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That was the Quo month that was ... June 1999

1st - "Little White Lies" released in the UK

The second single to be lifted from the 'Under The Influence' album, "Little White Lies", was released on Tuesday 1st June. It is available in three forms: standard CD single (Eagle Records, catalogue numbers EAGXS101 / GAS0000101EGX), limited edition CD single (Eagle Records, catalogue numbers EAGXA101 / GAS0000101EXA) and cassette single (Eagle Records, catalogue number EAGCS101).

The limited edition CD single comes in a digipack box with space to accommodate the standard CD single - the digiboxes are unnumbered but are stickered as limited editions. The standard CD single features "Little White Lies (Edit)" (Parfitt), "I Knew The Bride" (Lowe) and "Pictures of Matchstick Men 1999" (Rossi). The limited edition CD single features "Little White Lies", "Pictures of Matchstick Men 1999" and a new Quo-penned song "Driving To Glory" (Parfitt/Edwards). The cassette single merely includes "Little White Lies (Edit)"and "Pictures of Matchstick Men 1999".

[The single peaked at number 47 in the UK during the first week of release.]

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3rd - Quo as Artist of the Day on VH-1

Quo were featured on the satellite music channel VH-1 as artist of the day on Thursday June 3rd. Most of the day's shows featured at least one Quo video, although not without considerable repetition of the popular songs like "Rockin' All Over The World" and "Whatever You Want", but the main theme shows were reserved for the 9pm - 12am schedule. Footage from the Ruskin Arms pub gig was also spread liberally amongst the afternoon schedule. The evening shows were "Greatest Hits" (9-10pm), "Ten of the Best" (10-11pm) and "Status Quo - Rockin' All Over The Years" (11pm-12am).

Immediately preceding the "Greatest Hits" show, VH-1 presented one of their "Three of One" specials featuring three back-to-back videos from Quo, in the form of "What You're Proposin'", "Whatever You Want" and "Caroline (Live at NEC 1982)".

The "Greatest Hits" show included the following videos: "The Wanderer", "Dreamin'", "A Mess of Blues", "The Anniversary Waltz - Part 1", "Ain't Complaining", "Whatever You Want", "The Anniversary Waltz - Part 2", "In The Army Now", "Caroline (Live at NEC 1982)", "What You're Proposin'" and "Rockin' All Over The World".

The "Ten of the Best" show saw Rick and Francis (recorded on the Ruskin Arms stage) selecting ten of their favourite songs and videos. Each video was introduced by them and they did a great job of not taking the thing too seriously! - especially Francis who was in one of his playful and joking moods. They chose the following tracks: "Atomic" from Blondie, "Hotel California" from The Eagles, "I Want To Break Free" by Queen, "I'm A Believer" from The Monkees, "Roll With It" from Oasis, "Streets of Philadelphia" from Bruce Springsteen, "Gimme All Your Lovin'" from ZZ Top, "Angie" from The Rolling Stones, "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" from U2 and "Let's Dance" from David Bowie.

The "Status Quo - Rockin' All Over The Years" show was an unsurprising edit of the video of the same name recorded at Birmingham NEC in December 1989. The edit contained the following tracks: "Caroline", "Mystery Song Medley", "Hold You Back", "The Power of Rock", "Dirty Water", "Whatever You Want", "In The Army Now", "Rockin' All Over The World" and "Don't Waste My Time".

It was great to see Quo receiving 'Artist of the Day' status and, best of all, to see "Status Quo Night" adorning the VH-1 logo all day long. Given the excellent footage that the channel went to the trouble of recording at the Ruskin Arms, it was a shame more of it didn't get shown and it would also have been nice to see some more recent videos and it was a missed opportunity to finally see an airing of the (very amusing) "The Way It Goes" video.

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11th - Quo appearance on The Kelly Show, ITV Northern Ireland

Quo opened The Kelly Show with a mimed performance of "Rockin' All Over The World", followed by a short stage interview by the show's host, Gerry Kelly. They also mimed "Little White Lies" which featured Andy Bown on acoustic guitar.

