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That was the Quo month that was ... November 2008

1st - Australian Status Quo convention at Redcliffe RSL, Queensland

A large number of Aussie Quo fans (and some overseas visitors too!) gathered at the Redcliffe RSL on Saturday 1st November for a Quo convention. The day featured all the usual convention fodder, with a well-received live set from Brisbane-based tribute band, Just Quo (featuring Roy Lynes on keyboards), and a video message from Alan Lancaster. Photos of the event can be found here.

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3rd - "Pictures" album released in the UK

Yet another official compilation album, this time entitled "Pictures: 40 Years of Hits", was released on November 3rd. The "40 Years" marks the 40th anniversary of "Pictures of Matchstick Men" and, fittingly for such an important anniversary, the new offering came in four different physical formats (as well as a digital download). According to the promotional materials, "The 'EarBook' release is a lavish 4CD and full colour 120 page Art book that reflects the forthcoming auction/album launch that will be held at the elite auction house Bonhams on 5th November. The book features all the auctioned artworks. The 4CD set contains all 75 UK singles including Quo's forthcoming first ever Christmas single 'It's Christmas Time' and will offer for the first time ever remastered versions all of the original versions of Quo's singles in one package." A basic double CD version offered a selection of 40 singles, while the "Deluxe Edition" provided the same double CD of audio content plus a DVD featuring interesting new interviews with Francis and Rick (by Classic Rock editor, Mick Wall). The final physical offering was a nifty guitar-shaped USB stick, featuring the double CD audion content plus "Quo 'Pictures' screensaver, desktop wallpapers, mpg video footage and a link to exclusive website content."

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3rd - Quo appearance on GMTV (UK)

Quo appeared on what seems to be their favourite UK morning TV show, GMTV, on November 3rd. Francis and Rick were interviewed before a playback performance of "Burning Bridges".

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3rd - Rick article in the Daily Mirror (UK)

The following article appeared in the UK's Daily Mirror newspaper on 3rd November, entitled "Status Quo's Rick Parfitt on the daughter he lost and his new twins".

"Freshly fed, Lily Parfitt falls asleep in her father's arms. A look of joy spreads across the doting dad's face.

"Isn't she wonderful," says Rick Parfitt, as Lily's twin brother Tommy continues feeding with mum Lindsay. "She really is perfect."

High in the hills above Malaga, the Status Quo legend has found a peace and happiness he did not think possible a few years ago.

At the age of 60 he is the very proud father of two adorable five-month-old twins.

But looking at Lily, gently sucking on her thumb, he cannot help but remember the tragedy 28 years ago when his two-year-old daughter Heidi died when she fell into the pool at his old Surrey home.

"It is beautiful to have a daughter again," he says. "You can never replace Heidi but to have a little girl again is a dream for me."

Two months ago, Rick's two sons Harry, 19, and Richard, 33, came for their first visit.

For Rick and his eldest son, who was five when Heidi died, it was a touching moment.

"Richard... his sister died," he says softly, as tears well in Lindsay's eyes. "He spent some time just staring at Lily, sitting there, playing with her. What must have been going through his mind? Just trying to come to terms with having a little sister again.

"Richard found it hard. It must be difficult but he has come to terms with it now."

Perhaps not surprisingly, Rick and Lindsay are fanatical about safety. Soon the babies will be crawling and he wants to make his villa completely child-safe.

He says: "I was part of a campaign some years ago to make swimming pools safe.

Every pool should have a fence around it.

And there are people, me being one of them years ago, who said, 'No, it looks nice. You can't put a fence round, it will look awful'.

"But it does happen and you can't be too careful. We will go to the hilt to protect these babies because you can't keep your eyes on them all the time, you can't.

"As long as we know they are safe and can't get anywhere they shouldn't then we will be able to relax. If we can't we won't ever be able to relax." Lindsay adds: "Spanish homes are not really child-safe. But we are going to make everything completely safe. The pool, everything."

Rick turned 60 a few weeks ago and Lindsay is 47. But he had no qualms about starting a new family. "I was gob smacked to have another child in my life after I thought I had given up on all that," he says.

"But meeting Linds, and her wanting children so badly was a fantastic opportunity to do it again.

"It's the crowning glory of your life.

To come this far and have two grown-up sons and now twins, you couldn't ask for more. I lived the rock'n'roll life for years and I'm pleased to say it's in the past now."

One regret he has is that he was rarely there for his two sons as they grew up.

