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That was the Quo month that was ... November 2002

11th - Quo article in The Daily Telegraph

The following article, entitled "Status Quo sued over 1M 'unpaid royalties'", appeared in The Daily Telegraph on November 11.

Status Quo are being sued over alleged unpaid royalties worth an estimated 1 million.

Alan Lancaster and John Coghlan, who left the group in the 1980s, claim that they are owed money by band members Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt.

Rossi and Parfitt's management company, Handle Artists Management, and their record firm, Sanctuary Records, have also been issued with writs.

Lancaster and Coghlan claim that their rights have been infringed by editing of the band's material for advertisements. They also say that they were not consulted or paid when the rights for the original Status Quo catalogue were sold to Mercury records."

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17th - Quo concert at Leicester De Montfort Hall

A review of the Leicester gig may be found by clicking here (warning: 250Kb image download).

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28th - Quo concert at Bridlington Spa

The following review comes from Jason Hodgson.

Was at Bridlington last night and can I just say: WHAT AN ABSOLUTELY BLOODY BRILLIANT MARVELLOUS HARDCORE GIG!

It really was like going back in time. This was how Quo gigs used to be. I was beginning to think I'd never again experience the joy of a Quo audience up for a fantastic time. The entire place was bouncing, the crowd noise was absolutely deafening, people were up on shoulders and the "pit" extended back at least a dozen rows. Fanbloodytastic.

I don't think I've seen a crowd as up for it since Blackpool '94 and feared I would never experience a gig of that intensity again. Things really have been going downhill, crowd-wise, for the last 7 or 8 years and I was at York a couple of weeks ago and it was a disgrace. Sure the band were great that night, but I took along a friend who'd never seen them before and frankly I was embarrassed at the lack of interest shown by the audience. I'm one of those of the opinion that if you don't wanna look in the slightest bit entertained then f**k off to the back and let those who do wanna enjoy it get together down the front (frank speaking I know but everyone has an extreme opinion on this subject and that's mine - there's no point anyone starting an argument with me about it cos no-one will win it).

And... we got "Batman"!!!! A full, 2 minute-plus Batman. Francis was trying to sing "Bye Bye Johnny" but the crowd weren't having it. I've never heard a crowd as loud as that, so insistent that Rick just had to come in with the Batman riff and wouldn't let go of it until the whole band had joined in for a couple of minutes.

Pure joy and a gig that's gone down in legend in my book. Intense, enthusiastic, boiling hot, physical, LOUD, and joyous. My most joyous gig occasion since SilverGinger 5 sold out the London Astoria without having even released a record. Magic. Triumphant.

In case you're wondering, I enjoyed last night. As a hardened gig veteran I didn't think it would ever happen again that a Quo crowd would make that much positive difference to a gig. Bridlington has always been known as the "hardcore" gig but last night it more than lived up to its legend. As soon as they came on you could see from the looks on their faces and their sideways glances that they knew it was going to be something special. And to me, Brid would be the perfect venue to get the next live album recorded - you won't beat that for atmosphere.

Please, someone tell me they bootlegged it!

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