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14/01 Rick article in The Mirror (UK) (more)
Rick article in The Sun (UK) (more)
19/01 Rick Parfitt's funeral, Woking (UK) (more)
21/01 Rick article in The Mirror (UK) (more)
29/01 Lyndsay Parfitt interview in the Daily Mail (UK) (more)
04/02 Marietta interview (part one) in the Daily Mail (UK) (more)
06/02 Marietta interview (part two) in the Daily Mail (UK) (more)
17/02 Francis interview on BBC Sussex (more)
23/02 Tickets for Quo concert in Dubai on 27th October go on sale (more)
Rhino guest appearance at "Kossoff - The Band Plays On" gig, The Half Moon, Putney (UK) (more)
24/02 Rossi family article in the Croydon Advertiser (UK) (more)
01/03 Australia & New Zealand "Last Night of the Electrics" tour dates released (more)
02/03 Presale starts for Sydney and Melbourne "Last Night of the Electrics" shows
04/03 Francis interview on Gold 104.3 (Melbourne, Australia)
Francis interview on Rebel FM (Melbourne, Australia) (more)
06/03 Public sale starts for Australia & New Zealand "Last Night of the Electrics" tour tickets
09/03 Francis interview on Breakfast with Red Symons, ABC 774 radio (Melbourne, Australia) (more)
Article about Massive Wagons tribute to Rick Parfitt on Planet Rock website (more)
27/03 Francis interview with Neil Foster & Cara Thorpe on BBC Radio York (UK) (more)
29/03 Francis at the launch of the Rolls Royce Wraith “Inspired by British Music” series (London) (more)
31/03 John Coghlan plays "Rain" with Walkway at Fat Lils, Witney (UK)