When he was, he didn't stop his intake of booze and cocaine.

"It is a shame for the boys that they didn't have their dad around. I was on the road so much and when I got home I would maintain life on the road - drinking a lot and doing foreign substances. I honestly don't remember ever changing a nappy. I am really good at it now!" he laughs. After a brief break in Malaga last week, Rick is back on the road with old pal Francis Rossi for Quo's winter tour.

He will spend three months playing 50 gigs in Britain and Europe, coming home three days before Christmas.

It is clear he hates being away from the twins for so long. "They change so quickly I don't want to be away from them," he says. "I'll be away for nearly the same time they have been alive and that's going to be a wrench.

"Even when I have been away for four or five days you can see the difference in them. I will talk to them on the internet and hopefully I will be able to pop back, but I will be away so long."

After more than 90 gigs this year, he wants to scale back next year so he can spend all the time he can with his family.

Leaning back in the glorious Spanish sunshine on a couch by his pool, with an arm draped lovingly around his wife's shoulders, he says: "I am 60 years old and it is time to start enjoying life a bit.

"It's not getting any easier to do a punishing schedule like the one we are about to do. We're working harder at 60 than we were at 30. This year we did 95 shows-and it is too much, mentally and physically.

"Next year I don't want to do as many. Thirty in summer and 30 in winter is fine. I want to be at home with my children."

Lindsay adds: "I don't know how he can sustain the pace, to be honest. When Rick comes home from tour he has to be alone for a day he is so shattered."

The couple are clearly as much in love with each other as they are with Tommy and Lily. Married twice before, Rick met Lindsay two years ago at a gym and asked her out for a coffee.

For their first date he whisked her off by helicopter to see Andre Agassi play an exhibition match. Within months they were engaged then married in Gibraltar.

"I told my Aunt Dot about her and she said later she had never seen me like that before. She knew I was in love."

From the house comes the cry of a small baby and Rick smiles.

"Time for another nappy," he laughs."

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4th - Quo appearance on This Morning (UK)

Quo appeared on the popular UK morning TV show, This Morning, on November 4th. The introduction incorrectly showed the band as selling a less than impressive "18 million records ... worldwide"! Francis and Rick were interviewed by hosts Fern Britton and Philip Schofield, including discussion about the Christmas single and a cringeworthy fake video featuring Fern as Rick (bizarrely faking playing Rhino's headless Status bass!) and Philip as Francis, with Fern wheelchaired off at the end. Francis and Rick took it well though and went on to a live performance of "Rockin' All Over The World". It was good to see Matt back in action and looking well.

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4th - "Rick Parfitt's Rhythm Method" DVD/CD released

"Rick Parfitt's Rhythm Method", a double-DVD, single CD tutorial package featuring his inimitable guitar playing techniques, was released on November 4th. The DVD retails at £29.99 and it can be ordered from Lick Library (where a sample of the DVD content is also available).

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5th - Bonham's auction for the Princes Trust

To mark the fortieth anniversary of their first hit single, ‘Pictures Of Matchstick Men’, and raise money for The Prince’s Trust, Quo hosted a star-studded auction at Bonhams on Wednesday November 5th.

Fifty renowned musicians, artists and stars took up a challenge from The Prince’s Trust and created their own versions of classic Quo single/album covers which were auctioned raising a total of £112,210 for The Trust.

Personalities as diverse as Brian Wilson, Sir Tom Stoppard, Andrew Marr, Alice Cooper, Fiona Phillips, Brian May, Nick Mason, Sir Steve Redgrave, Harry Hill, Chris Tarrant, Rolf Harris, David Shepherd, Chelsea and Liverpool FC and the cast of Coronation Street contributed works. The master of ceremonies was Paul Gambaccini. A classical set of Quo songs was also performed by the 'Fuse' ensemble.

An excellent set of photos of the event, including many of the celebrity guests, is available here.

The following coverage of the event appeared on the BBC online news site on November 6th.

"Rock band Status Quo have helped raise £100,000 at a charity auction held in aid of The Prince's Trust.

The band asked 50 musicians, artists and stars to create their own versions of classic Quo singles and album covers, which were later auctioned.

A version of the Heavy Traffic album cover by wildlife artist David Shepherd fetched more than £17,000.

The band's frontman Francis Rossi said: "It's marvellous because normally these things can go down a damp squib."

