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That was the Quo month that was ... October 2011

8th - Quo concert at Le Liberte, Rennes, France

Quo kicked off a mini-tour of France on October 8th with a show in Rennes. An unexpected set change occurred, with "Gerdundula" returning to the set after being rested for a few years. The full set list follows.

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8th - Francis article in The Daily Mail

The following article appeared in the Daily Mail magazine on October 8th, entitled "My haven: Status Quo star Francis Rossi in the music room at his Surrey mansion" and written by Maureen Paton.

Singer Joe Brown is an adorable man, and when we were on tour with him last year he gave me and Rick Parfitt a ukelele each because he knew we liked to play them – particularly Rick. What you see is what you get with Joe, he’s very pleasant, which isn’t always the case on the road – too many egos. And Joe’s still got that amazing hair – the first thing I said to him was, ‘How did you manage to hang on to it all?’

I always keep a giant map of the world on the wall so I can refer to it while I’m planning the next Status Quo tour. When the kids were younger and would ask where I was gigging that night when I rang home, I would say, ‘Get your mum to show you on the map.’ The only places we haven’t been are India, China and parts of South America – but I’d find it hard to deal with the contrast between rich and poor in some countries.

The rosewood neck on this guitar gives a sweeter sound than the usual maplewood. It was made for me by legendary guitar maker Leo Fender’s company more than 20 years ago. It’s a hybrid of the two main guitars – Stratocasters and Telecasters. Leo was trying to design the ultimate guitar, and this one has his logo on it – which makes it very valuable. This guitar is special with a unique sound.

Our lucky silver gecko was given to me and my wife Eileen by Lyane, the band’s assistant, who brought it back from her homeland of New Zealand. It’s supposed to ward off evil spirits, so it’s a bit ju-ju. And it doesn’t need feeding. I don’t know if it’s lucky, but Lyane has brought us a lot of luck. She’s been with us for 13 years, organising everything. She knows exactly what Rick and I want – we’re babies, like all musicians.

This is my hippie canvas man-bag and it goes everywhere with me. It’s the holdall kind you mince along with as the shoulderbag variety pull my body out of alignment. It carries my passport, money, painkillers for migraine, lighters for my three cigarettes a day, lip salve, a Swiss army knife with a bottle-opener, screwdriver and magnifying glass and two pairs of glasses plus spares. I should have been a woman.

This award was given to us in 1984 for services to the rock industry by Phonogram Records, it’s in the shape of a globe because of our hit Rockin’ All Over The World. It’s discreet, which I much prefer to having hundreds of gold records hung on the wall – they’re upstairs instead. Quo had been around for a long time even then, so it was like the equivalent of a retirement clock. But we’re still going...

Francis relaxing in his music room

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10th - Quo concert at L'Olympia, Paris, France

Playing the same set as Rennes, Quo played to a full house of about 2000 at L'Olympia in Paris on October 10th. Excellent photos of the band in action can be found here and here.

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15th - Quo Convention at The Rocktemple, Kerkrade, The Netherlands

The "International Status Quo Weekend" kicked off on October 15th at The Rocktemple in Kerkrade with a Quo convention. The usual convention fare was on offer for collectors during the day before John Coghlan played a storming live set in the evening.

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16th - Quo concert at Lotto Arena, Antwerp, Belgium

Quo headed from France to Belgium for a gig in Antwerp on October 16th. The large crowd were rewarded with a slightly longer set than during the French leg of the tour, by way of the addition of the ever-popular "Don't Waste My Time" to open the encore. The full setlist was as follows.

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