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That was the Quo month that was ... March 2000

10th - State of Quo at Magnum Theatre, Irvine, Scotland

The following review was written by Sue McCoy.

Well we arrived at Irvine and found the Magnum Theatre quite easily, but we did have a Scot with us so that might be why. The theatre had about 250 people in it. There was a very good atmosphere straight from the start and a good reaction to the band. They played great despite a few hiccups in the first half as there was a problem with a plug point and one speaker kept going dead for a second at a time.

I think a lot had gone to see JC but at the end of the day I'm sure they would go to see the lads again as everyone seemed pleasantly surprised at the quality of their music. They had some up and dancing at the front, in their seats and in the aisles. Only downside was the smoke machine seemed to be put on 'hide the band' mode but many people still managed to get some good photos.

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11th - State of Quo at Forum 28, Barrow-in-Furness

The following review comes from Jane Mildwater.

After an hour's drive, the venue was easy to find - but the trouble with these theatre gigs that Coghlan's Quo are doing is that they start at 7.30, and the town was deserted at that time. Everyone is still going through their getting ready for the night routine at home. Except, of course, for the 40-odd of us who were there. Sad that there weren't more. It is something to do with the promotion...

Now the previous night's gig rocked, so I am told. The sound at the Forum 28 was great, and I had a great time, it is a pity there were a load of lemons in. Many were there to see John, but I really do wonder why some of the others were there. The guys gave their all as always. One bloke I met at the bar commented on the passion that Paul puts into the performance, that it obviously didn't matter about the small crowd. Believe it or not, the seating was set out cabaret style, with candles :-) Good to see 'em again, it's been a couple of months.

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12th - Quo spoof on Harry Hill (UK Channel 4)

Madcap comedian Harry Hill's show on March 12th included a spoof Quo sketch. The basis of the sketch was the finding of a live 3000 year old bronze age man who asked a few questions - the last one of which was "Are Status Quo still going?". With that he burst into "Whatever You Want" and then you see Harry as Francis and the 'Big Brother Alan' character as Rick.

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23rd - State of Quo at Secombe Theatre, Sutton

With two important Quo figures, Bob Young and John Coghlan, State of Quo rocked the Secombe Theatre in Sutton on March 23rd. Akin to Quo of the early 90s, the band took the stage to the tones of "Nellie The Elephant" and proceeded to produce a real feel of the 70s with tracks like "Mystery Song" (played in full, including that intro), "Shady Lady" and "Junior's Wailing" - all rounded off with a five minute drum solo from Coghlan.

The set list was as follows.

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27th - Quo concert for FTMO members at Shepherds Bush Empire, London

In a similar vein to the members-only Brixton Academy gig for the "Don't Stop" album, Quo fans were once again treated to a special one-off gig for "Famous In The Last Century". The main purpose of the event was to preview the new album and record an official video, but it was a good excuse for 2000 fans to cram into Shepherds Bush Empire and have a rockin' good time as well!

After an intro by David Walker, the band proceeded to perform a playback set of the new album, recorded for future video release. The running order was:

After a brief rest, the band returned to give the fans what they'd all been waiting for, an hour long live set, consisting of:

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29th - Quo announced as winners of the Edison Award (Netherlands)

Quo were announced as the year 2000 recipients of the Dutch "Edison Ouvre Award", for the best foreign band in 1999. The presentation of the prize is to be made on 6th April and then broadcast on Dutch television on 8th April.

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30th - Quo on "Gottschalks TV Welt" (ZDF, Germany)

Quo appeared on the popular German TV show "Gottschalks TV Welt", introduced by Thomas Gottschalk, on March 30th. The show, focusing on the TV history of the last 40 years, was watched by 5 million Europeans. Quo performed the medley of "In The Army Now", "Whatever You Want" and "Rockin' All Over The World" - but with a new drummer! The mysterious figure behind the kit, sporting a '' T-shirt, was none other than Mike Paxman, Quo producer and webmaster of the official Quo web site.

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undated - Vintage "On The Level" review in Record Collector magazine

The following vintage review of Quo's "On The Level" from 1975 was reproduced in the March edition of Record Collector magazine. With thanks to Jason Hodgson for spotting this.

My God, you'd have to go a long way to find a more completely worthless collection of songs than these. It's difficult to find anything either constructive or positive about a work this totally mindless. What's so distressing here is that Quo fail dismally to harness the raw power of basic rock 'n' roll. For the most part they sound distinctly tired and bored pumping out the same chord changes that have graced their last four albums. It's Tedium City all the way.

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