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That was the Quo month that was ... November 2013

4th - "Bula Quo" DVD/Blu-ray released

The DVD and Blu-ray versions of the "Bula Quo" movie were released in the UK on 4th November. Both editions had the same content and featured the film, some documentary footage on the making of it, as well as a version of the movie featuring a running commentary from Rick, Francis and Laura Aikman (and this might be the funniest part of all as Rick and Francis feed off each other with one-liners, classic).

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7th - Quo concert at Stadthalle, Chemnitz, Germany

Quo kicked off the "Bula Quo" tour on 7th November with a gig in Chemnitz, Germany. The new setlist for this tour follows.

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7th - Rick and Francis on The Alan Titchmarsh Show (ITV1, UK)

Rick and Francis appeared on the Alan Titchmarsh Show on 7th November. They both looked healthy and smart, clad in suits and wearing poppies. The interview kicked off with "Bula Quo" talk (including a few clips) and Rick said of the movie that it's "the best one we've ever been in"! Then they talked about the soundtrack album before finishing up with a discussion about the touring schedule, very timely as the "Bula Quo" tour in Germany and then the UK was about to start.

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8th - Quo concert at Max Schmelling-Halle, Berlin, Germany

Quo played to a big crowd at the Max Schemling Halle in Berlin on 8th November and the crowd were packed in early for the hour-long set by Uriah Heep, who seemed to go down very well with this audience (although playing out with "Land Of Hope And Glory" was a little bizarre!).

By recent Quo standards, it was a late start at about 9.30 and, as the lights dimmed, the drone was superceded by a short stint of "Bula Bula Quo, Bula Bula Quo, Bula Bula Quo", before the usual drone led us into the opening proceedings. It was a very promising start to with a big four of "Caroline", "Paper Plane", "Hold You Back" and "Rain" before Francis addressed the audience (and attempted some jokes which fell flat).

The inevitable "we've got a new album" line guaranteed a Bula or two and we got "Looking Out for Caroline" and "Go Go Go", the latter of which worked well in a live setting I thought. Incredibly these two unknown songs were followed by "Rock 'n' Roll 'n' You" and "Beginning of the End", two songs also fairly unknown and past their live use by dates. So this was a four-song section of unfamiliar material and a pretty quiet period ensued amongst the big crowd...

More familiar material in the "Proposin'" medley and "Big Fat Mama" won the audience back before two more songs that have questionable credentials remaining in the set after so long, "The Oriental" and "Creepin' Up on You". They couldn't go wrong with their next selection though, with "In the Army Now" receiving a great reception as always in this territory.

It was Leon's time to shine with an excellent drum solo before heading into the closing "big four" of "Roll Over Lay Down", "Down Down", "Whatever You Want" and "Rockin' All Over the World". Francis broke a string during "Down Down" and, after struggling to get solos in tune, he was gifted a new guitar by Lloyd to complete the song like the true pro he is. By the end of "Rockin'", the place was up and buzzing, Quo had done their job once more.

The encore kicked off with "Juniors Wailing" before the usual short stint of "Rock and Roll Music" led us into the closing piece, "Bye Bye Johnny". It was a fairly short "Bye Bye" but the crowd were left on their feet and smiling faces beamed across the vastness of this large arena as the Quo boys left the stage.

In summary, a good performance from the band to a very sizeable modern day audience. Perhaps it's a deliberate decision to distance this incarnation of the band from the Frantic Four, but the setlist is not brilliant, especially the four unknown songs back to back after they kick things off so strongly. A very enjoyable gig for me all the same, great to see a large audience enjoying the band while they still can!

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14th - John Coghlan interview in the Liverpool Tab (UK)

The following interview with John Coghlan appeared in the Liverpool Tab on 14th November. The article was titled "What A Legend: We Talk To John Coghlan" and it was written by Becky Martin.

"Status Quo drummer John Coghlan talks to The Tab as he prepares to come back to Liverpool for a gig. John Coghlan of the legendary Status Quo will be returning to Liverpool, performing in the fittingly iconic Cavern... and we got to speak to him.

Incredibly, John reveals he hasn’t been back since “having played in the original Cavern with Status Quo in the ‘70s.”

John will be joined by Baz Barry, Mick Hughes and Pete Knight, who collectively make John Coghlan’s Quo on Thursday November 28. John confidently revealed together they “re-create the sound of Status Quo.”

Amazingly, John will be using the same “super classic” drum kit he “bought brand new in 1965”,the very same one that featured in Quo’s famous ‘Pictures of Matchstick Men’ Top of the Pops performance. They will perform some of the best classic Quo tracks such as ‘In My Chair’, ‘Down Down’ and ‘Caroline’.

Last year the original Status Quo band members re-united and went on tour for the first time in over 30 years as the Frantic Four. John told The Tab: “We didn’t realise we were so wanted, there were grown people actually crying in the audience…they were so moved by it all.”

For those who missed it, the Frantic Four will be touring next year again for the last time ever, this time expanding into Europe.

With all of this success under his belt, this is what he recommends for budding musicians today: “Go out there and learn, let people see you. Just work hard.”

The Tab even managed to bag an exclusive. John revealed he drove a truck in the 1987 Stanley Kubrick blockbuster “Full Metal Jacket.” He recollects: “I had to hide my hair under my hat…it’s only about ten seconds but you can see it’s me.”

So don’t miss out, see John Coghlan in the Cavern on Thursday November 28."

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