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That was the Quo month that was ... June 1997

1st - Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi guests on "Wakey Wakey Rise and Shane"

To celebrate sixty years of the British holiday camp, ITV drafted in ex-Red Coat entertainer Shane Richie for an hour long special entitled "Wakey Wakey Rise and Shane". The show featured many of the famous names who have risen as stars from their humble beginnings as holiday camp entertainers, including Cliff Richard and of course Status Quo.

Rick and Francis appear (billed as "Minehead 1965 vintage") four times, in excerpts from an interview between them and Shane Richie. The interview was filmed in a garden, presumably during the Summer as both Rick and Francis are in T-shirts, Rick also wears shades and the garden is bathed in sunshine. They talk about their first season at Butlins and the impact it had on the development of their career as Status Quo.

A few quotes from the interview:

Click here for a full transcription of Francis and Rick's comments.

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5th - Rick Parfitt on "Watchdog Healthcheck"

Rick Parfitt appeared on BBC1's "Watchdog Healthcheck" programme on June 5th with Reg Presley and Peter Stringfellow. They were all having a general fitness test (since his op) and guess who is the fittest! Rick also insisted that he had given up the dreaded weed...

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13th - Rick Parfitt article in "The Mail"

The following article appeared in the Daily Mail on Friday June 13th, headlined "Parfitt to prove he's ready to rock" (accompanied by a small black and white head shot of Rick).

Rick Parfitt is to visit the venue of his comeback concert to prove he is well after a quadruple heart bypass.On Monday, the Status Quo star will be at Norwich City's Carrow Road ground, where the band resume an interrupted tour on August 2nd. Sales are sluggish and promoters hope an appearance by Parfitt will allay fans' fears he will not be fit in time.

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18th - Rick Parfitt article in "The Mail"

The following article appeared in the Daily Mail, entitled "Ready to Quo - Parfitt bounces back after heart bypass".

Rick Parfitt declared himself fit to rock yesterday - 6 weeks after a life-saving operation. The 48 year-old Status Quo guitarist (pictured heading a football) is expecting doctors to give him the all-clear this week for a stage come-back at Norwich City football ground on August 2nd. Parfitt, who gave up smoking following his quadruple heart bypass, claims he feels ten years younger.

'I feel as fit as I can remember' he said, 'I'm ready to Quo.' The veteran rock star has not picked up a guitar since surgery. 'It is one of the things which feels really stange at the moment, along with everyday things like cleaning my teeth' he said. 'The chest has not knitted back together again and it feels odd. I will be more apprehensive about going back on the stage than I usually feel before a concert, but I am very confident about it.'

Parfitt added: 'I have lived my life in a certain fashion and there are people who would say it was bound to happen to me. But I can only see one way of living my life. I just won't live the rest of it as hard as I have for the last 30 years.'

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