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That was the Quo month that was ... November 1997

1st - "Rockin' All Over The World" on Top of the Pops 2

As part of their "20 Years Ago" feature, BBC2's "Top of the Pops 2" show ran a clip of Quo's appearance on "Top of the Pops" from 3/11/77 when "Rockin' All Over The World" was at number 5 in the charts. The start of all manner of problems between the band members, Alan Lancaster appeared as a dummy due to him being unavailable for the show while in Australia...

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8th - 'Little Egypt' at Hellingly, near Eastbourne

After a long and unpleasant drive in late British Autumnal weather, the sight of the Golden Martlet in the small Sussex village of Hellingly was very welcome. The band arrived with similar feelings about two hours later, their Transit van well laden with band members and kit. Nick and Kieran Rossi, Ian and Duncan were very relaxed about the gig, even playing a few games of pool with us before setting up their equipment as the back room came free following an 18th birthday party. By 9pm the pub was quite busy and a few of the young partygoers decided to hang around to hear some decent live music.

Nick and Keiran rocking the Golden Martlett Little Egypt took stage at 9.30 to a crowd of two expectant Quo fans, some friends and the remainder unfamiliar and largely unstirred. As hard as it must be in these situations, Nick confidently strode forward to kick things off and tried hard to get everyone involved, especially the youngsters. Their tour of Germany certainly seems to have done them a lot of good and they played very tightly indeed, reeling off familiar songs from their debut album, "Eyes of the World", some covers and some of their new material. After 45 minutes, the guys took a half hour break before storming back for almost another hour, including a hard pressed-for encore culminating in the absolutely superbly rendered "Eyes of the World", one of Egypt's strongest and loudest tracks. The live sound was excellent and their new material sounded quite strong, although the best received tracks were the more familiar covers.

An excellent evening of good live music, played to an eventually enthusiastic crowd but always, at least for me, overshadowed by a sense of disappointment both that more Quo fans didn't turn out to support them and that Little Egypt have to do this kind of gig at all, a sad reflection it seems of the state of the UK music industry towards rock bands at the moment.

Set list (those marked with a * are from "Eyes of the World")

Revisit the November 1997 event list