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That was the Quo month that was ... September 2017

22nd - "Burning Bridges" released by Foster & Allen (with Nathan Carter)

Popular Irish duo Foster & Allen teamed up with young Irishman Nathan Carter to release their own version of "Burning Bridges" on 22nd September. The official video was shot largely in Belfast with some footage also from Londonderry.

The following article, titled "Status Quo challenged by folk legends' new song" and written by Christina McSorley, appeared on the BBC's Northern Ireland news site on 24th September.

"I said to Mick, you know that track Burning Bridges? We could replace the fiddles with two accordions and that would be good craic wouldn't it?"

That is what Tony Allen said to his musical partner Mick Foster when they decided to cover the song made famous by Status Quo.

Teaming up with Nathan Carter, Irish country and folk singers Foster and Allen have taken on a rock classic and transformed it into a foot-stompin' country show tune.

And Tony said the inspiration for the whole thing came from a chat in a Belfast pub.

'All the great ideas originate in a pub'

"I was in the Opera House in Belfast for the Charlie Landsborough concert last year," he told BBC News NI.

"Nathan Cather was there and we went across to the pub after the show and I asked him to do a song with us and he said 'yes'.

"And that's how it all came about."

Foster and Allen, who have been together for 42 years, are more synonymous with songs such as Bunch of Thyme, Old Flames and After All These Years.

So was the decision to cover a rock song controversial?

Tony said it wasn't hard to convince his musical partner Mick Foster, as he is a massive Status Quo fan, and they'd heard the acoustic versions of Status Quo songs.

The hardest part was finding time to record the track.

"Eventually we got Nathan into the studio because he is a very busy man," said Tony.

The video was mostly filmed in Belfast, with a few highlights from the peace bridge in Londonderry.

Tony thinks Belfast is an "absolutely beautiful" city, and didn't always get the credit it deserved.

"We've been playing in Northern Ireland for the guts of 40 years.

"We used to play in the old arts theatre for full weeks at a time and we still play the Grand Opera House; we'll be up there again next March.

"I could spend any day of the week in Belfast, its just a lovely city."

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25th - Francis and Richie interviewed on The Today Show (Channel 9, Australia)

As the first TV promo for their upcoming Australian tour (part of the "Last Night of the Electrics" tour), Francis and Richie were interviewed on the popular morning commercial TV show, The Today Show, on Channel 9. The four-minute interview sees Francis in good spirits and his easy-going relationship with Richie is very evident here.

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