is very special, still after 20 years I felt like I was a kid seeing him the first time. It was great to see his dark Rasputin eyes and the mean face from time to time. Wow! But in my memory, John, you were taller. Meeting the band later I talked to him at last and telling him this made him kissing me (ok the makeup also had a part I think). So Francis top this !!!!!

The stage show was HOOOOOT even when one or two cables stopped some harder guitar attacks. Mike is playing with the audience in Francis' manner, great ! Paul looks like Rick, only better in shape. A friend of mine who always liked Quo got the web site hint off me ( it is by the way) and he asked me whether Rick is playing with this band. You see Paul you do it right!!!

Well Graham is a huge bloke. At this point the illusion to Lancaster is not fitting. But the play and passings, long hair and moustache make it "round" and very enjoyable to watch. He is giving STATE of QUO a bit of a harder, heavy touch. You also could see him in a heavy metal band. Graham must be one of Europe's best bass players, never once letting go of the highly effective groove that made the whole backbone of the gig. (hehehhehehhehe you own me something for this row, appetiser)

So what impressed me most was not the dancing people - old and young - cowboys and chicks in country style, denim admirers, Quo fans. It was the fun of the band members playing the songs of their fav band, our all fav band.

How to keep this feeling being in State of Quo

Ask them to play in your bedroom (( Suzie wanna sit between Paul and Graham. This won't happened often over the week and it is getting tricky to get all of them in my fast little car on my way to work - could you please get this thing out of my face, if you don't mind !!!))

You can run again and again to their gigs - happy British citizens, the Queen loves you, though. I am jealous. I have to plan and sort out a lot of things to see them live again. Hope they come to Germany VERY SOON. But what about when you live on the continent or even worse in AMERICA.

Ok then do the next best thing BUY their cd.

How to get their CD

Visit the web site, look for hints and beg like junkies for buying it. And the keyword is buying it. This kind of affords, working and living for music had to get a gain. So the keyword is buy not get one and make copies. You support the band in buying the cd. No I don't get a free copy, a signed one perhaps.

Ok Watch their site, get your arse to the concerts, get you soul fresh, young and free again. Catch this wave - GET IN A STATE OF QUO !!!!!!

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undated - Quo feature article in Mojo magazine (UK)

You can find scans of the Quo feature pages of Mojo by visiting here (courtesy of Kjell Kristian).

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