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That was the Quo month that was ... September 2015

5th - Rhino at the Guitars On The Beach festival, Lyme Regis (UK)

Rhino played at the annual Guitars On The Beach festival in Lyme Regis on 5th September. The aim of the event is to secure the record for Britain's Biggest Band and a large crowd turned out on a sunny day on the beach to give it a crack. Rhino played on the main stage, but the record was not broken - so better luck in 2016! A BBC video clip from the event, including a short interview with Rhino, can be found here.

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10th - Quo concert at Festival du Chant du Gros, Noirmont, Switzerland

Quo played the first of two nights in Switzerland by rocking 12,000 fans at the Festival du Chant du Gros on 10th September. Some great professional photos from the show can be seen here.

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12th - Quo concert at Hallenstadion Zürich-Oerlikon, Switzerland

Quo made a triumphant return to Zurich's Hallenstadion on 12th September. Playing this big venue once every two years (and it's already booked for September 2017!) ensures a sell-out crowd and the 13,000 fans made Quo very welcome in Switzerland again. There were no surprises in the setlist department, but Quo put in a strong performance, encouraged by the large audience. A small part of the 13,000-strong crowd was a group of FTMO fan club members on a club-organized trip to the gig.

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undated - Rick article in Society Marbella magazine

The following article appeared in the August issue of Society Marbella magazine in regards Rick's new venture in property in Spain. The article was titled "Rocking the Marbella Property Market" and written by Natalie Rose Kern.

(Natalie) Hi Rick! Thank you for meeting with SOCIETY magazine. It's lovely to see you making the Costa del Sol your home. Why did you first choose to move to Spain?
(Rick) Initially, after Lyndsay and I were married, we both felt like a change of lifestyle.

Why this particular part of southern Spain?
We chose southern Spain as we already had a Holiday Villa here, which we have now converted into a full family home and the Marbella area with the sun and the sea is a lovely place to be.

What do you love most about the Spanish lifestyle?
The thing I like about the Spanish lifestyle is that compared to England let's say, it is very laid back, there are no traffic jams, it's not overly crowded with people, you can move, you can breathe and any given lunchtime to be able to nip to the beach and have fresh fish or menu del dia is just wonderful.

What made you become interested in the property market?
I became interested in the property market when Lyndsay and I were searching for a second home in Marbella itself and having met Julian Hall, whom I found to be a charming sales person and spending a lot of time together talking and looking at in the region of 100 Villas, I started to get an idea of what was on offer at what price and was intrigued by what I saw and discovered. Not so long after this, Julian became a free agent and we simply decided to team up and create Status Homes. It's good for me because I have a man who has 20 years' experience in the business and it's good for him to have me to add some profile to the business.

What are your thoughts on the current property market?
We are definitely seeing that the property prices are starting to go up now around the Marbella area and there seems to be a nice little buzz in the market, and judging by the way our business is going so far, it seems as though property is really moving again.

What about music? I hear you're still touring - where are you heading to and for how long?
I will carry on touring certainly for the next couple of years, we have a world tour to complete next year and I will then review it after that and see how everything looks.

Do you like being on the road? How long do you plan to keep touring for?
I still enjoy being on the road, it's such a contrast to the laid back lifestyle I lead when I'm at home in Spain and it keeps me feeling young at heart and keeps me fit at the same time.

Do you have plans to make any more music?
I think there are some plans in the pipeline to produce one more original Quo album but at the moment that is only talk, we haven't started writing for it as yet but I will attach my musically creative head when I need to.

You have two young children, what's it like being a father again?
Having said that I love the laid back lifestyle that Spain gives to me, coming home to Tommy and Lily is like stepping from one world into another - from the sometimes rainy, cold and bustling lifestyle on the road into the sunshine and being a Dad to them both and keeping up with them at my age, I'm not sure what is more taxing - doing an hour and a half on stage or spending a day with the children - but they are beautiful and I cannot imagine life without them.

What do you miss most when you're on the road?
The family.

When you're at home, what does your daily life/routine consist of?
Up early, children washed, dressed and fed, 08:45 leave for school, drop children, go for coffee sometimes with Lyndsay, sometimes with my mates, address everyday life, admin etc. 15:00 pick up children, sometimes go to the beach for dinner with them or have a family night in and do some cooking and TRY to get them bathed and to bed by 9pm (not easy!) especially when it is still sunny outside at that time of the evening during the summer months.

What does the future have in store for you?
Nobody knows what the future holds, but a little bit of Rock and Roll, a little bit of being Dad and Husband... What more is there?

Have you set some new dreams or goals or are you just enjoying your life now?
Status Homes is a new venture which I am enjoying learning and it's somehow a pleasure to sell to - rather than buy from - for the first time in my life and fingers crossed, when I'm too old to rock anymore I can sit behind a desk in a nice suit and make people happy in another way - by giving them whatever they need and finding them whatever they way - and you know, you can't get better than that... Can you?"

The article can be viewed online here.

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