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That was the Quo month that was ... May 2008

6th - Quo article in Classic Rock magazine (UK)

The following article, entitled "Parfitt and Rossi vs. Alan Lancaster" by Geoff Barton, appeared in the UK's Classic Rock magazine on 6th May.

"Veteran rockers Status Quo prevailed in the Court of Appeal in the lastest episode of their long battle with former band member Alan Lancaster.

Quo successfully knocked out Lancaster's deferred claim to royalties from old Pye recordings after an initial High Court ruling.

The original claim to royalties was brought many years after Lancaster's retirement and departure from Status Quo.

However, in a surprising ruling made last September, Deputy Judge Hazel Marshall QC interpreted that retirement from a group accompanied by a substantial buy-out as allowing the retiree to retain royalties from some records made while in the group.

The interpretation was a blow to band members Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi, but the judgment was short-lived by being robustly set aside by the Court of Appeal.

Nick Kanaar, Parfitt and Rossi's legal representative, commented: “The original decision was somewhat unexpected. The Court of Appeal saw no reason for such an ongoing right where a band member received a substantial sum on a clean-break retirement. There is logic in the law.”

He further added: “My clients have battled with this claim for a prolonged period. This is a complete triumph for them."

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10th - Francis interview in The Sunday Telegraph (UK)

The following interview with Francis appeared in the "My Perfect Weekend" section of The Sunday Telegraph newspaper on May 10th.

"Bond movies and builder’s tea are pure rock ’n’ roll for Status Quo’s Francis Rossi

I still get that Friday feeling. Remember the ad, "Put a Crunchie in the fridge for Friday"? That's what I like to do. It gets the weekend off to a good start. And the best place to eat it is at home in Purley, south London.

On Saturday morning, instead of doing exercises, I go straight downstairs and have a cup of tea. The housekeeper has got me drinking it really strong. It's like builder's tea, but I find it relaxing. Then one of my boys pops out to get my three newspapers and I settle in the conservatory to do the puzzles and the concise crosswords (not the cryptics).

If it's a reasonable afternoon, I go into the garden to do some trimming. Anything that takes my mind away from music and what we call "life". I like to fit in my swimming every day. Our pool is built for doing laps, not messing about.

Then I'll think: "What are we going to eat this evening?" I like to know in advance, so that I can look forward to it. We always eat at 6.30pm because it fits in with my studio time and we always sit down together and eat around the table. I have eight children. The four youngest live with me and my second wife, Eileen, and the older ones often join us.

My wife usually cooks, but sometimes I do. I make an Italian dish with cannellini beans. It's kind of addictive. And I love pasta. We lived on it when I was young because it was cheap and my Italian grandmother was tight-fisted. When my brother and his wife join us, he sometimes cooks, too, and I pick basil, fresh from the garden. Squisito.

Somehow we have acquired three kitchens, but the room we eat in is the utility room. Three years ago we had the real kitchen refitted, but we haven't been back in there yet. I prefer this room because it's bigger. The kids invite friends and there are usually extras; sometimes it's like the League of Nations around the table. Even if there's bitching and bickering going on, I love it. It's that family thing.

Sunday still has that "it's Monday tomorrow" feeling that I remember from childhood. Often we all go out into the garden. There are a couple of acres, designed as a formal Italian garden, and even though we have a gardener, there's always something to do. Four or five mowers will be going and there will be kids in the trees and the bushes.

We'll go inside for an easy meal, then at around 7.30pm we'll all walk around the garden with the dogs to check if it's edged up and swept.

I am the fourth person to have lived here. Whoever planted this garden knew that he would never see it come to fruition; someone else was going to reap the benefit. That someone turned out to be me, and it's taught me something. As we get older, we want to leave something behind. Before I kick the bucket, I'd like to knock down this house and build an eco-friendly one with a basement.

Seven nights a week I go to the music room to practise on the guitar for a couple of hours. Eileen, who plays more musical instruments than I do, comes and sits with me. The little ones join us, too. They are learning to play guitar, piano, clarinet and drums.

I watch the television - a Bond movie is good - while I'm playing, so there's a terrible racket, but Eileen often manages to nod off. I need to practise and I enjoy it. I think my playing has improved, particularly in the past three years.

Being here doing stuff with the family is what it's all about. I always feel a little out of place with other rock 'n' roll stars. Maybe lots of people feel that way, I don't know, but I'm a Gemini and my other side says: "Don't ever try to push me out."

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24th - Quo concert at "Burns Rock At The Racecourse" festival, Ayr Racecourse, Scotland

Quo performed their first live show of 2008 on May 24th by headlining the "Burns Rock At The Racecourse" festival held at Ayr Racecourse. Whilst there was some controversy over a non-Scottish act headlining the festival, Quo would receive a warm welcome from the 8000-strong crowd. Support bands were rock 'n' roll act Lunar (runners-up in a competition for the support acts for the festival), Celtic Spirits (complete with bagpipes and drums) and White Ace (winners of the same competition). Special guest act was "From the Jam", featuring 2 original members of The Jam (the bass player and the drummer), before Quo hit the stage.

Francis was clearly uncomfortably cold from the start, wearing a hoodie rather than the more familiar Rossi waistcoat for the entire show! It didn't seem to matter though as Quo banged out a revised set to the delight of the hardcore Quo fans as well as the casual majority. The setlist was as follows.

With "Don't Drive My Car" coming back into the set after a lengthy break, it wasn't too surprising that Matt made a meal of the ending (in fact, not ending the song when he should have) so the band carried on with another verse, largely unnoticed by most of the crowd - until Francis owned up to their mistake after the song!

Photos of the band in action at Ayr can be found here, here and here.

An after-show VIP party was held at Wellington Square, Ayr, in the Festival Club Spiegeltent and featured a live performance by Rick Parfitt Jnr. Photos of Rick P Jnr in action can be found here.

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24th - Just Quo gig at Caboolture Sports Club, Queensland, Australia

The latest Quo tribute in sunny Queensland played a well-attended show at the Caboolture Sports Club on May 24th. They banged out two long sets (of 70 and 80 minutes respectively) to an encouragable crowd. The setlists were as follows.

Set one

Set two


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25th - The Parfitt twins arrive!

As per the official Quo web site, "Twins Tommy Oswald and Lily Rose were born to Rick and Lyndsay, on 26th May 2008, in Spain. These two young Parfitts will be a half brother and half sister for Richard and Harry!"

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29th - Quo concert at Jahrhunderthalle, Bochum, Germany

Quo played their first show in Germany this year to a 1500-strong audience in Bochum on May 29th. The setlist was similar to Ayr, with the entire show lasting just 85 minutes.

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30th - Quo concert at Alempop Festival, Alem, Netherlands

Quo continued their crazy mini European tour by an overnight trip from Germany into the Netherlands to headline the Alempop Festival on May 30th. Other acts on the day's bill included Manfredd Mann's Earth Band and Wishbone Ash and some excellent official photographs from the day are available here. There are also some great fan photos available here.

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31st - Quo concert at Festhalle Rüegerholz, Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Country number three in as many days and Quo hit hot Switzerland on May 31st, playing a large show at Frauenfeld. Supported by The Hills, Aussie rockers Airbourne and finally Chris Thompson (ex-Manfredd Mann's Earth Band), Quo took the stage at 10.30pm and played a similar set, albeit with a few songs moved around, an excellent drum solo from Matt, the first encore song being "Juniors wailing" and dropping "Burning Bridges" at the end of the basic set.

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