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That was the Quo month that was ... November 2012

7th - Rick article in The Daily Mirror (UK)

The following article, written by Alun Palmer, appeared in the UK's Daily Mirror newspaper on 7th November.

"Rick Parfitt has survived a career of rock and roll excess, drink, drugs and partying.

But the reformed Status Quo legend thought his past and his 20-year cocaine habit, had finally caught up with him when he collapsed with a heart attack.

Speaking for the first time about his brush with death 11 months ago, the 64-year-old says: "I honestly thought I was going to die.

"The pain was excruciating and I thought: ‘This is it’.

"The whole of my upper body seized up with pain. You feel like you have an elephant on your chest.

"I thought, this is it, it’s all going to go black any second."

Parfitt – who had a quadruple heart bypass 15 years ago, had the all clear from throat cancer in 2005 and battled cocaine addiction – was preparing for Quo’s Christmas tour last year when he became ill.

Now fit and healthy, complete with trademark mullet, he is relaxed about his close shave.

He said: "I was talking to a friend and said I’ve got to go I’m not feeling very well.

"I started to buckle up and he said ‘I think you are having a heart attack’.

"They took me straight to Teddington Memorial Hospital. I was writhing in agony but they stabilised me and said I’d had a heart attack.

"It’s horrible to hear that. The doctor said: ‘You’ve been lucky, a little clot went in and caused the heart attack but then it went straight out again.

"'If it had lodged there you’d have been a goner’.”

The next day surgeons inserted a stent in a blocked artery in his heart, opening up the flow of blood.

But to the dismay of his surgeons and wife Lyndsay, he announced he would perform with the band next day in Birmingham.

Parfitt, whose hits include Rockin’ All Over the World, said: "On the day after the op I told them: ‘I have a show to do at the NEC’.

"The surgeon said: ‘You can’t have a heart attack on Thursday, an operation on Friday and go on stage on Saturday, you can’t’.

"I said ‘I have got to do it’.

"My wife and doctor were furious, but I did it.

"The doctor said don’t jump around too much as the stitches might open and you would get some serious bleeding.

"Everyone said don’t be silly, don’t do the show but I said I have got to.

"I went out of the hospital, drove to NEC and did the show. I think it was a great decision.

"The Christmas tour went ahead as normal. To be honest I had felt better, but I wasn’t dead."

The band celebrate their 50th anniversary this year and a new DVD and Blu-ray – Hello Quo – charts their tumultuous history.

The group still tour relentlessly across Europe and Australia for devoted fans. And while his heart attack didn’t slow him down one iota, Parfitt admits age is catching up with him.

His third wife and four-year-old twins Tommy and Lily live in a beautiful villa in the hills above Malaga. But for half the year their dad is on the road.

Now, he feels it may be time to finally slow down. Though he admits that the big money making corporation that is Status Quo might not allow him and bandmate Francis Rossi to ease up in 2012.

But he is asking management to reduce the number of gigs, to spend more time with his family.

He jokes: "I used to go away to work and come home to relax. Now I work at home and go away to relax!

"With two four-year-olds it’s hard work. I don’t know how Lyndsay does it."

Parfitt is keen to quash rumours that there have been difficulties in the marriage with Lyndsay, 52, who he met in 2006.

One report stated they had separated and he was buying a home in London.

"I bought that as a base for working in England but people put two and two together and got five. My home is in Malaga.

"It was the best decision to move to Spain. I will always love England but the politics, weather, traffic and traffic wardens . . .

"We have 333 days of sunshine and the kids are blissfully happy out there. It’s a lovely life."

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8th - Quo concert at Kleine Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany

Quo kicked off the new "Made In Britain" World Tour in Munich on 8th November to a crowd of about 3000 in the Kleine Olympiahalle. Thankfully for the fans, the new tour came with a new setlist, including a new version of the "Proposin'" medley consisting of "What You´re Proposin'", "Down The Dustpipe", "Wild Side Of Life", "Railroad", "Again And Again" and "Big Fat Mama". The full setlist follows.

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9th - Quo concert at Donau Arena, Regensburg, Germany

Quo continued their German tour with a gig in Regensburg on 9th November. The setlist was almost the same as the previous night in Munich, with the welcome difference of "Don't Waste My Time" replacing "Junior's Wailing" in the encore.

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13th - Presale for Frantic Four tour tickets through Quo website/Crowdsurge

The long-awaited Frantic Four 2013 reunion tour was announced on the Quo website via the following short statement: "Status Quo manager Simon Porter said, “People have wanted this announcement to be made for years, and here it is. This is a real moment in the chequered history of Status Quo and it comes after almost 30 years of acrimony, and 10 years of law suits and court battles. Just 2 years ago the thought of the Frantic Four performing again was unthinkable. Now, 50 years on from when Francis and Alan first performed together as schoolboys, it is fitting that everything has come full circle for these unique one-off shows." The first five dates of the tour were available as a pre-sale opportunity through the Quo website (via Crowdsurge) on 13th November:

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13th - Frantic Four appearance at the Classic Rock Awards, The Roundhouse, London

Francis, Rick, Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan attended the Classic Rock Awards on 13th November. Quo's "Live!" album won the coveted Classic Album award and the event was also used to officially launch the Frantic Four 2013 reunion tour. Photos of the four original Quo members at the awards can be seen here.

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14th - "It's Christmas Time" Coles advertisement debuts (Australia)

Building on the success of the Australian Coles advertising campaign using "Down Down", the latest Coles advert to use Quo was aired for the first time on 14 November, with "It's Christmas Time" being used for this pre-Christmas campaign. Quo are featured playing to a Christmas party in a small hall, as we know filmed just outside Bendigo in Victoria in October.

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16th - Frantic Four tour tickets generally on sale

Tickets for the Frantic Four 2013 tour went on general sale on 16th November. The original five dates soon sold out, with a further four dates being added on the day, culminating with a Wembley Arena show. The full tour dates follow.

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17th - Quo concert at Sparkassen Arena, Aurich, Germany

Quo performed in Aurich on 17th November to a good sized crowd, with support from Opus. Some superb professional photos from this show are available here.

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