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That was the Quo month that was ... September 2014

1st - John Coghlan interview on AHBS community radio (Ashford, UK)

John Coghlan was interviewed by Steve Monk on the Rock Hard show on AHBS community radio in Ashford on September 1st. The interview kicked off in style by playing "4500 Times" before John spoke fondly of his training as a mechanic and love of trucks, bikes and military vehicles. He went on to talk about being in the Air Cadets band and how that led to him joining Quo. "Pictures of Matchstick Men" was then played before the inevitable discussion of the first 'Top of the Pops' appearance playing that song, with John out front. John talked about his fun with "John Coghlan's Quo" before they played "In My Chair".

Steve then asked John to choose a few Quo tracks to play and he mentioned "Accident Prone" and "What You're Proposin" as personal favourites, but also said it was great to be part of a band with so many hit singles and albums. He acknowledged the great songwriters over the years and that it was a deliberate decision when recording to not use much overdubbing so that the songs can be reproduced well in the live arena. "Caroline" and "Accident Prone" were played next, before a discussion around why John's shuffle is so good (plays four on the floor, learned from early dance and jazz bands, plays drums right handed but he's actually left handed so strong left hand leads to powerful snare sound). "What You're Proposing" and "Who Asked You" came next.

Talk inevitably turned to the reunion and John said we should "ask Francis" as to why it took so long to happen. He also said that Rick loves the Frantic Four shows and wants to do it again. On the subject of favourites, John found it hard to choose but went for "Blue For You" and "Dog of Two Head" in the album stakes and "Mystery Song" as a single, a nice lead in to playing that song! Talking about his departure from the band, John said that after twenty years, he was tired, burned out and drinking too much but said he "would be silly not to do it" if the Frantic Four reunion became a permanent thing. When asked about Rick's health after his recent heart scare, he said he as "chirpy"! "Backwater" was played next.

John suggested that the push from the fans made the Frantic Four tours happen and they'd deliberately kept ticket prices down, before playing "Paper Plane". On the subject of Frantic Four album, John said "Nothing's been said... "Francis doesn't seem to think we need to make anything". He sounded excited about the new book and Frantic Four product, saying that the DVD was "exceptionally good" and better than the Wembley "aircraft hanger" one from 2013! "Big Fat Mama" then got an airing before John listed Buddy Rich, Brian Bennett (from the Shadows) and Bobby Elliott (from the Hollies) as drummers he respected, then the interview was closed out with "Someone's Learning".

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8th - "The Frantic Four's Final Fling" CD, vinyl, DVD and Blu-ray released in the UK

The swag of product arising from the last show of the Frantic Four 2014 tour in Dublin hit the shelves on 8th September. 'The Frantic Four's Final Fling' was made available as a double CD set, a gatefold double vinyl, a DVD and also a Blu-ray. As well as the full concert, the visual formats contained a bonus fourteen track CD made of highlights recorded across the final tour of March / April. The Blu-ray format also has, as a bonus feature, the documentary made by Sky News' Ian Woods entitled 'The Final Fling?' (note the question mark!)

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8th - "Live!" box set released in the UK

A nice repackaging of 1970s live material was released on the 8th September as the "Live!" box set. The official Quo website described the release as follows.

"This carefully curated special release comes as a 4xCD Deluxe Edition Box and on digital formats each boasting 35 live tracks - many never before released - recorded as far afield as Glasgow, Tokyo and Sydney.

Featuring extensive liner notes by Dave Ling and a host of rare photos provided by Bob Young.

Disc 1 and 2 feature material from 'Live!' issued in 1977, captured at Glasgow's Apollo Theatre between 27 and 29 October 1976.

Disc 3 offers the rare 'Tokyo Quo' album, which, as the name suggests, was released only in Japan; barring a very limited vinyl release for Record Store Day 2014 this has never been released in the UK. This album was recorded on 17th November at the Sunplaza Hall.

Disc4 is the previously unreleased 'Australia '74' concert, thirteen tracks recorded on 20th November that year at the Hordern Pavilion, Sydney."

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9th - Francis interview on Talking Metal Digital radio (Montreal, Canada)

Francis gave a quite incredibly honest hour-long interview to Talking Metal Digital Radio in Canada on 9th September. As part of the "One On One" show with Mitch Lafon, Francis joined Mitch as well as co-hosts Mark Strigl (from Talking Metal) and the Killer Dwarfs’ Russ Dwarf. You have to listen to this interview to believe it, so click here to be amazed by the revelations from Mr Rossi!

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22nd - Announcement of "Aquostic" Radio 2 performance

The BBC Radio 2 website announced the one-off live performance of "Aquostic" on 22nd September, to take place at The Roundhouse in Camden on 22nd October. The show sold out very quickly and their announcement follows.

"On Wednesday 22nd October BBC Radio 2 present a unique performance from one of the globe's premier rock acts. For the first time ever, legendary rockers Status Quo will put down their famous electric guitars and perform acoustically. This one-off show will take place at The Roundhouse in Camden, London and will be broadcast live on Radio 2 from 8pm.

The band will also appear on the Ken Bruce Show on the morning of 22nd October "to perform two exclusive tracks" as well as on Simon Mayo's Drivetime show "to preview the evening’s performance". After their chat with Simon on Drivetime, Rick and Francis will join Jo Whiley for an exclusive "Ask Quo" video Q&A from the stage of the Roundhouse, based on questions submitted from listeners and fans.

"Quo frontman Francis Rossi said: "This show is a complete departure for Quo. We've been delighted with the reception that our new stripped down approach to some of these gems from our catalogue has received. The new arrangements have really let the songs breathe and brought out facets that often we didn't know were there, it's been an amazing process.

We call the new style 'Aquostic' and, in the comfort of the recording studio, we have slipped into this new gear with ease. A big live show takes us well out of our comfort zone however - there's nowhere to hide at the Roundhouse so the pressure is going to be on. We never make it easy for ourselves but we're excited to share this unique moment with the Radio 2 listeners."

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