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That was the Quo month that was ... April 2000

3rd - Jeff Rich leaves Quo

Taken from the official Quo web site.

"Jeff Rich has sadly decided to leave Status Quo in order to spend more time with his family and to pursue his Drum Master Class for Schools.

Jeff would like to express his appreciation to the fans who have made his 15 years with Quo some of the best years of his life, and he hopes to see many of you at future 4 Bills gigs which he will continue to do with Rhino.

The band and management wish Jeff good luck and all the best for the future. A replacement drummer will be announced shortly."

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6th - Quo receive the Edison award (Netherlands)

Honoured with the award for best foreign band in 1999, Quo received the prestigious Edison award in Hilversum on April 6th. The award was presented by Rob & Ferdi Bolland, writers of "In The Army Now".

After a thank you speech from each of the four Quo members (temporary drummer for this appearance was Mike Paxman, Quo producer and official site webmaster), the show went on with playback performances of "Mony, Mony", a medley of "In The Army Now" and "Whatever You Want", and finally "Once Bitten Twice Shy".

For some good coverage of this event, click here to visit Dyon's pages.

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17th - Quo on GMTV

The first of a number of TV and radio promotional appearances, Quo appeared on GMTV on April 17th. A short interview between Eamonn Holmes and Rick and Francis led into a stage performance of "Mony Mony". Although the performance was mimed, it was notable for the sterling efforts of Mike Paxman as stand-in drummer! - don't give up the day job though Mike!

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18th - Francis and Rick interviewed on Capital Gold Radio Breakfast Show

Francis and Rick, accompanied by Simon Porter, were interviewed by Mike Osman on the raucous London radio station, Capital Gold, on April 18th. Pitched as a promo for "Famous In the Last Century", the interview included plays of "Good Golly Miss Molly", "Old Time Rock and Roll", "Mony Mony" and "Way Down".

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19th - Rick interviewed on LBC Radio

Rick took part in an extended interview on LBC Radio on the morning of April 19th. The interview focused on "Famous In The Last Century" but also widened into broader Quo issues as well as discussing aspects of Rick's private life. Plays of "Famous In The Last Century", "Mony Mony", "Memphis Tennesee", "Old Time Rock and Roll" and "Roll Over Beethoven" also featured as part of the interview.

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22nd - Francis on "A Question of Pop"

Based on the popular and long-running BBC sports quiz "A Question of Sport", Jamie Theakston presents "A Question of Pop" which included Francis Rossi as a team member for the April 22nd show.

The teams consisted of Noddy Holder, Ollie and Shola Ama against Suggs, Francis Rossi and Claire Richards. Francis seemed to enjoy the quiz more as his team edged into the lead and definitely enjoyed victory when his team pipped out Noddy's team by 38 points to 32. A number of archive Quo clips were sprinkled throughout the various rounds of the quiz.

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27th - Quo on "Open House" (Channel 5)

The daytime TV show "Open House" provided another promo opportunity for the "Famous In The Last Century" campaign. Rick and Francis were interviewed by Angela Rippon for around 7 minutes, before a stage performance of "Mony Mony" (featuring Matt Letley on one of his first public outings with the band). This performance included live vocals from Francis.

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28th - Quo on "Weekend Watchdog"

Rick and Francis were used throughout the April 28th edition of "Weekend Watchdog", including a charity bike rides feature. Their main contribution came at the close of the programme when they mimed "Mony Mony" yet again to a large audience at the bike show.

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30th - Status Quo Documentary - Excess All Areas (BBC1)

After waiting years for a serious documentary about Quo, the fans were finally rewarded when BBC1 broadcast a 50-minute in-depth documentary on April 30th. Imaginatively titled "Excess All Areas", the programme was well researched and included comments from Noddy Holder, Bob Geldof, Chris Tarrant, Lilian Parfitt (Rick's mum), Pat Barlow (Quo's first manager), John Peel, Mark Radcliffe (Radio 1), Marc Riley (Radio 1), Marietta (Rick's ex-wife), Patty (Rick's ex-wife), Trevor Dann (Radio 1) and David Walker (Quo's current manager).

The programme was based around interviews with Francis Rossi, Rick Parfitt, Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan, and narrated by Danny Baker. It included clips from the FTMO Shepherds Bush gig as well as the recent FITLC photo shoot.

The treatment of the band's history in the 60s and 70s was very good, the inclusion of Pat Barlow being a welcome and revealing insight into the music scene for Quo at that time. John Coghlan came across very well and seemed to suggest that, had the band been able to rest more, he may well have never left. Alan Lancaster did not openly criticise the band, but did re-iterate his feelings that John leaving and the release of "Marguerita Time" were the beginning of the end for him.

Post-1986 Quo was not represented very well - the only mention of Andy Bown, Jeff Rich or John Edwards came as part of saying that Quo reformed in 1986, their contributions deserved to be recognised more. The only events covered since 1986 were the Brit Awards in 1991 and "Fun Fun Fun" in 1996, sadly overlooking major events like "Rock 'Til You Drop" and "Party in the Park".

The documentary was welcome exposure for Quo in a serious and in-depth way, yet failed to make the most of its opportunity to represent the true scope of Quo's career. The programme was aided by input from Bob Young and Dave Oxley and hopefully a follow-up programme will address some of the failings of this creditable first show.

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