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That was the Quo month that was ... January 2001

12th - 'The Carnaby Street Chameleons' at Worcester Park Tavern, Worcester Park

At a favourite 4 Bills venue, Johnny Warman's latest outfit - 'The Carnaby Street Chameleons' - played a 90 minute set of mod material, including tracks from Steve Mariott, The Kinks, The Who and The Spencer Davis Band. With Johnny as ever on lead vocals, the remainder of the band was made up of Rhino (bass), Steve Byrd (guitar), Spike Edney (keyboards and guitar), and John Marter (drums).

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24th - Quo concert at Cambridge Corn Exchange

This review comes from Mike Elwood.

This was a complete blast! And especially nice for me as I had had to miss Oxford last year.

First of all, publicly much thanks to Timmy Langner for making the ticket available.

The Corn Exchange seems a pretty good venue (standing!), and I appreciated the light-touch security. It's cosy, with a nice atmosphere, and rather reminded me of the Bush gig.

It was reportedly a sell out (this was of course, a gig re-scheduled from last year), and we were certainly well packed in. However, everyone remained civilised and well-behaved as far as I could see :-)

Sorry this is not going to be a complete report, and I don't (yet) have a complete setlist, but highlights for me were "Big Fat Mama" and "Junior's Wailing", as well as "4500 Times" and "Backwater". What more could you want? Well, we also got a stonking version of "Old Time Rock and Roll" (I always thought that would work well live), and several others from the album, all done well.

Actually EVERYTHING was done well, and the sound was great, I thought, despite Francis saying: "If you think we sound a bit broken, then we are ... we've had Christmas as well as you lot, so we're rusty".

But they weren't! Not to me, anyway.

I concur with everyone else in thinking that Matt is making a great contribution to the band. He can certainly beat those drums into submission, and does a great "Big Fat Mama" (I was listening out carefully to that, as the drums on the original were great).

The support was a singer/guitarist (Dennis Dell?), bluesy rock or rocky blues. What I heard was good, but I had some pre-match drinking to catch up on, and didn't hear it all :-)

Quo were on at 8.15 sharp, and off by 10.00 sharp. Seemed like a slightly longer than usual first "half", and a fairly traditional (in keeping with recent tradition that is) second half. I couldn't make out what song Rick was crooning this time....sounded like Elvis :-)

Oh yes, for "In The Army Now" fans, it was there (in its "normal" place in the first half). "Twenty Wild Horses" also still in, and sounding good.

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26th - Rhino on mystery webchat at

Rhino took part in the first of DotMusic's mystery webchats on January 26th. The first part of the internet-broadcast chat involved people guessing who he was (not hard for the Quo fans with access to the official Web site!), then questions directed to him. The full webchat is transcribed below.

dave from croydon asks: Are you male or female?
Mystery: Yes, or maybe no
fRANCK from Cannes asks: Are you the same band as in the 60s? How many players have there been now?
Mystery: No, there's about the same players as a football team over the years
Donald from Shepton Mallet asks: What's the biggest gig you ever played?
Mystery: Central Park to 400,000
Cari from NY asks: Are you guys famous for fighting with each other
Mystery: No, why do you want some?
Chris from Isle of Wight asks: What's the highest in the singles chart you've ever been and what year?
Mystery: Number 1 in 1994
Paul from London asks: Phil Collins - why are you so bland?
Mystery: Well said Paul, but I'm not Phil
Ivo from Lucerne asks: Are you considered a heavy metal group and how many people are there?
Mystery: Yes and no, we are the frantic five
Emma from Hamburg asks: Does the band have its own plane or helicopter
Mystery: We've got our own bikes, and zimmerframes
TK from San Fran asks: Is being in your band anything like the movie Spinal Tap?
Mystery: Yes but I'm nothing like Derek Smalls but we do have our very own David St Hubbins
Dermot Quoth from A Shed asks: Who do you think you are?
Mystery: A bigheaded twat

