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That was the Quo month that was ... July 1999

3rd - Quo on Michael Jackson Kosovo concert highlights (UK BBC1)

An hour-long highlights show from the Michael Jackson-headlined concert for Kosovo in Munich on Sunday June 27th (click here for a review of the event) was screened on BBC1 on Saturday July 3rd.

As part of the show, Quo were featured as the opening act and the whole of their performance of "Caroline" was shown. This live version was the same as that on the UK and European pub tour and included the extra instrumental in the middle section.

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16th - Quo concert at Lichtervoort, Holland

As headline act of the Oerkracht festival, Quo played in Lichtervoort on July 16th. The first support band was an Irish outfit called 'Fife' (playing Irish good-time folk songs) followed by the old Dutch band 'The Bintangs' at 8.30pm. Their set was rounded off with a brave cover version of "Bye Bye Johnny" and so the stage was set for Quo to appear at 10.30pm. The Super Tent was hot with 4500 fans and they enjoyed the following 90-minute set:

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17th - Quo concert at Hamntorget, Helsingborg, Sweden

Jeff on drums Rhino and Andy get intimate... The first gig of Quo's Summer Swedish tour took place in Helsingborg on July 17th. Heavy rain plagued the preparations for the gig and the set of support band 'Boogie Fever'. Despite a couple of power failures just as Quo were about to take the stage, the 4000-strong crowd soon had their spirits lifted by the well-known intro with the Pictures Of Matchstick Men melody and they were treated to the following set:

Francis Rick gets down to business

The pictures here come courtesy of Gert Ohlsson, webmaster of the Swedish Quo site "Rock 'Til You Drop", where you will find further pictures from this gig and others on the Swedish tour.

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19th - Quo concert at Lugnet, Falun, Sweden

The following review was written by Pär Engström on July 20th.

The problem last night was that there was some confusion about when the gig started - it said 8pm on the posters and tickets and naturally people thought that the support act would come on stage at 8, but "Little Bo and the Virgins", or whatever they were called, was finished by then and Quo came on stage, only to find that half of the crowd was in place (well maybe more then half).

People kept arriving for the first 45 minutes of the gig, I blame the organizer, who said in an interview that it was the first time he had organized such a big concert. If it says 8, I assume that the support act comes on at that time, correct me if I'm wrong.

What else went wrong? Well, after the four first songs, Quo played "The Wanderer" and one or two speakers decides to go silent. That was fixed and the gig went on to become a very good one. Around 2000 people showed up eventually and all enjoyed the gig. The same set list as in Helsingborg, the full version of "Rain" in the encore was the my favorite for the evening or maybe "One Man Band".

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21st - Quo concert at Delfinen, Lulea, Sweden

This gig took place outside an ice hockey arena, on the parking lot. Due to strong winds, the back 'wall' of the stage was removed and extra ropes were added to support the stage (Rossi later joked that Quo would be the first band to play in a tornado!). The support was again "Little Bo and the Virgins" and Quo appeared at 8pm, to play the now familiar Swedish tour setlist (apart from "Caroline" replacing "Rain" as the first song of the encore) to 1500-2000 fans.

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24th - Quo concert at MC Dagar, Gränsö Slott, Västervik, Sweden

Another gig on Quo's Swedish tour, but this time a late start. Three support bands, including "Travelling Band" (a local act playing Creedence songs) and "Rydell and Quick", then a firework display then Quo at 10.45pm. They played the same set as at Lulea and set an audience record at the venue of about 8000.

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24th - State of Quo at Carterton Football Club

This review comes from Bill Leslie.

An hour and a half drive down to the rural wastelands of the Cotswolds to a town near Oxford and a social club belonging to (on the face of the facilities) a town's ambitious football club to once again see State Of Quo. This time however playing under a different name and with a strangely familiar drummer and despite an unfortunately low turn out (about 80 maximum I'd have thought) a highly enjoyable evening with the 'caberet' set being played rather than the 'lost gems' to be aired at Crewe next Friday.

Kicking off with Caroline and running mainly though the hits and better known tracks of original Quo, surprises of the night were the inclusion of "Something 'Bout You Baby I Like" (thanks guys I happen to love this one) and "Wild Side Of Life". Particular highlights (again!) were "Big Fat Mama", "Don't Waste My Time" and the very welcome "Down The Dustpipe". John Coughlan appeared to enjoy playing in the town nearest his home and even took the microphone to say a few words and announce forthcoming theatre dates for the band.

The lack of people failed in a way (at first anyway) to create an atmosphere akin to the other time I saw SOQ (MG Owner's bash) but after a quiet four or five songs at the beginning the floor soon filled and I should think everyone went home well satisfied.

Thanks to Tony for getting John to stand for a few photos at the end and thanks to John for offering to buy me a drink (I wish I hadn't been driving!) and for taking the time to talk to me.

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25th - Quo concert at Slottsrvinen, Borgholm, Sweden

Another unique venue for a Quo concert, this time at a medieval castle in Borgholm. The support band, "Little Bo and the Virgins" again, kicked off at 7.15 and Quo appeared at 8.15 to perform the standard tour set. A sunset provided a special backdrop for the band and the 2000 or so crowd were in a wonderful party mood.

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28th - Quo concert at Strömsholmen, Eskilstuna, Sweden

In perfect weather, Quo played a 95-minute set to 3-4000 people in Eskilstuna on July 28th and the support band was 'Smokie'. The previous evening, the band paid their first visit to a speedway match in the town and were interviewed during the riders' break.

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29th - Quo concert at Magasinet, Smögen, Sweden

This gig took place on a small island and again saw 'Smokie' as support band. The sell-out crowd of 1500 saw the now familiar set, but instead of "Living Doll", Rick branched out into a rendition of "Love Me Tender"!!

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