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That was the Quo month that was ... May 2002

4th - Quo concert at Stadthalle, Göttingen, Germany

The "Goettinger Tageblatt" newspaper featured a review of Quo's gig at Göttingen. The following translation of that review is courtesy of Claudia and Dirk Ende. All photos are copyright of the newspaper too.

The large rock n roll-party gets rung in by "Sweety Glitter and The Sweethearts" who warm up the public in a reliable manner. With hits out of the endless airplay of Radio 21, seventies-Glamrock. "Born to be wild"? No. Neither the volumes nor the public would like to try the revolt. It is the memory that counts.

Rick and Francis rock in Gottingen And this includes of course STATUS QUO, too. In the protection of the darkness the Brits enter the stage - and as the lights turn on, unload a true rock n roll-thunderstorm. It crashes tremendously, not only because of the enormous loudness. With its fast numbers, Status Quo take the public by the hand and guide it back to the time of the Bombast-rock, melodious arrangements, simple harmonious riffs.

As an army the P.A. boxes line up and pile up high in the background - frightening. Like an Armada eight, nine guitars are waiting in formation at the stage's corner, getting tuned permanently - impressive. But Status Quo do not want to fight, they simply want to play the public down to the ground. And that with minimal expense: they play simple, partial Country- or Folk-inspired melodies in the "Status-Quo- Rhythm".

The rocking Gottingen crowd Sometime, it may have been in the early seventies, the band discovered the volumes and this naturally rocking rhythm, with that one can swing so prettily the guitar necks in parallel movement. And that evokes in the fans this immense urge to move. One and a half hours of bouncing, bouncing and bouncing. In the knowledge of their strength - namely this rhythm, they play largely up.

One world hit after the other: "The Wanderer", "Rockin' all Over the World" and so on. "Whatever You Want" gets massively celebrated. They also presented new songs, which sound surely like the old ones. No matter, rather wonderful: this is exactly what the public wants to hear. Mostly pronounced through the razor-sharp voice of the incredibly cool Francis Rossi, who paces out carelessly the large stage of the city hall. Still in sneakers and jeans and waist-coat. Rock n roll pure, no sex, no drugs.

Status Quo work like those watches, that wind up themselves through movement again and again. Then this well oiled clock-work ticks precisely in the (success-)bars. And if they do not dismiss themselves some day, they will play happily ever after. In any case the fans will remain loyal to them.

Teutonic Francis Heh Rick, watch when you're pointing that neck mate Teutonic Rick

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5th - Quo concert at Stadthalle, Lichtenfels, Germany

This review comes from Till Langhorst.

It was the first gig here in Germany for me after three shows in Spain last week (greetings to all the great guys from Spain for three great nights of Rock 'n' Roll) and it was a little bit different.

The region of Lichtenfels is not known as the party-part of Germany so the crowd was not very loud and more or less only standing and not in the mood for dancing - with the exception of a great bunch of people from Austria who where singing and dancing for the whole show four or five rows in front of Rick. So we had a good time but the rest of the venue was not under this influence.

Quo were good and especially Rick, who was rocking the whole show, Francis and Rhino looked sometimes a little bit tired. They played the same set as the days before but didn`t play "In The Army Now" in the encore (not so bad for me).

All in all a good show - but not an unforgettable evening.

Greetings again to the great guys from Austria - you saved the evening for me. "Big Fat Mama" is amazing and the new short solo-part in "Gerdundula" is also great.

PS: there where maybe between 1500 and 2000 people in the hall

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7th - Quo appearance at the World Icehockey Championships, Gothenburg

Quo made a 'surprise' appearance at the World Icehockey Championships, held at the Scandinavium in Gothenburg, Sweden. Without Rhino, they played a five song playback set to a surprised and confused audience!

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8th - Quo concert at Stadthalle, Bremerhaven, Germany

The "Nordsee Zeitung" site featured a review of Quo's gig at Bremerhaven, written by Andy Wackert. The following translation of that review is courtesy of Claudia and Dirk Ende.

"Rock songs with Hymn character - cult band Status Quo rock in the Town Hall (Stadthalle) in front 2800 fans."

Okay, the cliché of the poor chord-selection is pretty well-worn. But Status Quo simply do not need any more. Maximally four harmonies each song are enough for the English Rock Dinos. And also, in order to make those 2800 fans come out to the Town Hall yesterday evening. In addition however also the home dears of Bremerhaven in Oldie matters had contributed to this.

The Black Beats showed the audience the way - pithy Beat music with catchy tunes. All genuine Evergreens from the department of heard many times, welcomed to hear. Clap-along and sing-along factor high. Mood well.

When the leading actors of the evening performance entered the stage, they did not only put on another briquette: With their board-guitars fastened in front of their crotch the two Status Quo frontmen Francis Rossi (still with pony tail hair-style) and the blond fuzzy-head Rick Parfitt went immediately into full force: one world hit after the other "Caroline", "The Wanderer", "Whatever You Want" and "In The Army Now" are at least exactly the same crackers as "Rockin' All Over The World", which has hymn character for decades.