Terry from London asks: Which football teams do the band support?
Mystery: there is only one team - the world famous mighty Brentford fc
Dale from Norway asks: What is your favourite song?
Mystery: Ummm, Sign O The Times by Prince
Richard from Sweden asks: Is your name the same as mine?
Mystery: no but I'm a bit of a dick

steve monty from London asks: have you ever been in a levis ad!!
Mystery: no but i wear them on stage
arthur from portsmouth asks: do you have an easily identifiable sound?
Mystery: only a lot
Dyllan from Wales asks: You are Francis Rossi
Mystery: no I ain't
Ruud from holland asks: Is your nickname Frame?
Mystery: no
fred from netherlands asks: is it Rhino from status quo?
Mystery: it could be
dotmusic: well done Fred. You're the winner. Rhino will now answer your Quo questions
Pat Kelly from Ontario, Canada asks: What did John Fogerty think of your version of "Rockin' All Over The World"?
Rhino: i expect that he and his bank manager were well chuffed
Martin Brand from Cologne, Germany. asks: I guess that the "unknown" artist is John "Rhino" Edwards of Status Quo. My question is how long the concert in Düsseldorf will be?
Rhino: a couple of days if you don't like it, an hour and a half if you do
Rhino: we stumbled in, stumbled out, I remember we phoned up from the bus to find out about the stage at which our production manager was heard to fall around laughing as there wasn't really one. But it was a good show.
colin berry from hartlepool asks: I know you are the best bass player that Quo has had, but how good do Francis and Rick rate as guitarists compared to some of the other musicians you've played with?
Rhino: they are the two most original players I've ever worked with and Rossi's charisma on stage is something else
JOHNS from YATELEY, UK asks: Hiya Rhino. Quo are about to hit the studio to record some new stuff can we hope for the same sort of rawness and energy as your brilliant Rhino's Revenge album?
Rhino: I'd like to think so. We worked really hard to keep it fresh and we will trying to achieve that sort of vibe on the Quo record
Mr Ian Fox from Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire asks: When you joined Status Quo in 1985, did you think they would still be popular in 2001?
Rhino: I didn't realise that I had joined such an institution and on the one hand I'm surprised because rock'n'roll is quite short-lived but we've grown older with our fans
quolion from germany says: could you tell us your personal highlights with QUO?
Rhino: blimey, I really enjoyed the English pub tour as I like a drink. Basically joining was quite a high and it's still better than working
Matthew Bradshaw from London asks: Rhino, How easy has it been to persuade Francis & Rick to play more of the older 70's material in the set? Any chance in the future of some old songs we have never heard live before?
Rhino: Matthew believe it or not I'm the main instigator in trying to get the band to play more of our old songs e.g. Big Fat Mama. I'm trying to get Break The Rules, Paper Plane, etc but when there's such a vast catalogue of material you have to cover each era
Andy Jermond ( from Harrow, NW London asks: Rhino, loved your solo effort. Bearing in mind Quo's already hectic touring schedule and the need to have a family life, how the heck do you find the time to record a solo album, and will you find the time to record another?
Rhino: it was time-consuming but it was like my hobby. And I know that the next one will not as difficult to make as I now know how to do it! (ask my wife)
Sven from Stockholm asks: I hear your album is good, but I am having trouble finding a copy here in Sweden. Can you help?
Rhino: it will be available to buy on our forthcoming tour of Scandanavia. Or if you want a signed copy (I don't know who's going to sign it) go to where you will find details (it says here)
Chris Farrington from Cambridge asks: Are you likely to ever do any live dates on your own to promote "Rhino's Revenge"
Rhino: I did a launch gig the day the album was released at the 100 club in London and it was fantastic. I'm looking to do some more UK shows in either february or march, check the website for details but I can assure you that when we play live it rocks like a m
Gazzer from Crewe asks: What is your favourite Quo song Rhino?
Rhino: hold ya back
Rock Til You Drop from nowhere asks: where's ur favourite venue to play?
Rhino: it depends sometimes because for some unknown reason you can fill out a venue and one year the sound is fantastic, the next it's awful. The best place for me personally is Cirkus Krone in Munich
Jo from Australia asks: the recent tour of Australia was Brilliant....but the crowd numbers really dissapointing, will Quo tour Australia (in the near future) again?
Rhino: that's difficult...I don't know but we had a brilliant time there. I hope we do. I'm going there on holiday there this year
spikearoony from northumberland asks: why are you called Rhino?
