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That was the Quo month that was ... May 2000

11th - Rick on GMTV

Rick appeared on GMTV on May 11th as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of simming pools and other bodies of water for young children. Interviewed by Eamonn Holmes, Rick was passionate when describing his own daughter, Heidi's, death in their family swimming pool. He came across as being very open, clearly troubled and articulated his ideas well.

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17th - Quo on Top of the Pops 2

As part of a previously recorded four song set, BBC2's "Top of the Pops 2" featured one of the tracks, "Mony Mony", on 17th May. Recorded completely live, this was a first chance to see new drummer, Matt Letley, in action in a live situation. The sound was raw and powerful and the song came across much better in this setting than from the studio version on the album "Famous In The Last Century". The remaining three tracks are to be broadcast also on "Top of the Pops 2" at a later date.

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19th - Quo concert at Ostseehalle, Kiel

The following review comes from Michael from Denmark. Note that the support band for this gig was "Fair Warning".

We went to Kiel in the morning and arrived about 1 pm. We went downtown for a while, but went back to the Ostsee Halle at about 2.30 just at the same time as Quo arrived. Never in my life have I been running so fast. We've managed to say hello, get some autographs and pictures. After that we've gotten something to eat and then it was up and waiting in the line - people were standing waiting from about 4 in the afternoon and the doors didn't open until 7. But somehow it wasn't that hard to stand there for 3 hours.

Finally we were let in - and again a run to get a place in the front row. Great - right in front of Rick.

The support band went on at 8 and was a kind of heavy and the sound incredibly loud - it almost hurt in the ears.

Then after about 40 minutes it was over and Quo went on at 9.15. They were in a very good mood - lots of fun and jumping. It was the greatest set I've heard in a very long time (my first gig was back in 1974). People behaved very nice - no pushing or squeezing. Matt and Paul did a very good job. It must have been difficult for them the first time. In fact it must have been difficult for all of them - to wait and see how people reacted - but the people I talked to were all very positive. The only thing people were talking about was that the sound was very loud.

We were back home at 3 in the morning and very tired but what can I say - we'll gladly do it all over again in Lubeck on Monday. And we are looking forward very much to see Quo in Denmark this summer!

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20th - Quo concert at Nordseehalle, Emden

The following review is by Bert Ausma.

Great gig in Emden on Saturday. Quo were in very good mood and so also was the audience. I guess about 3,000 - 4,000 fans from Germany and also a lot of Dutch fans. They started with "Caroline", they also played "4500 Times" and "Backwater". I didn´t read the setlist on the newsboard, but the setlist is alright, but they played just "20 Wild Horses" from the UTI CD. It was a loud and rocking gig (standing just in front of the PA).

A little bit disappointed was Hirsh, no smile or laughter all night, he was playing like at a funeral. He can´t replace Andy IMHO and there was not a lot of keyboard on the PA (not the left side though). Matt drummed very well, his drumkit is a bit like Jeff's on the last tour. Overall a great night and maybe I'll go to Lemgo or the Damme open air gig.

The gig was bootlegged and appears as a 2-CD set called "Old Time Rock And Roll". The full setlist for this gig was as follows:

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21st - Quo concert at Stadthalle, Rostock

This review comes from Stefan Nilsson from Sweden, who clearly enjoyed himself at this gig!

Have just come back to Sweden after a fantastic day in Rostock. Started our journey at 0530 from Karlshamn in Sweden and going with ferry from Trelleborg to Rostock and arrived at the Sas Radisson hotel in Rostock at 1200. Immediately I saw Quo´s tourbus outside the hotel so I said to my pal that Quo must stay at the same hotel as us, incredible - we didn´t know anything about that..

Meet Juergen from the German club, had fixed our tickets and then we met Steffi and Cozy. After some minutes Francis walked out from the hotel and and we and he looked very tired but happy and we said hallo to him. After that he and Rick were going to the Stadthalle for soundcheck. So we went out for some beers. At five o´clock we were going to the arena to get the front places and as always I had my 4500 Times banner with me and this time I knew that I was gonna hear it.

The gig started with "Caroline" and it went on in a very fast tempo, and it really rocked. Three songs from the new CD "Roll Over Beethoven", "Mony Mony" and "Old Time Rock And Roll". Unfortunately, no "Keep 'Em Coming" or "Under The Influence", probably because Andy wasn´t with them. But the gig was really tight and "4500 Times" was lovely. "Dirty Water" was also great.

One thing that wasn´t good was that there weren´t any tourbooks or anything, only some T-shirts and nothing else. After the gig we went out for a burger and then back to the hotel. At the bar in the hotel, we saw Rick and we joined him and after some minutes even Rhino showed up. We sat there and spoke for some time and had a wonderful evening/night with them. Then this morning we went out to the shopping centre, filled the car with wine and beer and some booze before we go on the ferry back to Sweden. We had a fantastic day in Rostock with the guys. See you soon at a gig near you!!!!

P.S. Just forgotten one thing about the great trip to Rostock and that is the marvellous special concert at the afterparty at the hotel when we could hear some nice booggie wooggie sounds from Paul on the piano in the hotelbar. And then our own Nat King Cole copy, Rick, was singing and also playing the piano. GREAT STUFF it was!!!!

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26th - State of Quo at Penningtons, Bradford

This review comes courtesy of Sue McCoy.

What an awesome club. The stage setting was fantastic too. The band were introduced on stage by the resident compere. They played for 1 1/2 hours including "Caroline", "Shady Lady", "Mystery Song", "Rockin' All Over The World", "Paper Plane", "Down The Dustpipe" and many more.

John Coghaln was warmly received by the fans that had come to see him and they were treated to a small speech from him and his drum solo.

From the moment the band began to play there were lots of people instantly appearing on the dance floor. It stayed full all night with all ages dancing. The sound was good and the band are gelling together much better now with Graham Peters, their new bass player.

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29th - Quo concert at Musik & Kongresshalle, Lubeck

This review again comes courtesy of Michael from Denmark.

We left home at 8.30 in the morning and were in Lubeck at about 12.30. We went to the SAS hotel, to get some coffee, next to the MUK, where the concerts were. While we were sitting there, Rhino came through the hall and we got to talk to him and got some pictures and autographs. Later Rick and then Francis came down and we talked to them as well - great. Both our sons were with us and it was a very great thing for them to meet Quo at the hotel.

Then we went for a walk in the city and turned back to MUK at about 4.30. We stood there outside until 7, then we were let in.

The support this evening was very special. At about 7.45 Tonto and Dave went on the stage with bathing cap and swimming glasses acting like a couple of DJ's. That was really funny - they did it well, even if they had some technical problems.

At 8.30 Quo went on. And I must say, it was a lot greater than Kiel. Kiel was great but they were now very much more "worked together". Even if Francis had a bad foot and Rick was tired, it wasn't to see, when they were on stage. They jumped and seemed to be in a very good mood like always and the audience sang Happy birthday to Francis twice. It was really hot and rocking - it was just soooo great.

After the gig we went to the hotel to get some beer and coffee before returning to Denmark. There we met Rick again and got to talk to him for a while. We also met Paul shortly. All in all it was a day exceeding one's expectations. We headed home about 11.30 with two very happy sons and we were lucky to catch a ferry 3 minutes before departure, so we were at home at 3 in the morning. A very long and very great day.

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