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That was the Quo month that was ... November 2005

1st - Quo concert at Corn Exchange, Cambridge

Ably supported by Morris, Quo performed at their usual Cambridge haunt, the Corn Exchange, on November 1st. Some photos from the gig can be found here.

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3rd - Quo concert at City Hall, Newcastle

The following review of Quo's gig at Newcastle City Hall - titled "Quo rockin' all over the Toon" and written by Thomas Bagnall - appeared in The Evening Chronicle (and was reproduced on the ICNewcastle web site).

"Quo fans got whatever they wanted when the band returned to the Toon last night.

When I reviewed McFly, I thought I had witnessed the epitome of musical devotion, but how wrong I was.

Status Quo fans take loyalty to a completely new level, so much so, that a new word is needed to really capture their utter dedication to the Quo cause. I've come up with `double-plus-devotion'.

They were bashing out variations on 12 bar blues years before I was born, and they'll still be doing it years after I'm dead!

Well, not quite that long, but this tour celebrates their 40th anniversary, and that's a long time in anyone's book. Forty years, playing the same three chords, some may say!

Those three chords have served them well though, as last night's show proved. As the lights go down, a man behind me shouts, "Come on the Quo, yes!" Then the curtain falls, everyone screams and the rockin' begins.

Rocking All Over The World, the stage looked like a 1980s Top Of The Pops set, complete with the kind of speakers that sent Marty flying in Back To The Future.

They play all the ones you'd expect them to play, plus album tracks to "keep the hardcore fans happy" as Francis Rossi puts it. He's got a good line in amusing onstage patter, which detracts from the fact he may be wearing exactly the same clothes he had on at Live Aid (the first one).

Admittedly, Status Quo are not my cup of tea, but as a live band, they're polished, crowd pleasing and fun to watch.

Even better than that, I went home happy, because this gig crossed off two things on my list of things to see before I die - that thing where they stand side by side and swing their guitars in time to the music, and a drum solo. That means Status Quo will always have a place in my heart. The Quo - I salute you,

Certainly not a case of Down Down with the Quo!"

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3rd - Francis interview in The Independent (UK)

The following interview with Francis appeared in the UK Independent newspaper on November 3rd.

"Status Quo members Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt have just made a cameo appearance in the longstanding ITV soap opera Coronation Street. The band's DVD "The Party Ain't Over Yet...40 years of Status Quo" is released on Monday.

Q. Our success has...

A. Always been a surprise since the word go. We broke first in 1968; I thought we'd be the last to succeed, but if we did, we wanted at least to continue. Whe worst thing we could say is that we were a one-hit wonder. We wanted to do this thing for a career. I didn't want to become an estate agent. We're entertainers. Practice makes better. I can still get better now, but never will be perfect.

Q. The music industry is...

A. Based 95% on bullshit and the other 5% is a bit iffy anyway.

Q. If I wasn't talking to you right now.

A. In a car on my way home. I'm not good at these things.

Q. One of my current projects is...

A. Learning to speak Italian properly. All my family are Italians. I worked with a famous Italian singer, but she couldn't understand a word I said. My Grandma used to called me "white blood".

Q. A phrase I use far too often is...

A. "**** that". I read a book called "Conversations With God" and it levelled me out considerably. There's no such thing as a bad word. My wife says "fudge", but she means "**** it".

Q. I wish people would take more notice of...

A. The way the whole Live 8 thing came up. If we really believe to help the Third World, then when our country goes to election see which [party] runs with the issue of Third World debt. What happens is, they'll say "but it'll mess up our economy", so everone thinks, "shit, my mortgage".

Q. The most surprising thing that ever happened to me was...

A. That I became successful although it was always a fixation in my mind. I realised when I dropped out of school at 12 that there was no alternative for me.

Q. The ideal night out is..

A. Staying at home. The run-of-the-mill thing of being home, doing the normal stuff. I watch the television series "The West Wing" and "The Sopranos".

Q. I'm very good at...

A. Table football.

Q. In moments of weakness I...

A. Probably eat too much of something. My wife does fried green peppers in a baguette with olive oil. I love them. I have two or three and if I have three they play up all day long.

Q. The best age is...

A. Late 30's because you still look quite young and your brain's beginning to wake up. You have more and more opinions, rather than programmed responses to everything. So much of what we all are is programmed responses.

Q. I'm very bad at...

A. Being an actor or guitarist. The sign on my gravestone would be "I've been getting away with it all my life."

Q. In a nutshell, my philosophy is this:...

A. Live and let live. It sums things up. We shouldn't judge what someone is and shouldn't be."

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4th - Quo concert at City Hall, Hull

An excellent set of photos from the gig in Hull on November 4th is available here.