TV presenters Fern Britton and Chris Tarrant, playwright Sir Tom Stoppard, Alice Cooper, Brian May, Harry Hill and Rolf Harris all took part, among others.

Chelsea and Liverpool FC and the cast of Coronation Street also donated works.

"The fact that we reached £100,000 is very nice," said Rossi. "The Prince's Trust is for young people that are not articulate or come from a poor background. Nobody gives them a chance. It's such an unusual charity. It's not the kind of charity that most people give to. People are not usually concerned about some young kid from a council estate background."

Bidding initially took place online, but the highest bids were transferred to the Bonhams auction room in London.

The event, which marked the 40th anniversary of Status Quo's first hit Pictures Of Matchstick Men, saw the launch of a new retrospective album entitled Pictures: 40 Years Of Hits.

Status Quo are due to take their tour to Europe on Friday, with a concert in Hanover."

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6th - Quo appearance on the Alan Titchmarsh Show (ITV UK)

Quo appeared on the UK's Alan Tichmarsh Show on November 6th. After a brief interview with Francis and Rick, the band gave a playback performance of "Whatever You Want" (with Rick sporting what looked suspiciously like a pair of pyjama bottoms!).

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7th - Quo concert at VW Halle, Braunschweig, Germany

Quo resumed their 2008 tour following Matt's recovery with a show to about 6000 fans in Braunschweig, Germany. Matt showed no signs of tiredness and photos from this gig are available here and here.

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8th - Quo concert at Palladium, Köln, Germany

Quo played to a sell-out crowd of 4000 at the Palladium in Köln on November 8th. Photos of the band in action can be found here.

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9th - Quo concert at Tempodrom, Berlin, Germany

Quo played to another sell-out crowd (of 3500) at the Tempodrom in Berlin on November 9th. Photos of the band in action can be found here.

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11th - Quo concert at Stadthalle, Rostock, Germany

Quo continued their romp through Germany with a show in Rostock on November 11th. Photos of the band in action can be found here.

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11th - Francis and Rick interviewed on The Steve Wright Show (BBC Radio 2, UK)

Francis and Rick appeared on Radio 2's Steve Wright Show on November 11th for an interview with the popular presenter. The 18-minute session included the usual interview fodder along with "Rockin' All Over The World" and "Whatever You Want".

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12th - Quo concert at Kulturpalast, Dresden, Germany

Quo played to a large crowd in Dresden on November 12th. Photos of the band in action can be found here.

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14th - Quo concert at Stadthalle, Biberach, Germany

Quo played to a large crowd in historic Biberach on November 14th. Photos of the band in action can be found here.

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15th - Francis interview on South Wales GTFM Rock Show

Francis appeared on the GTFM Rock Show on November 15th to give a lengthy interview. Topics included the new tour, the outdoor Summer shows, the "In Search of the Fourth Chord" album (and Pip Williams as producer), "Down Down" as number 1, the Christmas single, Quo's longevity and plans for 2009. The show also played the following Quo songs during the half-hour or so Quo slot: "Roll Over Lay Down", "Beginning of the End", "Down Down", "It's Christmas Time", "Whatever You Want" and "Rockin' All Over The World".

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18th - Quo concert at Zenith De Rouen, Rouen, France

With their third concert in France on this tour, Quo played in Rouen on November 18th. Photos of the band in action can be found here.

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18th - Article about Francis Rossi's new house on

The following article about Francis's new house appeared on on November 18th, entitled "Status Quo singer gets eco-home".

"FRANCIS ROSSI has splashed out on an environmentally-friendly state-of-the-art home after he said he was concerned about his carbon footprint.

The Status Quo lead guitarist has put his 10-bedroom mansion in Croydon on the market for £3.5million and is set to move a mile away into his new eco-house.

The 59-year-old father of eight, has lived with second wife Eileen on the sprawling two-and-a-half acre estate - which has a heated indoor swimming pool and music studio - for the past 30 years.

Rossi's estate agent Jeremy Way, of Hirch, Way and Amber estate agents in Purley, south London, confirmed today that the rocker's home was on the market. He said: "Mr Rossi is moving into an all-singing, all-dancing state-of-the-art new home. He is very conscious of environmental issues and is moving to a house with a much better environmental rating."

Rossi's neighbour Graham Hendry, 45, said: "I know he's just moving down the road, but it was great to say that a member of the Quo lived next door. "He is a great guy and was our own in-house celebrity. I'll be sad to see him go."

