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14/01 Rick article in The Mirror (UK) (more)
Rick article in The Sun (UK) (more)
19/01 Rick Parfitt's funeral, Woking (UK) (more)
21/01 Rick article in The Mirror (UK) (more)
29/01 Lyndsay Parfitt interview in the Daily Mail (UK) (more)
04/02 Marietta interview (part one) in the Daily Mail (UK) (more)
06/02 Marietta interview (part two) in the Daily Mail (UK) (more)
17/02 Francis interview on BBC Sussex (more)
23/02 Tickets for Quo concert in Dubai on 27th October go on sale (more)
Rhino guest appearance at "Kossoff - The Band Plays On" gig, The Half Moon, Putney (UK) (more)
24/02 Rossi family article in the Croydon Advertiser (UK) (more)
01/03 Australia & New Zealand "Last Night of the Electrics" tour dates released (more)
02/03 Presale starts for Sydney and Melbourne "Last Night of the Electrics" shows
04/03 Francis interview on Gold 104.3 (Melbourne, Australia)
Francis interview on Rebel FM (Melbourne, Australia) (more)
06/03 Public sale starts for Australia & New Zealand "Last Night of the Electrics" tour tickets
09/03 Francis interview on Breakfast with Red Symons, ABC 774 radio (Melbourne, Australia) (more)
Article about Massive Wagons tribute to Rick Parfitt on Planet Rock website (more)
27/03 Francis interview with Neil Foster & Cara Thorpe on BBC Radio York (UK) (more)
29/03 Francis at the launch of the Rolls Royce Wraith “Inspired by British Music” series (London) (more)
31/03 John Coghlan plays "Rain" with Walkway at Fat Lils, Witney (UK)
18/04 Quo concert at Nordea Concert House, Tallinn, Estonia (more)
19/04 Quo concert at Kultuuritalo, Helsinki, Finland (more)
20/04 Quo concert at Logomo, Turku, Finland
22/04 Quo concert at Partille Arena, Partille (Gothenburg), Sweden
23/04 Quo concert at Fryshuset Arena, Stockholm, Sweden
25/04 Quo concert at Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway
FTMO presale for UK "Aquostic" tour starts (more)
27/04 Francis interview on BBC Radio Solent (UK) (more)
28/04 Quo concert at Naestved Arena, Naestved, Denmark
29/04 Quo concert at Lillebaeltshallen, Middelfart, Denmark
01/05 John and Gillie Coghlan's "Rockers Rollin'" radio show (BBC Radio Oxford) (more)
02/05 Quo concert at Salle Pleyel, Paris, France
04/05 New Coles supermarket advertisement featuring Quo airs in Australia (more)
05/05 Rhino's Revenge gig at The Iron Road, Evesham (more)
12/05 Rhino's Revenge gig at 100 Club, London (more)
13/05 Rhino's Revenge gig at The Holbrook Club, Horsham (with "Quo-caine")
18/05 Rhino's Revenge gig at Bootleggers, Kendal (more)
Francis interview on Time 107.5FM (UK) (more)
20/05 Rhino's Revenge gig at Ivory Blacks, Glasgow (more)
25/05 Rhino's Revenge gig at Crossed Guitars Festival, Ma Kelly's, Frieschepalen, The Netherlands (more)
26/05 Rhino's Revenge gig at Das Parkhaus, Duisburg, Germany
27/05 Quo concert at BMW PGA Championship 2017, Wentworth Golf Club (more)
Francis interview on Saturday Night with Pete Graham (Australia) (more)
--/05 Rhino interview at Eon Music (more)
09/06 Francis interview in the Eastern Daily Press (UK) (more)
12/06 Lyndsay Parfitt article in the Daily Mail (UK) (more)
15/06 Unveiling of blue plaque for Rick Parfitt in Woking (for BBC Music Day) (more)
16/06 Francis interview in the Yorkshire Post (UK) (more)
19/06 John Coghlan interview with Vic Minett on BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire (UK) (more)
20/06 Quo "Aquostic" concert at Inverness Leisure Centre (more)
21/06 Quo "Aquostic" concert at The Barbican, York (more)
John Keeling blog post on Rick Parfitt (more)
23/06 Quo "Aquostic" concert at Glastonbury Festival (Acoustic Stage) (more)
25/06 Quo "Aquostic" concert at The Nick Rayns LCR, UEA, Norwich (cancelled, Francis laryngitis) (more)
29/06 Quo "Aquostic" concert at Gran Teatre del Liceu, Barcelona (more)
05/07 Lyndsay Parfitt interview on Lorraine (ITV, UK) (more)
07/07 Quo concert at Freilichtbühne, Zwickau, Germany
Press release announcing return to electrics for UK Winter 2017 tour (more)
Francis interview in the Daily Mail (UK) (more)
Francis interview on Sky News (more)
08/07 Rick remembered at Party in the Park, Woking (more)
09/07 Quo concert at Freilichtbühne Loreley, St Goarshausen, Germany (with ZZ Top)
10/07 Quo concert at Junge Garde, Dresden, Germany
Rick Parfitt article in the Mirror (UK) (more)
Bob Young interview in Fireworks magazine (more)
12/07 Quo concert at SparkassenPark, Mönchengladbach, Germany (with ZZ Top) (more)
13/07 Quo concert at Sommersound Marktplatz, Schopfheim, Germany
14/07 Release of 'The Last Night Of The Electrics' live from The O2, London (more)
