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That was the Quo month that was ... October 2004

1st - "Coghlan and Quo" book released in UK

The long-awaited biography of John Coghlan finally hit the bookstands on October 1st. Well-researched by author Steven Myatt and published via Aureus Publishing, "Coghlan and Quo" gives an account of Quo life far removed from that offered by the usual Rossi/Parfitt-led biographical works. The official synopsis for Coghlan and Quo can be found below.

"In 1962 a band called The Scorpions played its first gig - at a sports club in Forest Hill in south-east London. Playing drums was 15 year-old John Coghlan. After five years playing pop standards they reinvented themselves as a psychedelic rock band - and changed their name to Status Quo.

Their success was immediate and considerable, but it wasn't until they adopted their back-to-basics rock 'n' roll style in 1970 that they became massive. By the end of the decade they were living as tax exiles - each in a different country. The band was earning and spending huge amounts of money, but they had been hit hard by personal tragedies and the effects of huge drug use. John Coghlan could never handle the drugs though. It was simply against his nature. Very much from a working class background, he was never averse to a few pints of Best Bitter, but he saw the hard drugs as viciously destructive. As the only non-drug taker in the group, his fellow band members had become strangers to him. In 1982, during a recording session in Montreux, he simply walked away.

Unfortunately John had also been good at spending money, and with none of the writing or producing royalties, his income soon stopped. The money in the bank ran out very quickly, and his huge house on the Isle Of Man went, as did the large car collection. Very soon he was broke, unemployed, and apparently unemployable. Nowadays John lives very quietly in Oxfordshire. Recently he sold some of his drums and several gold records at a local car boot sale. Ironically he occasionally plays drums for a Status Quo tribute band.

Now it's time for John Coghlan to tell his story - and 'warts and all' wouldn't start to describe it. Coghlan & Quo covers both the group's birth and how John came to walk out, but at its core will be the madness and the excesses of the Seventies. Well reasearched by author Steven Myatt, Coghlan & Quo is an insight in to the workings of a multi million pound pop group. The band's statistics are very impressive. They have - - Sold more than 112,000,000 records - Had 22 Top Ten hits in the UK - Spent 413 weeks in the UK singles charts - Had more hit albums in the UK than any other band apart from The Rolling Stones - Made over 100 Top Of The Pops appearances - Played 5,500 live gigs to 24,000,000 people."

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2nd - Quo concert at Schwarzwaldhalle, Karlsruhe, Germany

The first gig on the "XS All Areas" tour saw the first showing of the latest extensive range of merchandise, including Quo condoms! A suitably-attired crowd of 3500 thus saw Quo perform in Karlsruhe, warmed up admirably by 'Manfredd Mann's Earth Band and Friends'. The setlist was a little too familar for some fans' liking...

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3rd - Quo concert at Gerry Weber Center, Halle/Westfalen, Germany

This gig was performed inside a huge tennis arena in Halle, with 'Manfredd Mann's Earth Band and Friends' again taking the warm-up honours. The setlist was the same as the previous night in Karlsruhe, with the exception that "Junior's Wailing" replaced "Paper Plane" as the first song of the encore.

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9th - Quo concert at Palladium, Köln, Germany

A great set of photos from the gig in Köln can be viewed here.

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12th - Quo concert at Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany

Rick had a working birthday, playing to a crowd of 3000 at Offenbach's Stadthalle on October 12th. The energetic crowd eased his pain with an impromptu rendition of "Happy Birthday to You"! The gig was also the first showing of support act Paul Camilleri, his blues-based material being well received by the Quo crowd.

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14th - Quo concert at Westfalenhalle 3, Dortmund, Germany

The following review comes from a very excited Till Langhorst and was penned shortly after this gig in Dortmund.

"I just came home from the Quo gig in Dortmund. What could I say - excellent, amazing, fantastic or better. The best live band in the world in front of the best audience.

It was like in a time machine right from the start, I thought "I am back in the middle of the 80s". Everybody was clapping and singing right from the start and it got wilder with every song from the same old boring setlist. But in a town like Dortmund, a setlist doesn't matter.

Before I forget there was something new in the set, "Shake Baby Shake" during "Bye Bye Johnny". Sorry Harald Hammer from Austria and me were guilty for that.

Forget the South and East of Germany, forget the South of England - when you want to enjoy the Quo come to Dortmund, Cologne or cities in this area and don't forget the mighty fans from the Netherlands. Let`s Rock!

PS: the venue was totally packed!"

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19th - Quo concert at Forest National, Brussels, Belgium

A determined group of Belgian, Dutch and French fans played a trick on Quo during the Brussels gig - when Francis started singing the second verse of "The Oriental", the group produced an array of Chinese hats, chopsticks, masks and fans! The band were obviously amused by the whole idea. One of the Chinese hats ended up on the drumkit and Francis played "Creepin' Up On You" with a chopstick in his mouth (as did Andy).Photos at

A great set of photos from this gig (including "The Oriental Moment"!) can be viewed here.

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31st - Quo concert at St David's Hall, Cardiff

The first gig on the UK leg of the "XS All Areas" tour was a sold-out affair at St David's Hall in Cardiff. The Welsh-dominated crowd lived up to their reputations as great singers and gave Quo a rousing reception. The setlist was sadly unchanged from recent outings, with a strict 10.30pm curfew limiting the encore to simply "Paper Plane", "Rock 'n' Roll Music", "Carol" and "Bye Bye Johnny".

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