"Super", Werner Sperling and his girl-friend Birgit Dressler enthused. The two Bremerhaveners are die-hard Status Quo fans. Dressler even wore Rossi's trade mark: the black waistcoat. But the music is the most important for him. And there the British can draw from the full one: The fundus of Status Quo is enormous: the band exists since 1967, published 55 singles, of which 22 made it into the English Top Ten, altogether 112 million records the band has sold so far.

This the boys of "After T" can only dream about. Even though the second local oldie band of the evening had more chords on the pan. The people came into the Town Hall because of Status Quo.

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9th - Quo concert at Rattenfängerhalle, Hameln, Germany

This gem comes from Ulrike Scharf.

You all know that this day was Rhino's birthday! He got a 'Happy Birthday' from us ... first before the show, as the band arrived, and also later on during the gig! He also got some real nice presents from some fans!

But, there is one thing most people won't forget so easily, I believe!

Francis told us, during some of his talking on stage, that Rhino spent tooooo much time on the solarium ... and guess what happened ... he had a really bad sunburn on his ... errr ... arse ... and guess what Rhino did? Yap ... he showed us the sunburn. And believe me ... I hope I will never get one like this!

It was really a great gig! Very hot, very loud but very, very great!!! The guys were really in a good mood!

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10th - Quo concert at Richthalle, Fulda, Germany

The "Fuldaer Zeitung" newspaper featured a review of Quo's gig at Fulda, written by Manfred Schermer and titled "Rock Dinosaurs in best form". The following translation of that review is courtesy of Claudia and Dirk Ende.

"and I like it, I like it, I like it, I like it, I li-i-ike it" - the famous sing-along line from their mega hit "Rockin' All Over The World" is program at Status Quo. Also after almost four decades the British rock Dinosaurs do not only appear in beautiful regularity, but also with an enthusiasm on the stage, which some younger bands could take a leaf out of their book from.

Anyhow a great mood dominated the concert in the Fulda "Richthalle" right from the beginning. And Status Quo thanked it to their audience with full Boogie and Rock sound and spared no pains. And in spite of the fact that singer and guitarist Francis Rossi had obviously to fight with a cold. But regardless of that as its various bypasses Rossi rocked with the second remaining founder member Rick Parfitt and three further musicians that it was simply a joy. Unless absolutely a joy for friends of finely worked out musical nuances: Status Quo held on at the top of their instruments.

When they found it is time to slow down a little, they successfully created highlights as "Gerdundula", an early Irish song with a slight folk touch, brilliantly interpreted with four guitars. But such moments remained the exception. Status Quo that is Mainstream, driving rock for all, who else live on the fast lane anyway. There were hardly any stylistical differences between decade-old and new Songs.

Actually the concert was simply one single medley. They are forced to do so now and then, in order to bring at least a fraction of their enormous repertoire into the framework of a concert to hearing: they have launched 31 albums into the charts, sold 112 million copies of them and had 55 singles altogether for 413 weeks in the British Charts. No miracle that they are a national institution with cult status on the island and that Francis Rossi has moved into Madam Tussaud's "Rock Circus" at the Piccadilly Circus in London long ago.

Of course they managed to play their largest successes in full. And with typical songs as "The Wanderer", "Down Down" or "Whatever You Want", the public joined in most loudly. In addition, a Rock' n' Roll medley, which was crowned by Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great Balls oF Fire", turned into a magnificent result.

The only drop of bitterness of the otherwise completely successful rock party: they finished already after only one encore round, and many might have missed "In The Army Now" and "What Your Proposing". But after nearly two-hours of fireworks probably hardly anybody took it really badly. They have simply too many hits.

Apropos fireworks: The opener had already heavily heated up the mood. "Sweety Glitter and the Sweethearts" from Braunschweig showed up as shrill Glam Rockers, who knew their job and also did not shy away from classical authors as Uriah Heeps "Easy Livin".

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11th - Quo concert at Dauwop Festival, Hellendoorn, Holland

The following review comes from Dyon van Baest.

Quo played in Hellendoorn, Holland, at a festival as main event. It was planned that there were three others groups but one of them didn't appear.

The festival began with "Action in DC", a band who plays AC/DC tracks. They did it superbly. If you would close your eyes, it was as if AC/DC was playing. What was very nice was the fact that the singer had a voice like the old Bonn Scot - what more do you want?

As second band on the program "The Bintangs" began playing. This band plays bluesy rock using flutes and harmonica. Was nice but not too nice. In the meantime more and more people came to the festival area. When Quo began playing I estimate approx. 10000 people were at the festival.

I have been to several Quo gigs but never was the crowd so big as this time. Quo began with "Caroline" and ended as always with "Bye Bye Johnny". The other tracks were the same as in the "Never Say Never" tour which is going on.

Altogether it was again a very good gig of the Quo and all of us had a very good time.

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