A spokesman for Mr Rossi said: "We will not comment on Mr Rossi's personal life as we like to keep it as private as possible."

Rossi, who formed the legendary rock band in 1967 and has sold 188million records worldwide, recently made the headlines after imposter Graham Tumber tricked Dover Council into believing he was the Status Quo frontman.

The 56-year-old builder from Kent promised a councillor that the band would play a free concert at the port and he was given VIP treatment for a year, despite looking nothing like the singer.

The real Francis Rossi laughed the incident off and said: "We want him to come to one of our shows to have a picture of him. He has so much front. "To fool so many people in a town like Dover is pretty impressive."

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21st - Francis interview in the Financial Times (UK)

The following interview with Francis appeared in the "Q+A" section of the UK's Financial Times newspaper on November 21st, entitled "Here he goes, still rockin' all over the world" and written by Natalie Graham.

"Francis Rossi, 59, was four when he first had music lessons. He left school at 15 having already formed a rock group. He started work as an entertainer at Butlins, where he met Rick Parfitt, who joined the band in 1967.

Since then, they have recorded 63 hit singles. The latest Status Quo album, Pictures: 40 Years of Hits, was released on November 3 and the band is touring the UK in December.

Rossi is married with three sons and a daughter. He also has three sons from his first marriage, and a 24-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Q: Did you think you would get to where you are?

A: No, I did not think groups in the 1960s would last. At 19, I thought we would be lucky if we were still around at 30. I earn more now than I did in the 1970s. I never thought I would be on a seven-figure income at 59.

Q: When you realised that you had made your first million were you tempted to slow down?

A: We started to make serious money around 1975. We were earning so fast you could not keep track of it. I would have been 26 when the first million went by. Everyone said we would end up broke within a few years. We kept our overheads down. That's why we stopped performing in the US. If we had really cracked the US, we probably would have killed ourselves on excesses.

Q: What is the secret of your success?

A: I don't know. I like being in front of people on the stage. The music is fairly simple, but the physical effort and energy required is immense.

Q: Do you want to carry on till you drop?

A: I want to carry on but I don't like the idea of dropping. I have increased my workload over the next year, and I'm working very hard in the studio. I could never stop working. Music is who I am.

Q: What was your most prudent investment?

A: Probably the home we have just left in Purley, which had 11 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms and a studio, set in several acres. I bought it outright in 1974 for £50,000, which everyone thought was a ridiculous amount. We have just sold it for a few million. Now I'm pushing 60, I wanted to downsize. We've moved into a brand new house, with seven bedrooms and an acre of garden - a postage stamp compared with our old home.

Q: Have you had time for personal financial planning?

A: My brother Dominic looks after everything. He has been my accountant for about 10 years. I also have a financial adviser. For most of our rock career, we've had duff advice. I know we lost more than £6m between 1979 and 1983.

Q: Have you made any pension provision?

A: I took out quite a few in my 20s but they all went pearshaped. My financial adviser forced me to start another one three years ago with a lump sum. I certainly don't think about drawing it. I want to keep going. To me, pensions are the biggest con we've ever been sold.

Q: Do you allow yourself the odd indulgence?

A: I have got over the indulgences of my youth, like Porsches. I've had my BMW 750 for 13 years, with 35,000 miles on the clock, but I don't want a new one. I love dining out in Japanese restaurants and eating sushi.

Q: Picasso or Art Deco as an investment?

A: Neither, but I do have some investment property. I also have more than 50 guitars. I had a guitar engraved with my name, made by the late Tony Zematiss. I paid £250 for it in 1980, and sold it in the mid-90s for £4,000. Four months later, one of my crew saw it on the internet for $45,000.

Q: What steps have you taken in terms of planning to pass on your wealth?

A: I have only made a basic will. A number of my songs, like my first big hit "Matchstick Men", go into public domain after 2018, so my children will not get these royalties. The children will inherit my guitars. The main guitar I use, I bought in 1968 for £75. People say it's worth £250,000.

Q: What is the most you have ever paid for a bottle of fine wine or champagne?

A: Nothing at all. I have never liked the taste of alcohol."

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24th - Francis interview in the Express & Star newspaper

The following interview with Francis appeared in the UK's Express & Star newspaper on November 24th, entitled "Why Quo are ready for some festive ham" and written by Ian Harvey.

"Freddie’s Sandwich Bar, how may I help you?"

The voice on the phone is instantly recognisable. I know it’s not ‘Freddie’ but I play along anyway: “Hello Freddie, I’d like the special please.”