15/07 Quo concert at Brentwood Festival, Brentwood (more)
16/07 "Rockin' for Rick" tribute gig featuring Walkway and Backwater at Ivory Blacks, Glasgow (more)
26/07 Quo concert at Schloss Kapfenburg (open air), Lauchheim, Germany
28/07 Quo concert at Colmar Festival, France
29/07 Quo concert at Festival Benatska, Skiareal Liberec, Czech Republic
30/07 Quo concert at Suikerrock, Tienen, Belgium
--/07 Francis interview in Planet Rock magazine (issue 2)
03/08 Quo concert at Wacken 2017, Wacken, Germany (more)
04/08 Quo concert at Schlossgarten, Schwetzingen, Germany
06/08 Quo concert at Rewind Festival North, Capesthorne Hall, Macclesfield
10/08 Quo concert at Smukfest, Skanderborg, Denmark
11/08 Rhino's Revenge gig at Rockin’ Hinterland IV festival, Dautphe, Germany
14/08 Rhino's Revenge gig at Oppenwehe Prostis 50er Geburtstag, Germany
20/08 Quo concert at Rewind Festival South, Temple Island Meadows, Henley-on-Thames
21/08 Rick mentioned in article about the Woking Grand Prix (UK) (more)
24/08 "An Intimate Evening With John Coghlan" at The Islington, London (more)
25/08 Quo concert at Summerdays Festival, Arbon, Switzerland
26/08 Quo concert at Seaside Festival, Spiez, Switzerland
31/08 Quo concert at Platz vor dem Bischofspalais, Rottenburg, Germany
22/09 "Burning Bridges" released by Foster & Allen (with Nathan Carter) (more)
25/09 Francis and Richie interviewed on The Today Show (Channel 9, Australia) (more)
12/10 Quo issue press release re: 2018 touring plans (more)
13/10 Quo concert at The Star, Gold Coast, Australia (more)
FTMO Quo convention at Butlin's, Minehead (UK) (more)
14/10 Quo concert at Civic Theatre, Newcastle, Australia (more)
15/10 Quo concert at Opera House, Sydney, Australia (more)
16/10 Quo article in The Mirror (UK) (more)
20/10 "Live at the NEC" album reissues (more)
21/10 Quo concerts on the "Rock The Boat" cruise (more)
24/10 Quo concert at Hamer Hall, Arts Centre, Melbourne, Australia (more)
27/10 Quo concert at Opera House, Dubai, UAE (more)
07/11 Francis interview on BBC Radio Solent (UK) (more)
13/11 Article about Quo's tour bus in The Barking & Dagenham Post (UK) (more)
Richie Malone interview on Calon FM (more)
14/11 Francis interview on Good Morning Britain (ITV, UK) (more)
Francis article in The Mirror (UK) (more)
Francis article in Eastern Daily Press (UK) (more)
16/11 Quo "Aquostic" concert at The Nick Rayns LCR, University of East Anglia, Norwich
17/11 Quo "Aquostic" concert at Stadsschouwburg, Antwerpen, Belgium
18/11 Quo "Aquostic" concert at Donau Arena, Regensburg, Germany
John Coghlan interview on Calon FM (more)
21/11 Quo "Aquostic" concert at Stadthalle, Bielefeld, Germany (more)
22/11 Quo "Aquostic" concert at Kuppelsaal, Hannover, Germany
23/11 Quo "Aquostic" concert at Poppodium 013, Tilburg, Holland
26/11 Quo concert at O2 Apollo, Manchester (more)
Francis interview on My Planet Rocks, Planet Rock Radio (UK) (more)
27/11 Quo concert at City Hall, Sheffield
29/11 Quo concert at St. David's Hall, Cardiff
30/11 Quo concert at Hexagon, Reading
Francis interview in The Northern Echo (UK) (more)
01/12 Press release for Rick Parfitt's solo album "Over and Out" (more)
Francis interview in the Express & Star (UK) (more)
02/12 Quo concert at Bournemouth International Centre (more)
03/12 Quo concert at Civic Hall, Wolverhampton (more)
04/12 Francis interview in the Newcastle Chronicle (UK) (more)
05/12 Quo concert at Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow
Rhino interview on TeamRock (UK) (more)
06/12 Quo concert at City Hall, Newcastle (more)
08/12 Quo concert at Eventim Apollo, London
11/12 Quo concert at Friedrichstadtpalast, Berlin, Germany (cancelled) (more)
First play of “Without You” from Rick's solo album on Ken Bruce Show (Radio 2, UK) (more)
12/12 Quo concert at Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, Germany (cancelled) (more)
13/12 Quo concert at Festspielhaus, Baden Baden, Germany (cancelled) (more)
15/12 Quo concert at Liederhalle, Stuttgart, Germany (cancelled) (more)
16/12 Quo concert at Friedrich Händel Halle, Halle an der Saale, Germany (cancelled)
18/12 Quo concert at Mitsubishi Electric Halle, Düsseldorf, Germany (cancelled)
19/12 Quo concert at Mehr! Theater, Hamburg, Germany (cancelled)
Article about "Rock Remembers Rick - Christmas Eve (Nanana)" in Harrogate Advertiser (UK) (more)
21/12 Quo concert at Meistersingerhalle, Nürnberg, Germany (cancelled)
24/12 Vinyl release of "Rock Remembers Rick - Christmas Eve (Nanana)" (more)
26/12 John and Gille Coghlan present "Rockers Rollin'" on BBC Radio Oxford (UK) (more)
27/12 John and Gille Coghlan present "Rockers Rollin'" on BBC Radio Oxford (UK) (more)