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That was the Quo month that was ... September 2018

28th - "Ain't Complaining", "In The Army Now", "Back To Back" and "1+9+8+2" reissues released

Four further CD reissues were released on 28th September, in the form of "1+9+8+2", "Back To Back", "In The Army Now" and "Ain't Complaining".

"1+9+8+2" was a double CD consisting of the original album and a bonus CD mainly consisting of the previously leaked and heavily bootlegged rehearsal sessions from Fair Deal Studios. "Back To Back" received similar treatment, with the original album being accompanied by some mid-80s fodder such as 12" extended single versions and a bunch of Rossi/Frost material.

The "In The Army Now" reissue saw the original album coupled with a bonus CD of 80s B-sides and a few live tracks from the same era.

"Ain't Complaining" got the largest makeover with the original album being accompanied by two extra CDs. A bonus CD mainly consisted of 12" extended single versions and B-sides, while the third CD was the heavily bootlegged (from radio broadcast) gig from Wembley Arena on 7th July 1988 (which includes thankfully rare live versions of "Cream of the Crop" and "Who Gets The Love?"!).

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