“We don’t have specials sir, you’re obviously not a frequent customer are you?” replies Francis Rossi, guitarist and singer with legendary British rockers Status Quo.

Well, actually I have been a been a very frequent customer of the Quo - from teenage headbanging at school discos in the 70s to my first Quo gig experience at Chester’s ice rink, then the Prince’s Trust concert at the NEC in 1982, the “farewell” gig in Milton Keynes in 1984 and the “one-off” reformation to open Live Aid the next year, and then the comeback and a Midlands gig every few years as the Quo just go on and on.

Status Quo, as ever, are in the middle of yet another tour and Rossi is waiting for the sound check at a venue in Rouen, France, as I thank him for taking the time for a chat.

“Don’t worry, I love it. I love talking about me!” he says.

“In this job you hear people saying ‘I don’t like talking about me’ and you think ‘You liar’!

“How can you be in this business and not like talking about yourself? You stand on a stage with a little bit of knowledge of an instrument and you say ‘Look at me everyone, I’m great’.”

Our chat is to tie in with Quo’s annual Christmas tour, which takes in Birmingham’s LG Arena on December 22, plus the release of yet another greatest hits album, Pictures, and to talk about Status Quo’s first ever Christmas single, It’s Christmas Time, which is released on December 1 and which marks an incredible 75 UK singles for the band.

Written by Quo’s Rick Parfitt, it’s a typical Quo-lite chugger, infectiously catchy and filled with chiming bells and references to snow and mistletoe.

It’s not the only single out with a Quo link either, with a rock-dance reworking of Whatever You Like - called Jump That Rock - released by Quo and German techno outfit Scooter.

I tell Rossi I can hardly believe Quo haven’t jumped on the Christmas single bandwagon before.

“Neither can I,” he replies, before admitting: “When Rick brought it in I was really reluctant about the idea of it.”

But then he adds: “As much as I think it’s hammy or corny, whatever I want to say about it, it’s a blinding little record and if you’re going to do a Christmas record you’d better make it hammy. You can’t get cool about a Christmas record - it’s got to have every cliché in the book. That’s what Christmas is all about.”

So do you think you’ll beat Sir Cliff this year?

“Sirc, we call him Sirc - we don’t get to call him Sir Cliff. Because of the Scooter single as well, people think that might get to number one, and they think the Christmas record might get to number one.

“But each time they think something might get to number one, the Christmas number one will be whatever Simon Cowell’s thing comes out with on Christmas week. But if we’re lucky we might get the week before.

“The fact that people are talking like that about us, about a band that has been around that long - that we could have two hit singles between now and Christmas and have a very big album going at the moment, it’s just . . . wow! I think someone’s going to turn round and go ‘Got ya!’

“People ask me, what do you want on your gravestone and I want ‘I’ve been getting away with it all my life”.

The new Pictures album celebrates 40 years of Quo hits, starting with Pictures Of Matchstick Men back in 1968. It’s a bit confusing mathematically though as I remember seeing Quo on their 20th anniversary tour which was in 1982.

“We had a manager at the time who was very much ‘Any old anniversary will do’,” Rossi explains.

“The first anniversary was from ‘62 when the band was formed but then there was the anniversary of when we met Rick which was ‘65, then there was the anniversary of when Rick actually joined and then there was the 40th anniversary of when there were hits, which was Matchstick Men.

“The anniversary is 1962 really, that was when the band was formed.”

And does it feel like 46 years since then?

“It’s like everything, sometimes you think that’s fine, sometimes you think, Jesus a lot’s gone by. I get that all the time. You get older and suddenly time goes faster. Your heart rate slows down compared to what it does when we’re little, which is why we thought the summers always went on forever . . . no they didn’t, your heart was racing.”

To tie in with the Pictures album release and to raise money for The Prince’s Trust, Quo hosted a star-studded auction at Bonhams this month which saw 50 renowned musicians, artists and stars create their own versions of classic Quo single and album covers which were auctioned for a whopping £112,210.

The designs were from a diverse mix of personalities including the current Quo line-up plus Brian Wilson, Sir Tom Stoppard, Andrew Marr, Alice Cooper, Fiona Phillips, Brian May, Nick Mason, Sir Steve Redgrave, Harry Hill, Chris Tarrant, Rolf Harris, David Shepherd, Chelsea and Liverpool FC and the cast of Coronation Street. You can check out all the designs here.

