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I was lucky enough to see some of the very first live shows by 'State of Quo' early in 1998 and had fun following them until I left the UK for Australia in 1999. This page reflects the band as it was in 1998-1999 and it's undergone a number of line-up changes since this time.

As befits a band with a long and successful career, Quo have spurned many cover bands - both at home and abroad. UK cover bands in particular have come and gone, many never really breaking the shackles of local pub work and lacking any tangible association with Quo themselves. Formed during the Summer of 1995, 'State of Quo' could easily have fallen into the same trap as others before them. However, long before the public would ever hear them, the band spent most of their first year in the rehearsal studios putting together a show worthy of their heroes - indicative of a level of dedication which would serve them well in the years to come.

With the aim of concentrating mainly on Quo's most successful period of the seventies, the band manage to recreate the heady days when flared jeans were all the rage. Being huge fans of Quo themselves and between them having seen Quo in concert over 300 times, this is no ordinary tribute act. Their authenticity is outstanding, not only in the musical sense but also in a more physical one. The lead guitar work of front man Mike Grady is Francis Rossi personified, while rhythm man Paul Carr (who just is Rick Parfitt) and experienced bass player Tony Lingard knock out the unmistakable Quo chonk. The huge wall of real Marshall amplification provides the backdrop to the band's live work and two original Fender Telecasters that used to belong to Messrs Rossi and Parfitt (and have since been autographed by the pair) also adorn the band's equipment list. And, yet, they still have their trump card to play...

There can be no greater tribute paid to a tribute band than the services of one of the original band members. Keeping the spirit of 'old' Quo alive, 'State of Quo' can call upon the one and only John Coghlan as their drummer. While the band have their own highly-rated drummer, in the form of Dave Owen, a few of their gigs feature Coghlan who seems to be enjoying something of a renaissance through his work with the band.

The band's dedication and energy see them regularly performing two-hour plus sets all over the country. Their setlists are exactly what every Quo fan wants to see - all the old classics that elevated Quo to their position as the UK's number one rock act of the Seventies. From "Big Fat Mama" to "4500 Times", through "Shady Lady" and "Spinning Wheel Blues". Far from resting on their laurels, though, the band continue to rehearse and play long-unheard pieces of classic Quo material and it seems like every time you see them, they'll throw something new in to keep the set feeling fresh and exciting.

The last couple of years have seen the band go from strength to strength and they are on the crest of a wave at the moment. They have been invited back for a third consecutive year at the Isle of Man 'TT' races (a rarity in itself), appeared live on RTE television and are shortly off on a tour of Belgium, Germany and Holland as well as a huge festival in Switzerland. A genuine bunch of enthusiastic Quo fans, playing the music they enjoy to those who enjoy it - 'State of Quo', the UK's top Quo cover band.

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'State of Quo' band members
Mike Grady at Scarborough Mike Grady - lead guitar, lead vocals and harmonica - aka Francis Rossi
Paul Carr at Fairford Paul Carr - rhythm guitar and vocals - aka Rick Parfitt
Tony Lingard at Scarborough Tony Lingard - bass guitar and 12-string guitar - aka Alan Lancaster
Dave Owen and his impressive kit Dave Owen - drums - aka John Coghlan
John Coghlan enjoying his work at Fairford John Coghlan - drums
'State of Quo' gig dates and reviews

Here follows an incomplete list of the band's gigs over the last couple of years. Some of these gigs have associated reviews, so click where appropriate to read the review.
  • 09/01/98 - The Limelight Club, Crewe
  • 18/04/98 - The Old Rangoon, Fairford (more)
  • 08/05/98 - The Limelight Club, Crewe
  • 06/06/98 - The Isle of Man TT
  • 18/07/98 - The Old Rangoon, Fairford (more)
  • 04/09/98 - Olivers Mount Race Circuit, Scarborough (more)
  • 09/10/98 - Carterton Social Centre (more)
  • 11/10/98 - The Fleck and Firkin, Preston
  • 16/10/98 - Oscars Bar, Bolton
  • 31/10/98 - Butlins, Skegness
  • 13/11/98 - Half Moon, Putney (more)
  • 28/11/98 - The Limelight Club, Crewe
  • 30/01/99 - Spinners Arms, Wigan
  • 28/02/99 - Heaton Social Club, Stockport
  • 26/03/99 - The Talbot, Burnley
  • 03/04/99 - Kelty, Scotland
  • 10/04/99 - Westhoughton Social Club (more)
  • 16/04/99 - The Lamb Hotel, Preston (more)
  • 17/04/99 - Spinners Arms, Wigan (more)
  • 14/05/99 - The Limelight Club, Crewe (more)
  • 21/05/99 - Lake Murten, Switzerland
  • 30/05/99 - The Talbot, Burnley
  • 08/06/99 - Suzuki Marquee, Isle of Man TT
  • 09/06/99 - Summerland, Isle of Man TT
  • 10/06/99 - Suzuki Marquee and Glen Helen, Isle of Man TT
  • 11/06/99 - Bushy's, Isle of Man TT
  • 26/06/99 - MG Owners Club, Billing Aquadrome, Northampton (more)
  • 03/07/99 - The Market Hotel, Retford
  • 10/07/99 - Westhoughton Cricket Club
  • 16/07/99 - Rochdale
  • 17/07/99 - Spinners Arms, Wigan
  • 24/07/99 - Carterton Football Club (more)
  • 25/07/99 - Fairford Air Show
  • 30/07/99 - The Limelight Club, Crewe
  • 01/08/99 - The Talbot, Burnley
  • 06/08/99 - The Bulls Head, Bolton
  • 14/08/99 - The Spinners Arms, Wigan
  • 28/08/99 - The Cloverdale, Rochdale
  • 29/08/99 - Wingates Labour Club, Westhoughton
  • 03/09/99 - Fulledge Working Mens Club, Burnley
  • 10/09/99 - Corn Exchange, Kings Lynn
  • 25/09/99 - Embassy Theatre, Skegness
  • 01/10/99 - Alexanders, Rufus Court, Chester
  • 02/10/99 - Band On The Wall, Manchester (more)
  • 16/10/99 - Billingham, Middlesborough
  • 17/10/99 - The Talbot, Burnley
  • 29/10/99 - Assembly Halls, Worthing
  • 30/10/99 - Calsonic Sports Club, Llanelli, Wales
  • 10/11/99 - Chicago Rocks, Middlesborough
  • 12/11/99 - City Palace and Varieties Theatre, Leeds
  • 18/11/99 - Chicago Joe's, Northampton
  • 19/11/99 - Hayes, Middlesex
  • 20/11/99 - Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury (more)
  • 24/11/99 - Chicago Rock Café, Banbury (more)
  • 26/11/99 - The Talbot, Burnley
  • 27/11/99 - The Limelight Club, Crewe (more)

'State of Quo' pictures

Gallery 1 - Live at the Old Rangoon, Fairford, on 18th April 1998 (14 pictures, approx 184K)
Gallery 2 - Live at the Old Rangoon, Fairford, on 18th July 1998 (7 pictures, approx 68K)
Gallery 3 - Live at Olivers Mount, Scarborough, on 4th September 1998 (10 pictures, approx 93K)
Gallery 4 - Live at Carterton Social Centre on 9th October 1998 (10 pictures, approx 109K)
Gallery 5 - Live at The Limelight Club, Crewe on 14th May 1999 (10 pictures, approx 70K)

Contact information

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