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That was the Quo month that was ... June 2001

14th - Quo concert at Stadthalle, Osnabrück

The following review comes from Tobias Pischel. The gig was attended by about 1350 fans.

Before the show, I waited with a couple of people in front of the venue and got to chat with and take pictures of Rhino, Paul and Matt. They are really nice people, it seems.

The venue was not very well filled as far as I could see, but it was full enough for a good rocking atmosphere. And rock we did! There are no real surprises in the set, except for the fact that the "Mystery Medley" was back. Or did they play it last year? Can't remember. Well, I wouldn't really miss it. Oh yes, "Burning Bridges" in the encore was a surprise.

It was only the second time that I've seen the band with Matt and Paul, and I must say I'm impressed. They have gained a lot of energy, Matt surely beats those skins hard. But I also think that the overall sound has become harder, rockier. "Big Fat Mama" just blew me away as did "Backwater". And we also get more backing vocals from Rhino, I think Francis and Rick seemed to be in fine form and a good mood although there was not much conversation between the songs. I was extremely impressed by some of Rossi's solos, particularly in "Don't Waste My Time". Probably one of the best versions I've ever heard.

The sweetest moment was during "Gerdundula" when Rick, Francis and Rhino were playing at stage centre and Paul, shy as he seems to be, stood playing in front of his keyboards. Rick walked over and asked him if he was alright. Paul nodded, and then Rick remained on that side of the stage and so took Paul between him and Rhino. It was just sweet to see that Rick seemed to care about Paul being there up at the front with the others. Nice one. And Francis even introduced "Mr. Hirsh" for his little harmonica solo.

All-in-all a very good concert, good rockin' set, good atmosphere, band top as ever. The best compliment came from my girlfriend who had never seen Quo before and is not a fan at all. She said it was "pretty good" and it was obvious that these guys on stage love what they are doing. And we love what they are doing as well. Hope they rock on for another forty years.

So if you haven't decided yet if you want to go, buy your tickets now. The Quo are really hot and I hope they'll be able to capture this energy on the next album as well. Which, for my taste, might as well be live album of the current tour. It's got all the hits and then some, and that's all I want.

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15th - Quo concert at Amphitheater, Gelsenkirchen

The following review comes from Till Langhorst, who also attended the Osnabrück show the night before!

"Rockin All Over Germany 2001" - this is and this was and I hope that will be Status Quo.

Two great concerts - Osnabrück knows how to rock but Gelsenkirchen knows how to rock`n`roll (sorry Tobias). If you have the chance to see Quo in Germany in the part Ruhrgebiet then take this chance - it is the best area to see a band like Quo. The people there are really working people and appreciate very much a working band and Holland is not far, so you have every time fans from there and these guys know how to party like "headbang animal" or like "windmill Tejo" and all the other crazy guys.

Quo played more or less the same set with the exception that they played only in Gelsenkirchen "Roll Over Beethoven" as the first encore. The setlist was:

For me, more or less the best setlist with the exception that I am little bit bored by the medleys. But the best thing: "In The Army Now" was not in the set!

After two years "20 Wild Horses" it is okay for me that its gone and I also like more "Gerdundula" than "Dirty Water".

4 or 5 years ago I had said that there is no chance to hear at one concert "Backwater", "Don't Waste My Time", "Roll Over Lay Down", "Big Fat Mama", "Rain", "Junior's Wailing", "4500 Times" and "Caroline" - now it is reality I hope for a long time.

The band was in a very good mood and in top condition and the audience too. In Gelsenkirchen Francis was forced to stop his announcements because the crowd was singing so loud.

My next gig will be Nürnberg 27.6. and I cant wait to be there. Greetings to all to the nice people from Osnabrück and Gelsenkirchen, it is always like a family meeting when you go to a Quo concert especially in these parts of Germany and the family grows and grows.

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20th - Quo concert at Columbiahalle, Berlin

An interesting gig for the band. Thirty minutes into the show, technical problems forced Quo off stage. They returned ten minutes later and performed the rest of the gig with only 50% of power to the lighting rig!

