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That was the Quo month that was ... September 2020

3rd - Jeff Rich interview on DrumWise (UK)

Jeff Rich was interviewed by Tom Mitchell of DrumWise and the interview was published on YouTube on 3rd September.

The entertaining half-hour interview saw Jeff answering various questions from Tom (and also from fans) while sitting behind his drumkit at home. He was in good form and the range of topics was very broad. It was good to see him looking healthy and happy and he's obviously really enjoying his latest gig with the Triple J Band.

The full interview can be seen here.

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8th - Francis interview on the Headliner Radio podcast (UK)

Francis was interviewed by Alice Keith on the Headliner Radio podcast on 8th September. It was a very free-flowing interview extending to just over an hour, covering lots of Quo topics but also revealing some of Francis's lockdown escapades. In an interesting Quo connection, Alice's father (John Gustafson) wrote "Dear John"!

The full interview can be found here.

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9th - John Coghlan interview on The Quo-Cast

John Coghlan was interviewed on Jamie Dyer's The Quo-Cast podcast on 9th September.

As usual, John was in good spirits and happy to chat. He talked about the woes of lockdown, the "Lockdown" single project, a couple of live John Coghlan's Quo gigs coming up despite lockdown, the 2013/2014 Frantic Four reunion tours, the PLC project (which he claimed was Francis's idea), meeting Buddy Rich and his favourite songs to play with John Coghlan's Quo (viz. "A Year" and "April, Spring, Summer and Wednesdays").

The full half-hour interview can be found here.

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10th - Record Collector Quo Special Edition released (UK)

Record Collector magazine devoted a whole issue to Quo, released in the UK on 10th September. This latest special edition included fully updated discographies and valuations, as well as coverage of the collections of a number of fans.

For more details of the magazine and to purchase, visit

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11th - Richie Malone interview on Aaron's Monitored World (UK)

Richie was interviewed on Aaron's Monitored World on 11th September. It was a laid back interview and Richie continues to sound so excited about his good fortune to be a member of the band he's loved as a fan all of his life. After the interview, they played Richie's track from 'Backbone', "Get Out Of My Head".

Listen to the twenty-minute interview here (the Richie part starts at 30mins into this).

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13th - John Coghlan's Quo gig at The Kings Arms, All Cannings, Devizes

After a long break due to coronavirus restrictions, John Coghlan's Quo returned to the live stage with a show at The Kings Arms near Devizes on 13th September. The garden setting enabled compliance with social distancing regulations and the live music drought of recent times ensured a decent crowd. The following article, titled "Quo drummer leads Sunday's latest Mini Concert at the Kings", appeared in the Swindon Advertiser in the lead up to the gig.

"ROCKERS from the World renowned Status Quo will be playing a socially distanced gig at The Kings Arms in All Cannings this Sunday.

John Coghlan - the original drummer with the denim-clad band - will be recreating an authentic "70's Quo Sound" in keeping with his time with Quo.

The Sunday afternoon gig will also feature the Novatines - a 4 piece rock band who formed in the winter of 2017.

Novatines have toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe on both headline and support tours, playing alongside the likes of Alabama 3, Arcane Roots, Von Hertzen Brothers, and Sweet.

"We are really excited to get these top acts back to our stage in All Cannings," said organiser John 'Grubby' Callis.

"Obviously, we could not hold our big Concert at the Kings event due to coronavirus restrictions, but we have worked out a brilliant way to still get live music performed in front of a socially distanced crowd.

"It has been great - we have had Paul Young play with Los Pacaminos which was so popular he is coming back again on the 20th and we still have tickets for Sunday."

Tickets are priced £100 per table so the ticket holder can control who can share their dedicated, socially-distanced space."

Fan photos from the afternoon gig can be seen here and here.

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16th - Francis interview on Good Morning Britain (ITV, UK)

Francis gave a brief interview with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain on 16th September. They discussed his "I Talk Too Much" spoken word tour restarting in 2021 and Francis mentioned that he'd been doing a lot of painting and decorating during lockdown "like when I was first married". He also talked about the challenges of restarting touring and live gigs, with talk of Quo not restarting live work again until 2022! On the plus side, he identified some benefits of being home all the time, including sleeping well, not thinking Quo very much and settling into the isolation.

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22nd - Rhino's first ever solo gig for Save The Rhino Day

Rhino performed his first ever solo gig to raise funds for Save The Rhino Day on 22nd September. The pre-gig promo said: "In these strange times, we're all in it together – big and small," says Rhino. "I'm hoping me making some musical noise will convince you to donate at least the price of a pint to the wonderful and worthy cause that Save The Rhino International is. Cheers!"

Armed simply with an acoustic guitar, he sat in his garden next to his rhino (called Alan!) and played an amazing half-hour set. He displayed great skills on the six-string guitar and looked to be thoroughly enjoying himself throughout. The setlist was heavy on Quo songs (no bad thing!) and it was great to hear some different Quo tunes played acoustically. Rhino also played a brand new song that he'd only finished writing that day! The full setlist was as follows.

Rhino's half-hour set can be seen here.

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25th - Richie Malone interview on The Brief Encounter Podcast with Johnny Boyle (Ireland)

Richie was interviewed by Irish drummer Johnny Boyle for his "The Brief Encounter Podcast" and the 75-minute interview was published on 25th September.

The interview was a very laid-back affair, just two Irish musos chatting in a pub. They kicked off by sharing their experiences of COVID lockdowns and Richie revealed that he's been very demotivated and has not been playing guitar since he learned of the cancellation of Quo's end of year tour. He said he was "gutted" to not be playing the Olympia in Dublin as a "home gig" for him.

Richie talked about his wedding and that, despite not going to it, Francis had video called him to wish him well on the day. He lamented the sacrifices of touring and its impacts on family life before telling the story of his journey from being a young Quo fan going to gigs with his dad, then starting to learn guitar, meeting the band and then taking part in soundchecks with Rick.

Live Aid was discussed at length before Richie told the story of getting the call from Rhino that led to him becoming a full-time member of the band. He mentioned the challenges involved with playing "Roll Over Lay Down" and expressed great pride about having one of his songs on the "Backbone" album.

The full interview can be found here.

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