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That was the Quo month that was ... November 2020

12th - Rhino's Revenge release "Super Smashing Great" to support Stagehand's Covid-19 Crew Relief Fund

Rhino's Revenge released a tongue-in-cheek single called "Super Smashing Great" on 12th November.

The PR for the single read: "Rock Out To Help Out! Rhino's Revenge has recorded a new song to raise money for the backbone of the live music industry - the crew - in these extraordinary times. All proceeds from views and sales will go directly to them via the charity Stagehand's Covid-19 Crew Relief Fund. Please support it by forwarding the link to the video to everyone in your contacts books, across all media, social and otherwise. Buy the song now in the Apple Store at Amazon. Spread the word, make a difference and Rock Out To Help Out. Thank you."

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19th - Richie Malone interviewed on The Rock (Dublin)

Richie was interviewed on Dublin's The Rock on 19th November. The interview can be seen here.

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25th - Announcement of postponement of Francis's "I Talk Too Much" 2021 speaking tour

The announcement of the postponement of Francis's "I Talk Too Much" 2021 speaking tour was made in the following press release on 25th November.

"Francis Rossi's forthcoming tour, I Talk Too Much, will now take place in Summer 2021, having been rescheduled from Spring 2021.

A number of the venues had contacted the tour's promoter indicating that, due to current Covid-19 restrictions, they would not be open in the first quarter of next year and would therefore be unable to fulfil the advertised dates.

We are confident that the shows will be able to go ahead in Summer 2021, and all previously booked tickets will be automatically transferred to the new dates.

Please DO NOT contact your local venues regarding the matter; many are closed due to the present lockdown, or operating with reduced staffing. We are in constant contact with venues and their staff and are processing this change for you: YOUR TICKETS WILL BE VALID FOR THE NEW DATES. If you are unable to attend the new Summer 2021 dates then refunds will be available from your point of purchase.

Please note the following exceptions:

St Albans and Leicester have been cancelled, due to a lack of venue availability. Sale, Waterside has been added to the tour. Performances at Stafford, Hastings and Newport are still to be confirmed, as those venues are presently unstaffed and therefore unable to confirm a move to the July/August schedule.

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