“I was immensely pleased with it,” says Rossi.

“Our manager mentioned it to me. He said we’re doing another (greatest hits) album and I thought, oh no not another. They’ve been doing it to Elvis Presley, so you could be getting Status Quo albums for another 40 years! That’s a worry, innit?

“It went extremely well on the night. Some of the things were brilliant.”

Rossi was particularly taken with the treatment of the album Heavy Traffic by renowned wildlife artist David Shepherd, which shows a magnificent elephant charging at the viewer.

“That’s phenomenal,” he says. “They were such lovely people, the Shepherd family. I don’t think I’ve ever taken to anybody like that for a long, long time.

“We raised money for old Chas. I would have thought they’d have fixed his truss by now but we have to keep raising money for the Prince’s Truss!”

After apologising for his “useless joke”, Francis adds: “Prince Charlie’s charity is a bit different from the run of the mill charities, I think.

“Most charities have heartstrings attached to them but this is just kids that can perhaps go from poorer backgrounds and underprivileged backgrounds so that they may have a go at something, and I think that’s commendable.”

And did you fancy bidding for any of the items yourself?

“I wanted the entire set!”

What of Rossi’s own effort, a picture of three matchstick men with guitars?

“I’d have done anything to get out of that. I didn’t want to do that and I got some help. I was going to do Whatever You Want and just do a question mark. That would have been fantastic!

“The one I didn’t like was Harry Hill’s . . . there’s something very weird about that one, me and Rick in a pair of blue Y-fronts.”

Moving swiftly away from Quo’s Y-fronts, but keeping on the subject of The Prince’s Trust, we chat about the 1982 charity concert at Birmingham NEC which was attended by Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

“Yeah, that was a goody, but that was a bit weird. We’ve always had a great response from our audience but he went down better than we did and he didn’t do anything, he just walked in the room!

“It’s because he looks like the FA Cup, they thought they’d won something. Oh, I shouldn’t say that about Charlie, cause I look that myself and I think one of my boys does.”

Rossi has happy memories of playing Midlands venues and hails the NEC Arena (now the LG Arena) as the best rock venue in Britain.

“I remember doing Wolverhampton Civic a lot many years ago but my main thing is that the NEC is the best gig that we’ve got in England. They keep building new ones but none of them quite come up to Birmingham in the terms of when you stand on that stage, how it looks to the people and how we see the people. It is the best venue in England and we’ve always had a very strong following round there.

“I also remember playing Birmingham Odeon once with Gene Pitney and there was a slope on the stage, it leans to the front and (former Quo bassist) Alan Lancaster fell over and rather than get up and feel silly he stayed on the floor and wriggled about for a while. He developed from that point onwards that if he made a mistake on the stage he’d do it again.”

I ask Francis how he finds the energy to tour and record virtually non-stop after all this time.

“I look after myself and I like it,” he says “I go to the gym a lot. I started going to the gym about 10 years ago.

“I call myself a ‘gym gallon’. A gallon is one of those people that talks so much that you’d rather pour petrol over yourself and set fire to yourself than talk to them any longer, and I’m a bit of a gym gallon talking about gyms and exercise. I like the focus of going to the gym it gets me up every day.”

What about Rick Parfitt’s health scares of recent years? Parfitt had a quadruple heart bypass in 1997, then three years ago it was announced he was to undergo tests for suspected throat cancer but luckily the growths were found to be to be benign.

That must have been a frightening time for Rossi and the band, I suggest.

“No. I knew he was going to pull through. I know Rick. People said I was being a bit blasé and a bit cold but I said ‘No, I know Rick, I’d probably know if he was going to peg it.’ I knew Rick was going to be fine.”

He adds: “Everyone I know and Rick knows that has had this triple or quadruple heart bypass is on all sorts of medication, but Rick’s not on any. We’re thinking ‘It’s a wind-up, you’ve had a look in there and there’s nothing wrong.’

“He’s got the constitution of an ox, he had a glass of wine in his hand anyway when he came round!”

Then as suddenly as the conversation started it’s over.

“I’m sorry,” says Rossi, “I’ve got to go. It’s soundcheck, I should be on the stage.”

Another night, another gig, rockin’ all over the world."

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29th - Just Quo gig at Goodna RSL, Queensland, Australia

Queensland tribute outfit "Just Quo" wooed a large crowd at the Goodna RSL on November 29th and photos of the band banging out the Quo can be found here.

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