Rhino: I am the Austin Powers of rock on that one. The international man of mystery. You can take from that what you will...
stefanquo from quo fan since 1973 asks: can you make a pub tour here in Germany, please please
Rhino: We did. Why weren't you there?
n.t.mears from peterborough asks: is the new quo album likely to feature your good self, on vocals, and will it be a rocker?
Rhino: I'd be surprised if I was singing on it. I'm hopeful that it will be a rocker...!
rg from nowhere asks: what was the feeling ( if you can remember) after the gig at Wembley 86 gig with Queen?
Rhino: I loved it. But in retrospect I looked like a complete prat!
BlueEyedLady from QuoNada asks: Some of the cuts on your new CD made me think of Jimi Hendrix. Was he an influence on you?
Rhino: Yeah...especially on 'The Strange One' which was directly inspired by Jimi
rossilover from essex uk asks: what gauge strings do u use?
Rhino: Narrow (laughs)
Timmy Langner from Guildford asks: Any chance of getting Quo to play Blue Eyed Lady or Reason For Living live? Reason is a great motto for life. Also please don't stop writing/playing the newer stuff, just mix it all around bit so we never know whats next. Thanks
Rhino: I'm not sure but you never know. Secondly don't forget this band is called Status Quo - changes are difficult
Chris Perkins from uk asks: whats francis like on a tour coach
Rhino: He is the grand old man of rock'n'roll. He likes a game of cards, a chat and a smoke.
John from England asks: Why didn't you get Coghlan back when Jeff left?
Rhino: Beacuse we got Matthew. John won't be back.
Can from Turkey asks: Hi Rhino,which Quo album is your favourite one?
Rhino: I would say...Hello
Rhino: sorry I was wrong - Piledriver. In Australia they used to call it Pile Driver
John from Carmarthen asks: How is the writing going with Francis and Bob?
Rhino: Very well and they are still it at now.
Paul Nicholson from Sheffield asks: Are you sick and tired of people saying bring back Alan Lancaster, because I certainly am?
Rhino: Paul I love you - but for the last five years I have to say it hasn't bothered me. To all you who want Alan back there are other bands on tour and other CDs to buy
Chris Perkins from uk asks: How much longer will quo be touring?
Rhino: Until after about seven years after we are dead!
Gazzer from Crewe asks:On the Rock Til You Drop album you did 4500 times a cut down version off about 12 minutes why won't you ever do that full version live in concert?
Rhino: My personal opinion - as I wasn't there at the time and have only seen on video - it reminds me of watching paint dry if I'm being honest and I'm an honest kind of geezer
eddy kilgore from N.ireland asks: when should we expect the next QUO STUDIO ALBUM?
Rhino: Hopefully later this year but rest assured it won't come out until its ready and if you have to wait it will be worth it.
dotmusic: time for one more for Rhino
nigel mellor from burton on trent asks: will you be doing another solo album in the future?
Rhino: hopefully provided I can get a few hours off from Quo
Rhino: That's it folks... I've got a fresh bottle of Cotesderhone with my name on it. I'd like to thank you all for talking the time to ask me so many intertesting questions. Now bugger off. Rhino Revenge rools
dotmusic: thanks Rhino for being our first mystery guest and to you all for your questions.

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undated - Review of Marks & Spencer CD in Record Collector magazine

The recently released "The Collection" CD (catalogue number MS4822), distributed through Marks & Spencer stores in the UK, was reviewed in the January 2001 edition of Record Collector magazine. The review is reproduced without permission below.

Yes, that Marks and Spencer - they've had their own range of quality CDs for some time now. Retailing at around a tenner, they represent good value for money and sell to people who would still be too frightened to visit a real record shop.

"In some ways, Quo seem a natural choice for M&S, and certainly there are many similarities - they're both venerable British institutions; both are troubled of late; both aren't as popular as they used to be - but both can command fervent fanbases. However, there's little to say about this collection, expect that it's prime Quo, picking up at the wonderful "Paper Plane" and taking us through to the barely believable "Anniversary Waltz - Part One".

"Caroline", "Down Down", "Roll Over Lay Down" and "Whatever You Want" remind us of the time when Quo were somewhere near the cutting edge. There certainly seemed to be a element of danger there, before the Chas and Dave-alike singalongs of "Something 'Bout You Baby I Like" and "The Wanderer" reared their ugly heads. However, one can only admire their consistency. So, next you pop out for some Y-fronts, pick up this little beauty."

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