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To celebrate sixty years of the British holiday camp, ITV drafted in ex-Red Coat entertainer Shane Richie for an hour long special entitled "Wakey Wakey Rise and Shane". The show featured many of the famous names who have risen as stars from their humble beginnings as holiday camp entertainers, including Cliff Richard and of course Status Quo. Francis and Rick were interviewed by Shane for the programme and their contributions are given in full below.

Talking about holiday camps making stars:

Rick   Because, of course, in those days, if you won the talent contest, you'd get a free week, or won your heat - which fortunately I used to win the heats. We used to go every year and I used to always win the heats, y'know, till I was about 32!
Francis    (laughs)
Shane    What sort of stuff were your lot playing?
Rick    Just went on and sung "Baby Face"
Francis    When we first got there, 'cos we were a rock 'n' roll band y'know, and they put us in the "Wig and Pisshole" (Pig and Whistle). We said we don't wanna be in here - we want to be in the rock 'n' roll ballroom.
Shane    So there was a rock 'n' roll ballroom?
Francis    That's what it was called, a rock 'n' roll ballroom, we used to share it with the wrestlers!

Talking about the way it helped their development:

Francis    But the fact is, you're working every single day and you keep working and it teaches you to be in front of young people, older people, middle-aged people, whatever people, a right cross-section of society - and a cross-section of tastes.

Talking about the general holiday camp scene and "Hi De Hi" attitude:

Rick    Well, a typical day would start with "Oh Island In The Sun" coming over the tannoy, which I now hate, amd you'd get up and welcome four or five hundred campers into the dining room, "morning", "morning", "how are you?" Funnily enough, I was only 15 but I was the children's uncle, there's these 16 year old kids going "alright pal!"
Francis    (in hysterics) Uncle Ricky!

Talking about the free entertainment ethic:

Rick    I was Captain Thunder as well, where I had to go off and make up and put the scar across and black the tooth out and put the patch on and the daft hat, dress up as a pirate. The kids were all primed that this horrible Captain Thunder had been seen sailing into the bay, so when the kids spot you they chase you all round the camp. Luckily, at 15, I'm fit enough aren't I and can just about get away from them. But there were times where they eventually caught me and they had these flexi-swords and sometimes you just had to bite your lip 'cos they were whacking you!