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That was the Quo month that was ... April 2001

13th - John Coghlan interview in Birmingham Evening Mail

Thanks to Kim Hochkins for bringing this article to my attention.

John Coghlan's State of Quo managed a bigger feature than Quo got on their last visit to Birmingham in Birmingham's Evening Mail Friday 13th April 2001, headlined "Here We Quo Again (And Again)" written by Andy Coleman.

Vintage rockers Status Quo could soon have a rival on the 12 bar boogie scene - original members John Coghlan and Alan Lancaster are planning to team up to play old Quo hits.

Drummer Coghlan is currently performing with John Coghlan's Quo and reveals that bassist Lancaster, who lives in Australia, has said he'd be interested in joining him in the project.

"Two and a half years ago I met up with a tribute group called State of Quo," recalls 54 year old John, who performs at Birmingham's Old Railway in Curzon Street tonight. "I gave them a set list of tracks I'd like to do - all old Quo songs and they played them at a soundcheck. They were great and they said they wanted me to drum with them. We're not a copy of Quo - we're a band for the fans, performing Quo songs from the period I was with the band."

Since quitting Quo in 1981 John, who is married with a 27-year-old daughter Charlotte, has kept in touch with the rest of the original band, Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt and Alan Lancaster, and it was during one of his regular telephone chats with Alan that the idea of teaming up was mooted.

"Alan recorded an album, Life after Quo, when he left the group and now he says he's thinking of playing with my band. The other guys in John Coghlan's Quo, Paul Carr, Mike Grady and Graham Peters, are up for it."

John Coghlan's Quo have recorded some Quo classics like In My Chair, Roll Over Lay Down and Mystery Song and would love to see the CD released in the UK. Meanwhile, they're enjoying playing all the old Quo songs although John would still consider getting back together with Rick and Francis.

A number of different musicians have sat on the Quo drum stool since John left, the most recent change coming last summer when Jeff Rich quit.

"I didnt get the call asking me to rejoin but you never know what may happen in the future," John says. "I'd be willing to get up there and play. I heard Rick say in a recent radio interview that the original line up would never get together again but I don't think you can ever be definite about something like that."

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23rd, 24th, 25th - Quo concert at Olympia, Dublin

This review comes from Till Langhorst.

I was with my girlfriend for three days in Dublin to see Quo. It was great, it was wonderful, it was ROCK `N` ROLL!!!

The venue in Dublin is the best place to see Quo if you are in the standing area, but I don't want to be upstairs for all the money in the world because you were forced from the security to sit down during the gig. The setlist was more or less the same like in the Winter 2000/2001 - the best setlist since 1986 for my taste.

The crowd in Dublin was very hardcore so there was much singing and dancing on every song and not only for the big hits like sometimes in England (sorry). Sometimes the feeling reminded me of the two Quo concerts at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney in 1997.

Many fans from England were there - special greetings to the guys from the area of Manchester and Flossie for bringing us near the stage at the second concert. Greetings also to crazy Tejo and his friend Phillip from Holland.

They couldn`t make it to the third concert so here a little review. It was the same mood like the two days before - great crowd singing, Francis was talking a lot but I don't why they didn`t play "Roll Over Beethoven", "Shake Baby Shake" or something from Cliff Richard.

Greetings to all the very friendly people of Dublin we met before or after the concert in the pub - Dublin knows how to rock. Looking forward to see you all again and again and again.

The set list from these gigs was as follows (taken from Garry Fielding's excellent web site): Caroline / The Wanderer / Something 'Bout You Baby I Like / Don't Waste My Time / Backwater / Old Time Rock And Roll / Twenty Wild Horses / Forty-Five Hundred Times / Rain / Roll Over Lay Down / Dirty Water / In The Army Now / Down Down / Big Fat Mama / Whatever You Want / Rockin' All Over The World / Burning Bridges / Junior's Wailing / Anniversary Waltz Pt 1 (minus Lucille) / Livin' Doll / Rock 'n' Roll Music / Bye Bye Johnny

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26th - Quo items in Christies 'Pop and Collectable Guitars' auction

Sale 9089 at Christies South Kensington auction rooms on April 26th was one of their now regular pop memorabilia auctions, this one featuring a number of Quo items, from Alan Lancaster, Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi. Each of the Quo-related lots is described (from the Christies catalogue) below.

