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Before I left the UK for Australia in 1999, I followed a few Quo-related bands and information and reviews from the various gigs I attended are presented here. '4 Bills And A Ben' featured John 'Rhino' Edwards and Jeff Rich, 'State of Quo' were just starting their long career as one of the UK's top Quo tribute bands with John Coghlan on drums, and the Rossi sons were banging out great rock music in 'Little Egypt'.
Please note that none of these Quo-related pages have been kept up-to-date with recent activties for any of the bands mentioned. Where appropriate, I have added links to the pages to access more current information.

4 Bills And A Ben Find out more about John and Jeff's other band, '4 Bills And A Ben'
State of Quo The UK's number one Quo cover band, featuring John Coghlan
Little Egypt The next generation of Rossi's continuing the rock tradition