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17th - Quo recording German TV (SWR) show "Ohne Filter Pur" at Ernst Becker Studio, Baden Baden

Quo played a full gig at Baden Baden on June 17th, after recording two new Quo promo videos - for "Twenty Wild Horses" and "Little White Lies". The set list for the gig was:

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26th - State of Quo at MG Owners Club, Billing Aquadrome, Northampton

The following review was written by Bill Leslie, another State of Quo convert!

First let me set the scene - basically a marquee and beer tent in the middle of a campsite in deepest Northamptonshire and the first night entertainment for a bunch of MG car enthusiasts on their annual rally.

Add to that a handful of people who turned up to see State Of Quo specifically, one lucky couple from Aberwotsit in Wales who are both Quo list members and MG owners (nice to meet you!), and an hour and a half's classic Quo music and you end up with an evening's entertainment that will stick in the mind for many moons.

State of Quo started at about 10 o'clock with "Caroline" and really rocked a full dance floor until the dying notes of "Bye Bye Johnny" some 90 odd minutes later. Sticking mainly to well known Quo stuff (which sadly meant no "4500 Times", "Railroad", "Slow Train" and a request for "Nanana" going begging) they ran through the likes of "Roll Over Lay Down", "Paper Plane", "Down The Dustpipe", "Backwater", "Little Lady", "Rain", "Whatever You Want", "Rockin' All Over The World" and "Roadhouse Blues" to name a few. It was actually the right choice of set in my opinion 'cos 17 minutes of "4500 Times" would probably have lost the majority of the audience, although "Don't Drive My Car" may have gone down well if played given the occasion!

The highlights of the set were blistering versions of "Don't Waste My Time" and especially "Big Fat Mama" which left a smile on my face as wide as the Nene (that's the river in Northamptonshire!)

Things just got better after the gig tho' when after introducing myself and my mate to Tony Lingard I commented that I wished I'd brought my camera so I could've had my picture taken next to Rick's old guitar which he had with him. Tony immediately found some space on his digital video camera and took a few seconds of first Simon then me with Rick's guitar actually on! He's promised to send a few stills to me and that is one e-mail I can't wait to download. (I think my missus was impressed as well when I woke her up at 1am when I got home to tell her I had actually worn one of Rick Parfitt's guitars!). A very, very kind gesture from Tony given that this guitar must have cost him a packet and mean a lot more than just money to him. Thanks once again Tony, you made a dream come true for two long time Quo fans.

Overall then a 5 star evening costing only a fiver to get in, and finally a chance to replace my trusty old Fender Air Guitar with the real thing for just a few seconds.

Now where are they playing next? Ahhh Retford, Nottingham - how far is that from Rugby then ?????? Highly Recommended.

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27th - Quo at Concert for Kosovo, Olympic Stadium, Munich

Quo appeared at the second of the benefit concerts for Kosovo on Sunday June 27th. Billed as "Michael Jackson & Friends - What More Can I Give?", the concert featured an array of stars with Quo opening the event, to an audience of about 35000, with "Rockin' All Over The World", "Whatever You Want", "Caroline" and "Don't Waste My Time".

Rick and Francis The complete list of performers was: Michael Jackson, Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Udo Jurgens, Mario Adorf, Patricia Kaas, Kelly Family, Nigel Kennedy, Philipp Kirkorov, Barenaked Ladies, Helmut Lotti, Vanessa Mae, Peter Maffay and NOA, Alan Parsons, Andre Rieu, Sasha, Scorpions, Slash, Spirit of the Dance, Ringo Starr & Band, Status Quo, Elizabeth Taylor, Luther Vandross, Zucchero, Justus Frantz, Roberto Alagna, Angela Gheorgiu, Rod Stewart (via satellite) and All Saints.

The event was broadcast via the internet (with limited success) from, a site which also featured a nice Quo biography (click here to see their popup). The German TV channel ZDF later showed Quo's performance of "Whatever You Want" as part of their coverage of the event.

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