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4th - John Coghlan with The King Earl Boogie Band at Carnglaze Caverns, Cornwall

John Coghlan made his first appearance as part of the King Earl Boogie Band when he played with them on November 4th in the amazing confines of the Carnglaze Caverns in Cornwall. A set of excellent photos from the gig (including a few of John smiling!) are available here.

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7th - "The Party Ain't Over Yet" double DVD released

The long-awaited double DVD to accompany the "The Party Ain't Over Yet" album finally shipped on November 7th. Nicely packaged (though a booklet was noticeably absent), the two DVD set offers a large amount of previously unseen footage and masses of new interview material.

A complete DVD is dedicated to interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, something of a treat for the diehard fans who've waited so long for this sort of material. Interviews with all band members plus producer Mike Paxman, manager Simon Porter and "fifth member" Bob Young litter this DVD, taken at the studio, prior to the Guilfest Festival and at various homes. Much of the DVD covers studio time during "The Party Ain't Over Yet" recording sessions and this material is simply fascinating. It is interesting to note the very positive and upbeat attitudes of all concerned and the band appear to be genuinely enjoying themselves. Moreover, there is a huge sense of pride from everyone involved about what the band has and is still achieving.

The other DVD is more the expected fare - a combination of archive performances, some out-takes and extensive coverage of the recent Coronation Street appearances. The archive performance selection is extensive and well-chosen - it comprises

The out-takes are all from the interviews for this DVD set, including backstage at Guilfest, studio and home (including some hilarious stuff at Francis's house related to cheese sandwiches!). The Coronation Street feature is an in-depth documentary of the lead up to and filming of Quo's appearances in the show. There is also excellent coverage of the filming of the "The Party Ain't Over Yet" single video.

This is the DVD set that fans have been waiting for, containing a good variety of material, much of it previously unseen and also presenting Quo in a very positive way. Great work!

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10th - Quo concert for Avo Cigars at Basel, Switzerland

Quo performed a one-off gig in Basel, Switzerland, for the cigar company Avo on November 10th. The gig was filmed and is to be broadcast on Swiss television on New Year's Eve 2005. Photos of the gig are available here and the setlist follows.

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11th - Quo concert at Sporthalle Oberwerth, Koblenz, Germany

Photos from this well-attended gig in Koblenz are available here.

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12th - Quo concert at Paaspop Festival, Schijndel, Holland

November 12th saw Quo performing a sell-out show at Shijndel for the Paaspop festival. Quo headlined, with support slots being filled by Manfred Mann's Earth Band & Ten Years After. The uncharacteristically hot weather caused Quo to cull the new medley from their encore set.

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12th - 40th Anniversary Quo Convention held in Melbourne, Australia

To celebrate Quo's 40th anniversary, a convention was held at The Dingley International Hotel near Melbourne on November 12th. The event was attended by over thirty fans and was topped off by an amazing live performance from newly-formed Quo cover band, Piledriver.

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18th - Quo appearance at BBC Children In Need launch

The launch of the 2005 BBC 'Children in Need' appeal took place at RAF Brize Norton, in Oxfordshire, on November 18th. Quo performed at the event and other artists included Girls Aloud, Jamie Cullum, Tony Christie, Duallers, FellCity Girl, Belarus, TNT Soul Explosion, and the RAF Station Commanders Band.

Quo mimed performances of "Caroline", "The Party Ain't Over Yet", and "Rockin' All Over The World" but only the latter was broadcast live on BBC TV. Following their performance, Quo were helicoptered to Oxford for their gig at the New Theatre.

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18th - Quo concert at New Theatre, Oxford

Due to Quo's commitment to play at the Children in Need launch, support act Paul Camilleri played for an extra 15 minutes before the usual Quo set. Some excellent photos from the first of two sell-out nights at Oxford's New Theatre are available here.

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22nd - Quo appearance on The Des & Mel Show (UK ITV1)

Quo made their second appearance on The Des & Mel Show on November 22nd. Rick and Francis gave a nine minute interview (covering such diverse topics as the making of the 'The Party Ain't Over Yet' video, the recent Coronation Street appearances, Rick's heart condition, and their kids) before a mimed performance of 'The Party Ain't Over Yet'.

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27th - Quo concert at Southport Theatre

Photos from Quo's gig at Southport can be found here.

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undated - Quo win "Best Festival Feel-Good Act"

Quo headed off strong competition from Ian Brown and The Proclaimers to take first place in the Virtual Festivals "Best Festival Feel-Good Act" category for 2005. On winning the category, Francis said We would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to vote for us. We are really chuffed to win this particularly category and its fantastic to know that fans out front are enjoying themselves as much as we are on stage.

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