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That was the Quo month that was ... September 2000

3rd - Rhino's Revenge warm-up gig at The Peel, Kingston-upon-Thames

This review comes from Matthew Bradshaw (who has a great web site, including collector information for Quo items, at Note that Rhino also chanced his arm with a couple of Quo numbers in the shape of "Break The Rules" and "Paper Plane" during this gig!

Just thought I'd say to those going to the Rhino's Revenge show tomorrow that you should be in for a real treat. The "warm-up" show last night at Kingston's "Peel" pub was really good fun. The new material from Rhino was generally of a high standard, played by an excellent band. It's fair to say that the songs are much heavier than recent Quo output!!

The thing I found most surprising was the strength of Rhino's vocals. I was expecting this to be the weakest part, but to give him credit, the singing was fine. It was weird seeing him as the frontman. On a couple of occasions he checked with Mike P as to how it was sounding and was correctly met by an emphatic thumbs up. We were even treated to a couple of old Quo numbers at the end (I won't spoil the surprise by saying which ones) - but, Rhino - LEARN THE WORDS for Tuesday!!!!

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4th - Australian 2000 tour tickets on sale

Following the success of the 1997 and 1998 tours in Australia, another tour for the latter part of the year 2000 was announced. The locations and venues are as follows:

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4th - Interview with Rhino on LiveDaily

The following interview, conducted by Alexa Williamson and titled "[America is] scary to look at from the outside, but not when you visit", appeared on LiveDaily ( on September 4th.

Status Quo has been together for more than 30 years. What many have labeled Britain's version of Spinal Tap (except it isn't a parody) metamorphosed in 1967 out of a London group called the Spectres, which was originally led by original Quo members Alan Lancaster and Francis Rossi in 1967. In its 33 years, Status Quo has put out dozens of albums and singles, including the 1994 hit "Come On You Reds," a collaboration with the UK football team Manchester United that reached No. 1 on the British charts.

After 15 years playing bass with the Quo, John "Rhino" Edwards has decided to make a solo album, "Rhino's Revenge," due in the UK on September 11 through Eagle Records. Alexa Williamson finds out why exactly Rhino is out to get his "revenge," along with his views on Republicans, Napster and on why Quo fans haven't stayed the same through the decades.

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5th - Rhino's Revenge launch gig at The 100 Club

For reviews and more from the launch gig for "Rhino's Revenge", check out these great sites:

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11th - "Famous in the Last Century" released in Australia

Somewhat delayed, "Famous In The Last Century" was released in Australia on September 11. Distributed under the banner of the Festival Mushroom group, the Australian CD release has catalogue number D32247 and comes complete with four bonus tracks over and above the UK release - the extra tracks are "Pictures of Matchstick Men (1999 version)", "Raining in my Heart", "Fun Fun Fun" and "Whatever You Want". The CD booklet also differs in that it includes a number of previously unavailable live shots of the band.

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11th - "Rhino's Revenge" released in UK and Europe

The long-awaited debut solo album from Rhino was finally released in Europe on September 11. The CD is distributed by Eagle Records and has catalogue number EAGCD143 (GAS0000143EAG). The 11 tracks are all Rhino-penned originals and a number of the tracks feature members of Quo, including Francis, Rick, Andrew and Matt Letley. 4 Bills fans will also notice the contributions from Steve Byrd, as usual brilliant on lead guitar, and sax favourite Andy Hamilton.

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14th - Jeff Rich Drum Masterclass at Caister Middle School

Jeff Rich performed one of his Drum Masterclass sessions as Caister Middle School on September 14, the following article later appearing in the Great Yarmouth Mercury. (Thanks to David Hardy for spotting this.)


There was a time when young women used to queue for hours just to catch a glimpse of him, but even a rock star has to grow old. When former Status Quo drummer Jeff Rich held a master class at Caister Middle School on Thursday, most of his autograph hunters were getting signatures for their mums and dads. "My dad says Mr Rich is famous and that Status Quo are really famous too" said nine year old Sarah Davies. "He gave me a CD and asked me if I could get it signed for him. I'd only ever heard of them once before. Steps are my favourite band."

Classmate Tom Adcock said he'd never heard of them either and nine year old Reece Aylward said "My teacher says he's famous."

But Jeff Rich wasn't the least perturbed by the lack of hero worship. "These masterclasses aren't about me, they're about teaching children to have fun with music" he said. "All the children get a chance to play" Jeff has been carrying out masterclasses at schools around Britain for the last five years. "I was with Status Quo for 15 years - I got fed up with being on the road all the time. I enjoy working with schoolchildren and I also enjoy the extra time this work gives me to spend with my family. I've got my priorities right".

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16th - Quo concert at Rotterdam Ahoy

With thanks to Michael from Denmark for the following review.

