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That was the Quo month that was ... August 2017

3rd - Quo concert at Wacken 2017, Wacken, Germany

Quo played to a crowd of about 90,000 at the massive metalhead mecca of the Wacken Festival in Germany on 3rd August. The gig was streamed live and recorded but was rapidly removed from public download due to copyright issues. This was the largest crowd that Quo had played to in a very long time and their set was very well received, with the band (and Francis in particular) noticeably stepping up to impress this non-Quo audience.

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21st - Rick mentioned in article about the Woking Grand Prix (UK)

Rick was mentioned in a newspaper article about the proposed Woking Grand Prix, which appeared on GetSurrey on 21st August, titled "Woking Grand Prix: The guide to the track and the turns that pay tribute to late Status Quo Woking resident Rick Parfitt" and written by Beth Duffell.

"It's only been a few days since McLaren unveiled its light-hearted proposals for its very own Woking Grand Prix.

Tongues got wagging the minute the racing giant posted a teaser on Twitter and shortly after further plans were revealed as the Woking-based company divulged more details.

The "absurdly ambitious" idea from the constructor, which has been based in the town for nearly 40 years, definitely got people talking about Formula One in Woking.

A statement from the company said: "The team believes that a street race around some of the Surrey town's most famous and celebrated spots would raise Woking’s profile, enabling it to join the ranks of Monaco and Singapore as one of Formula 1’s most glamorous and iconic race locations.

"The main thrust of the project is to create a world-class Formula 1 venue – the Woking International Circuit – that will link elements of the town’s commercial, industrial and residential centres."

The proposed 4.85km circuit would include Victoria Way, Boundary Road, Albert Drive, back down Maybury Road, cutting down Stanley Road and along Church Street West.

In a map released by McLaren, there's Boundary Bend, named after Boundary Road, the Albert hairpin, after its namesake Albert Drive, the Victoria Straight after Victoria Way and Stanley's after Stanley Road.

McLaren has also paid tribute to one of the town's greatest musical stars, the late Rick Parfitt from Status Quo, who was also honoured at Woking's Party in the Park.

McLaren says drivers will need to watch out for turns four, five and six, named Parfitts.

Speaking about the turns, in a very musical manner, a company spokesman said: "Named after the Telecasting-wielding Status Quo rocker, this is a tricky left-hander into a tightening braking zone that will stretch the mechanical grip of the cars.

"It’s Whatever You Want from a corner, basically.

"Just make sure you don’t get overtaken or you’ll be going Down Down."

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24th - "An Intimate Evening With John Coghlan" at The Islington, London

The first in a proposed series of "Intimate Evening" with events featuring John Coghlan took place at The Islington pub in North London on 24th August.

The event was set up in the pub's back room and the stage consisted of two sofas, a TV monitor and some table lamps to create the impression of a front room. The small room was crowded even with only around 35 people in attendance.

The evening was hosted by Steve Blacknell (of MTV fame) and John clearly felt relaxed working with him, telling many stories during the evening. The conversation in the first half was sparked off via a series of photos which prompted John to tell stories around them of his life and times with Quo.

The second half was a drumming lesson. He started off playing a range of tempos/rhythms and ways to hit the drum kit and cymbals. And there were great stories about other drummers John knew - including Keith Moon, John Bohnam, Simon Philips and others.

There was a Q&A at the end to wrap up the evening (and perhaps the most interesting question was "what other band would you like to have been in if it wasn't for Quo?" to which John replied The Hollies).

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