Lot 92: Two souvenir posters, one of Rick Parfitt, Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster on stage in the 'Piledriver' pose, circa 1972, signed in different coloured inks by subjects -- 22x20in. (57.7x50.8cm.) the other of all four members of the group performing on stage, 1976, signed in different coloured inks by all four -- 23x33in.
Lot 93: A presentation 'silver' disc Hello!, B.P.I. certified, Presented to ALAN LANCASTER, 1973 -- 19x15in. (49.5x39.4cm.) framed, signed on the reverse in black felt pen by Alan Lancaster
Lot 94: A presentation 'silver' disc Blue For You, B.P.I. certified, Presented to ALAN LANCASTER, 1976 -- 19x15in. (49.5x39.4cm.) framed, signed on the reverse in black felt pen by Alan Lancaster
Lot 95: A presentation 'silver' disc Whatever You Want, B.P.I. certified, Presented to ALAN LANCASTER -- 19x15in. (49.5x39.4cm.) framed, signed on the reverse in black felt pen by Alan Lancaster Whatever You Want presentation disc from Alan
Lot 96: Two presentation 'gold' discs: Hello, French, Presented to ALAN LANCASTER, 1976 -- 17X13in. (44.5x34.3cm.) framed; and Just Supposin, Spanish, Presented to ALAN LANCASTER, 1981 -- 17x15in. (43x38cm.) framed, both signed on the reverse in black felt pen by Alan Lancaster
Lot 97: A presentation silver medallion hallmarked London, 1977, the back engraved A.C.L. 1962-1977, on a silver chain, medallion -- 1in. (4.5cm.) diam. chain -- 12in. (30.5cm.) long, the medallion presented to Alan Lancaster; accompanied by a promotional poster Status Quo On The Level, 1975, signed in blue ballpoint pen by Alan Lancaster -- 26x19in. (68x49.5cm.) (2)

Lot Notes: This medallion was one of four commissioned by Vertigo Records to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of Status Quo. One was presented to each member of the group, Alan Lancaster, Rick Parfitt, Francis Rossi and John Coghlan, by the then M.D. of Vertigo, Brian Shepherd.
Silver medallion from Alan
Lot 98: A Japanese-made Charvel Model 6 guitar by Jackson/Charvel, circa 1987, Serial No. C703690, in cream finish, poplar body with offset cutaways, rock maple through-neck, twenty-four fret rosewood fingerboard with pearl 'shark fin'-style position markers, black-plated metalwork, Jackson licensed Floyd Rose double-locking vibrato system, two Jackson J200 dual-coil bi-level humbuckers neck and centre, plus one Jackson J50BC humbucker at bridge, three mini switches, three rotary controls; and a black hardshell case with brown plush lining, the lid of the case stencilled in white STATUS QUO, the underside decorated with a silver and black Status Quo sticker; accompanied by a copy of a receipt showing that the vendor purchased this guitar from Francis Rossi Charvel model 6 from Francis
Lot 99: A Gibson Chet Atkins Standard, Serial No. GO43, circa late 1980s, in natural finish, mahogany body with single round cutaway, spruce top with round soundhole, mahogany neck, nineteen fret rosewood fingerboard, slotted headstock, wooden tie block bridge with transducer pickup, two upper bout roller controls; and fitted hardshell case with blue plush lining; accompanied by a copy of a receipt showing that this guitar, described erroneously on the receipt as a GO45, was purchased by the vendor from Francis Rossi (3)
Lot 100: A G&L ASAT guitar by Leo Fender, circa 1989, Serial No. 6024284, in cream finish, alder body with single cutaway, maple bolt on neck, twenty-two fret maple fingerboard with black dot inlays, G&L six-saddle bridge with through-body stringing, two G&L Magnetic Field Design single coil pickups, selector switch, two rotary controls and black pickguard; and a hardshell case with blue plush lining, the exterior of the case with label inscribed in black felt pen in an unknown hand RICK: G&L; accompanied by a note in the roadie's hand signed by Rick Parfitt stating that this guitar was given to Rick Parfitt by Leo Fender when he first formed G&L (3)

Lot Notes: This guitar is similar to one of Parfitt's favourite guitars, a white Fender Telecaster, and was presented to Parfitt by Leo Fender. Fender set up G&L in 1979, and launched the ASAT six years later as an up-to-date version of the classic Telecaster. The case which accompanies this guitar is the original case for Parfitt's Telecaster.
Lot 101: A Gibson Chet Atkins Celebrity Series limited edition guitar, Serial No. 90172352, in black finish, single round cutaway body, ebony neck, twenty-one fret ebony fingerboard with mother-of-pearl star inlays, ebony pin bridge with mother-of-pear star inlays, three upper bout roller controls and white pickguard; and a brown hardshell contour case with pink plush lining; accompanied by a note in the roadie Tonto's hand, signed by Rick Parfitt and a colour photograph of Parfitt playing the guitar on stage with the Beach Boys and Francis Rossi -- 8x10in. (20.3x25.4cm.) (4) Lot Notes According to the note which accompanies this lot, this guitar was purchased in the U.S. in 1993 from Stuart Mathewman who was a guitarist on Sade's Love Deluxe tour by Status Quo's roadie Tonto...Rick Fell in love with it....and used [it] ever since on Gurd Und Ulla, also used on the Status Quo and Beach Boys video "Fun, Fun, Fun". Gibson Chet Atkins Celebrity Series from Rick
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27th - Quo appearance on "Big Brother" TV show, Norway

As part of the promotion for the "Famous In the Last Century" album in Norway, Quo appeared on the hugely popular reality TV show "Big Brother", launched in Norway on April 27th. They played the greatest hits medley and looked around the "Big Brother" house. Televised live on the Norway TV channel UM3, the appearance was also broadcast live over the internet via the web site.

The "Famous In The Last Century" album has been re-titled as "Old Time Rock And Roll" for the Norwegian release, and was at number 4 in the Norwegian album charts prior to Quo's appearance on the Big Brother show. The following week, the album had moved up to number 2, one of Quo's best ever performances in the Norwegian album charts.

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