Back home after a great weekend in Rotterdam. Left home friday morning a bit worried not knowing if we could get to Rotterdam because of all the talk about roadblockings - but it went very well.

Stayed at the same hotel as Quo so we met them a couple of times there - they were already there Friday as well. We arrived at the Ahoy about 5 pm and there were already some people there waiting. It was very nice to meet some of the people that we have met different places - hello!

We were let in at 6.30 and Quo went on at 8.15 - no support band. The concert, the people and the whole atmosphere was just so great. People sang and jumped and there were no trouble with pushing or squeezing. Quo were really - again, again - really in a good mood - lots of fun - much power - what more can I say - it's just getting better and better.

The setlist was the same, but this time with "Roll Over Beethoven" and all of "Living Doll" and people just sang so much to that.

We were back at the hotel at 11 pm, so we sat down and got a couple of beers with some people from England and Juergen and Connie & Kjeld and later Rhino, Dave Salt, Toot and Lyane joined us - that was pretty great.

We got home late last night and it felt like we had been away for a whole week or more - wonderful. On the same night as the Ahoy gig, Quo were on danish TV for 35 min. The progamme was a mix of interviews and clips from Shepherds Bush (7 or 8 tracks), so now I'm really looking forward to the video - it looks great.

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22nd - State of Quo at The Albert Halls, Bolton

The following review comes from Craig Rothwell, a State of Quo stalwart!

Arrived at the Albert Halls courtesy of a free ticket from the Theatre Manager (Old school buddy, cheers Phil).

The concert hall was quite small, held around 300 - there were about 80/100 people in attendance. Quite a decent size stage, with the first ten rows seated on the flat, then each row was slighter higher, so viewing was excellent.

We sat through the first part of the concert, but after a visit to the bar, we moved further back to stand up so not disturbing anyone's view. The gig was probably the best sounding SOQ gig I have been to, content could have been better (no 4500 or no Slow Train !), and the drumming better (sorry John, Dave is still a far better drummer). We had a 10 minute solo from Mr Coghlan which, to begin with, was rather embarrassing, I am not a wonderful observer of drum solos, but I know a bad one when I hear it. But to hear Railroad/Dustpipe/Mystery in all their glory was excellent.

The atmosphere was excellent, everyone in attendance was up for it, air guitars, etc were well in attendance. Highlight for me has to be "Most Of The Time", it was excellent. I'm off to see the real Quo in a week's time, shame they cant do 2.5 hours like these guys can, certain members of the band are the same age as Quo, so come on Messers Rossi/Parfitt, lets have some of these in the set..

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26th - Quo guitars included in Christies "Pop and Collectible Guitars Sale"

The latest Christies rock and pop auction featured a number of collectible guitars from famous names in the music business. As part of the auction, four of Quo's guitars were up for grabs (two from Rick and two from Francis). The guitars were (images from left to right follow):

A Stephen Ackworth `Beta Mouse' electric guitar, in black and green finish (Francis). Estimate price: 500-800. This guitar was made by Ackworth for Rossi in a similar green to Rossi's trademark Telecaster. Rossi played it for many years before displaying it on the wall of his studio. (The guitar is shown here in black and white)

An Ovation Viper electric guitar, Serial No. E 6251, in natural finish with carved foliate decoration (Francis). Estimate price: 500-800. This guitar was customised by Stephen Ackworth. Rossi bought it to use on Dirty Water on the 1977 LP Rockin' All Over The World and played it live on various occasions including during the Farewell Concert at Milton Keynes Bowl, 1984.

A 1959 Gibson Les Paul Junior, Serial No. 925383, in cherry red finish (Rick). Estimate price: 1200-1500. Rick Parfitt bought this guitar in part-exchange for a Telecaster in June, 1992. (The guitar is shown here in black and white)

A Zemaitis Dragon guitar, in red finish, flamed maple top with dragon motif inlaid in mother of pearl (Rick). Estimate price: 5,000-7,000. Micky Moody of Whitesnake originally commissioned this guitar from Zemaitis and he swapped it with Rick for a Telecaster. Rick has used it extensively on tour worldwide during the last fifteen years.

Beta Mouse guitar      Ovation Viper guitar      Les Paul Junior guitar      Red Dragon guitar

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undated - Rhino feature in "Classic Rock" magazine

The Rhino solo effort "Rhino's Revenge" found its way into Classic Rock magazine, both via an appearance on the accompanying CD and with the following review.

"A few bassists seem to be recording solo albums lately, and Rhino's Revenege (Eagle) is the brainchild of Status Quo's John Edwards. Although both Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi make guest appearances, this is far removed from the Quo, flittering wildly between styles. Not outstanding by any means - with Edwards' voice occasionally struggling - but a relatively enjoyable collection nonetheless. Probably one for the Quo die-hards only." (page 68 soundbits, no author listed).

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