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That was the Quo month that was ... May 2003

17th - Quo concert at Antwerp, Belgium (private show)

The following review of this one-off Night of the Proms gig comes from Patrick Cusse of Belgium.

So, Quo did a private gig in Antwerp today, a Proms type thing organised by a phone company for 15000 of its clients. I am not one of the clients, but I know the director in charge of the giant screens, so I got in.

A full philharmonic with choir, and a couple of songs from Bonnie Tyler (bloody hell, she looked hot, and a couple of thousand others and at least one member of Status Quo seemed to agree with me), John "Music was my first love and I'm gonna keep singing this song till I die" Miles did his thing, Mark 'Level 42' King provided an excellent piss break, and Quo rocked!

First they did "Caroline", a surreal experience, 15000 people and only a few people moving, clapping, and about a dozen actually headbanging with an air guitar, as if nobody had ever heard the song before. Five of that dozen were, spread out in the huge arena: myself, Thierry, Johan, and Quolink and Freddy from the Loyal Family. Incidentally, I didn't know Johan and the Loyal Family members were going to be there because this was a private gig, but somehow we found each other long before the gig started, now isn't that weird?

Anyway, even more surreal: Rick started his intro to "Whatever You Want", and still very little response, until he went into that rhythm just before Francis joins in. All of a sudden there was this ten second stampede towards the front. Security, who were supposed to keep everybody in their spot (this was an all seater) never knew what hit them. The lads seemed to enjoy that moment, and went into one of the best versions of WYW I ever heard. It was at this time that I managed to get to the very front myself, running from left to right like a madman waving my santa hat (I swear, I don't know what got into me, I guess I was just so extremely happy seeing them live again for the first time since New York). Obviously this was not the place they expected to see a santa hat, because Francis immediately pointed to me with a huge smile on his face, and Rhino put on that lovely grin of his and gave me a thumbs up. And funnily enough, Thierry, Jan, Freddy and Johan and me were all rocking together, having come from different corners of the arena, all in about a minute's time.

After WYW they did "Rockin' All Over The World", equally brilliant according to my adrenaline rush. And that was it. Shortest Quo gig I ever saw, and I was soaking with sweat.

They did come back to do the obligatory rendition of "Hey Jude" (obligatory at every Proms gig in Belgium, for reasons unknown to me) together with all of the performers. TMK would categorise this under his 'funny moments': every artist sang a couple of lines of the song (sort of like "Do They Know It's Christmas"), and Francis and Rick did their bit together, and it took them a couple of lines to figure out who was doing what voice, but they seemed to enjoy it. Extremely funny moment: Matt had had a microphone pushed into his hands at that stage, and it looked as comfortable in his hands as a fart in a spacesuit.

After the gig, Quolink said he had talked to Toot (or Tonto, or somebody else, I forget) and had been told they were staying at the Holiday Inn. So Quolink said: "I know where it is, same hotel they stayed at a couple of years ago, but it's not called the Holiday Inn anymore. We'll go to the bar, you never know who we might run into." So off we went. Took us over an hour and a couple of extremely expensive drinks to figure out we were at the wrong hotel. Apparently, there now is a new Holiday Inn elsewhere in town. So we all just said goodnight and split up and went home, quite satisfied at yet another great Quo night. Unless Johan, a huge Quo fan but not a board member, who lives in Antwerp, is at this very minute singing "Hey Jude" in close harmony with Rick, Rhino and Bonnie Tyler in a scarecely lit bar in the harbour district.

And a sentimental note to finish off: I find it bloody marvelous that this evening Quo has brought together people at a gig in Antwerp, at a Quovention in Spain and at a Food Club in England, all at the exact same time. Thank you we love you.

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23rd - Quo concert at Eventhalle, Geiselwind, Germany

This review is from Till Langhorst.

I just come home from the Quo concert in Geiselwind.

Quo were really in a good mood and played the same set like in the last year only "Gerdundula" was a little bit different at the end than in the last few weeks.

The venue was a really big hall which was a mixture between a concert hall and a Bavarian beergarden. I would say there were around 2000 people and this is not so bad in the middle of nowhere and there is Geiselwind definitely.

The crowd was not the loudest I have ever heard at a Quo concert but not too bad for this part of Germany.

Greetings to the four boys from the Austrian crew - these guys know how to rock - and also greetings to Siri from Norway, Bernhard H. ( your video is still in Geiselwind) and to many other nice people we have met.

Very funny for me was that Francis told the audience after I have shouted "Spicks and Specks" that we were recently in Australia to see Quo and he made some jokes in Francis style about it. But he refused to do the Shake thing.

A good gig and a one week break until Calw.

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31st - Quo concert at Marktplatz, Calw, Germany

Till Langhorst is back again with this review.

I just come home from the Quo gig in Calw.

The gig was an open air gig in the middle of the old town of Calw at the market place. There was a great atmosphere and everybody had a good look at the stage and the weather was fine.

Audience and Quo were totaly fantastic and it was a great evening in Calw. The set was the same plus "Shake Baby Shake" during "Bye Bye Johnny". I didn't know why they played it???

The sound was superb and really loud and heavy and especially Rick had one of his hard hitting days. This is ROCK`N`ROLL!

Greetings to all the folks we met: Monica, Berthold, Wolfgang, GŁnter, Onkel Tom, Prosti, Lotze and friend and maybe someone from Calw.

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