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That was the Quo month that was ... September 1999

3rd - "Twenty Wild Horses" reviewed on Radio 2

The forthcoming new single, "Twenty Wild Horses", came under scrutiny as part of 'Steve Wright in the Afternoon' on Friday 3rd September.

He has a record review slot, where he invites two celebrities to help him review four new releases. Nicholas Parsons and Sean Hughes were the guests, while Madness, Eurythmics, David Bowie and Status Quo provided the new singles.

None of the posse rated Quo's single, they even suggested that Quo had looked at the charts, seen that the Coors had two albums in it, and added a Celtic twang (violins) to make their new song appeal to the masses.

They all liked Quo but felt that they had missed the plot. And, yet again, they all thought that all of Quo's music has the same sound to it. They then went on to say that Quo had a hard core set of fans that would go out and buy the single, but they did not feel it would get anywhere in the charts.

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6th - Quo press conference for "Night of the Proms" events

Quo did a press conference in Antwerp on September 6th to announce the 1999 "Night of the Proms" gigs. Ten of this year's Proms gig are in Antwerp.

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8th - Quo press conferences for "Night of the Proms" events (Germany)

Quo attended two large press conferences to announce the German leg of the "Night of the Proms" tour on September 8th.

The first conference, held at the Parkhotel Rosenterassen in Dortmund, was also attended by Natalie Choquette (soprano singer at the events, who sang two songs live accompanied by a pianist) and German artist Purple Schulz.

During the evening, another similar conference was held in Cologne.

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9th - Quo press conferences for "Night of the Proms" events (Germany)

Quo attended two further press conferences for the German leg of the "Night of the Proms" tour on September 9th, these being held in Frankfurt and Munich.

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11th - Rick and Francis on Jonathan Ross Show (Radio 2)

Rick and Francis were guests on Jonathan Ross' show on Radio 2 on Saturday 11th September. "Little White Lies" and "Caroline" were played, and there were a couple of fans who 'phoned in to perform as 'Fake As Quo' on their guitars at home. Top cover band 'State of Quo' also got a namecheck from Rick!

There was talk about the tour being earlier than usual with Francis saying that it's normally in December but that this year they "are otherwise engaged".

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20th - "Twenty Wild Horses" released in the UK

The third single to be lifted from the 'Under The Influence' album, "Twenty Wild Horses", was released on Monday 20th September. It is available on CD single (Eagle Records, catalogue number EAGXS105) and cassette single (Eagle Records, catalogue number EAGCS105).

The standard CD single features "Twenty Wild Horses (Edit)" (Rossi/Frost), "Analyse Time" (Rossi/Bown) and "Obstruction Day" (Parfitt/Edwards). The radio-friendly edit brings the title track to under four minutes, "Analyse Time" is typical Rossi/Frost material and "Obstruction Day" sees Quo venturing uneasily into blues territory with a Parfitt lead vocal track.

[The single peaked at number 53 in the UK during the first week of release. According to Music Week, the single recorded sales of 3250 in its first chart week.]

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29th - Quo on "Good Morning" with Richard and Judy (UK ITV)

Quo appeared on the UK morning TV show "Good Morning" introduced by Richard (Madeley) and Judy (Finnigan) on September 29th. During the interview, it was announced (for the first time publicly?) that Quo would tour Asia, America and Australia in 2000 and that January would be spent back in the studio.

The promotional benefits of the recent pub tour were discussed as well as the forthcoming "Night of the Proms" events. Francis reckoned they involved a 100 piece orchestra (Rick said 75) and a 100 voice choir (Rick said 50!).

Inevitably, the subject matter also included Rick's health and Francis' hair!

The appearance was rounded off with a performance of the hits medley.

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undated - Quo reference in Nokia mobile phone UK radio ads

Quo were mentioned in the Nokia phone company radio advertisements in the UK during September. Regarding a woman who has won tickets for a concert anywhere in the world for two people. Her response of the concert she is going to see is - "Status Quo in Bridlington"!! Well, she could do a lot worse...

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