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23rd - Quo concert at Wohlen Open Air, Switzerland

The following review comes from Monica Geismar in Switzerland. Her web site contains some great photos from this gig.

What a wonderful setting!! A big field in the middle of a wood with a great view over a small, green valley! AND the sun was shining as never before this year!! What else do we need for a Quo night out?

All day different bands were playing e.g. Krokus (still remember them?), Asia, A-ha, Clawfinger and more. But none of them got the audience cooking as our fave band did!

Quo arrived at the venue around 5 pm but had to wait until 11.15 pm to get on stage, which produced a remark such as "it's a little bit late for us old blokes today ..." by Francis, and then off they went!

Rick opened up with "Caroline" and a mass of about 15000 people were rocking at once!!! A very active and excited band gave the punters what they were waiting for!! They really seemed to enjoy themselves and Francis had an audience to play with, which he did. Not as much chatting (hey Francis, a lot of us DO speak English, you know??!) but lots of waving, greeting and fooling around! All in all, another one of those special occasions that stay in your mind and does let you hope, that it'll never end!!

I would like to say thank you to Status Quo! You did bring this little town a bit of your fun and happiness that keeps us all going! I know, it was a long journey all the way down from Bremen, but I do hope, it was worth the trip! Thank you!

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24th - Quo concert at Little Big One, Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Flyer for the Little Big One festival

Quo headlined the "Little Big One" festival in Liechtenstein on its third and final day, 24th June. Pictures of Quo in action may be found at the following sites:

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27th - Quo concert at Serenadenhof, Nürnberg

The following review comes from Till Langhorst.

I just come from the Quo gig in Nürnberg after driving more than one hour through a tropical storm in the middle of "Germany".

The gig from Quo was absolutely excellent - the whole band was in a very good mood and especially Rick P. was rocking his ass off.

The venue was not sold out but it was nearly packed, but I must say it is a small venue for a maximum of 1200 people so it is a fine place to see Quo in an intimate way. At the beginning the audience was a little bit quiet but after a while they were really warmed up and it was really a rock 'n' roll atmosphere - not so rocking like in Gelsenkirchen or Düsseldorf but very good.

Quo played the same set with the following encore:

When you see Quo time after time there is the same fun and excitement like in the beginning (for me the beginning was 86) - sometimes I think this band will not and cannot stop.

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30th - Quo concert at Veltins Open Air, Meschede

The following review comes from Thierry Simon.

Yesterday, I was at the Quo gig in Meschede. It was an Open-Air located on a little airport, in the middle of nowhere. Status Quo was of course top of the bill, and they came on stage at 10pm. It had begun raining a few minutes before, but fortunately it quickly stopped.

The band was, as always, in a good mood, but they looked eager to finish the gig. So they dropped from the list the "Mystery Medley", and the encore was summarised to "In the Army Now "- "Anniversary Waltz" - "Rock 'n' Roll Music" - "Bye Bye Johnny". They didn't play "Burning Bridges" nor "Junior's Wailing". When Rick was ready to start "Junior's Wailing", Rossi pointed to his wrist like if he had a watch, to tell him not to play this song. Moreover, the participation of the audience in "Bye Bye Johnny" was cut by Rossi after two "Bye bye"... So 80 minutes altogether...

At the begining of the concert, something very unusual happened. Some people in the audience were totally drunk (it's not that fact that is unusual :-) ), especially one of them was dangerous, as he was violently pushing people in the audience, especially girls. Francis and Rhino were pointing to him during "Backwater". But the weak and short boys of the security hesitated to intervene !!

So, after "Backwater", Francis yelled at the security boys and pointed again to the dangerous guy. He was very angry and he decided not to play anymore until the guy was out. So there was this unusual picture of Rick, Francis and John all together at the front of the stage, waiting that the security do something. Finally, it was Dave Salt who came to eject the guy. It all took about 5 minutes... Unusual, but well done by Quo, as a Quo concert has to stay a Quo party, and not a fight party.

Also to notice: the name Status Quo on the tickets and on the promo posters for this gig, was written as the old logo !

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