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That was the Quo month that was ... March 1997

4th - Quo concert at Twin Towns Auditorium, Gold Coast

The following review comes from Tony Marles, who has also reviewed the second of Quo's concerts at Twin Towns on March 7th.

The room was fairly well packed with all tickets seated. Quo started late approx. 9.15pm (about 15 minutes late). The show didn't go without hitches. Firstly it started late and then there was a power failure on stage (luckily between songs) about halfway through the set. I was later to find out from David Walker (Manager) that this was the reason for no encore - they were off about 10 minutes to restore power. However the Waltz was played on the end of the set.

After the power break David Walker came on stage saying it was OK to stand (apparently management of venue wanted everyone seated !!).

Being in the front row, I was fine, however the fans really hotted up after this announcement. Quo were in brilliant form and really looked to be enjoying themselves. They played a very tight set .

The crowd was a little disappointed with no encore and I was a little surprised they didn't play Caroline or Down Down, however I am sure they will play them in the coming concerts. After the last song when they were waving goodbye to the crowd I was lucky to shake "Francis's sweaty hand !! - cop that Suzie!" while he was still on stage, as well as Rick's.

Earlier I had met up with Patrick McShane, another list member, and he said that earlier in the day he was waiting around the venue in hope to see a glimpse of the band and he was lucky to see Rick, Rhino and Andrew walking to the venue from their hotel (about 200 metres away). He managed to get them to sign his new guitar.

Anyway after the concert we decided to walk to the hotel in the off chance that we might see Quo. We met David Walker and he said the boys were tired and probably wouldn't come down. I chatted to him about the gig and the problems with the power and early finish. As we moved outside the hotel front entrance Rick appeared and came over to have a chat and sign programmes and sit for some photos with us !!! We couldn't believe it. Rick was really down to earth and could have been one of his own fans he was so friendly. After chatting for about 10 minutes Rick left and again we were talking for about 5 minutes when Andy Bown also came out for a chat and photos and autos. Again we were rapped to see him & I asked him a couple of questions regarding his guitar playing.

After Andy left, our group of about 5 or 6 then headed off home happy that we DID go to the hotel !

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7th - Quo concert at Twin Towns Auditorium, Gold Coast

The following review comes from Tony Marles, who has also reviewed the first of Quo's concerts at Twin Towns on March 4th.

We arrived just after lunch on Friday this time prepared and hoping to catch the band at the motel before the soundcheck. We waited at front of the hotel on a seat that we dubbed the Quo chair and at about 3.30pm we noticed a guy in a white business shirt and tie walk by, it was Andy !, he nearly slipped by us!, however we asked how the gigs went in Sydney and he said "Great!" - much better than the first gig on Tuesday night (see the problems of the previous report) but the band was keen to have a good set tonight. I managed to get my photograph taken with Andy.

Anyway, back to the main story. We knew that the soundcheck was about 5.00pm EST, so we waited patiently again. At about 4.30pm Rhino and Jeff emerged and we asked for a photograph again and had a short chat on how the tour was going. They walked off to the venue and again we waited "In My Chair". About ten minutes later we caught a glimpse of Rick inside the hotel just sitting in the lounge, apparently waiting for Francis. We bit the bullet and decided to go in and have a chat and he was very friendly again and we talked about the Sydney gig and how he liked Australia and wanted to come back again soon. We also asked him about new songs possibly coming back into the set and he mentioned Big Fat Mama and it was about time it was resurrected. After about 10 minutes of chatting with Rick we noticed Francis leaving the hotel, so we called out and asked if we could get a photograph with him and Rick.

This was one of my greatest moments. Francis was great, he put his hand on my shoulder as if we had been mates for years. These guys are really something, not stuck up famous Rock Stars but just down to earth guys.

Next after the band had left to go for the soundcheck we walked down to the venue hoping to catch a bit of the soundcheck but knowing full well that would be difficult. We went up to the sixth floor and we heard the band start up but because of the double set of doors the sound was really muffled. At about that time a gentleman who introduced himself as one of the promoters appeared. We explained why we were here and would it be possible to listen to the soundcheck. (we knew the answer would be NO!). He said NO, BUT we could move into the next section which was just outside the room (but with curtains). However, through the door openings we could hear the band perfectly now but not see them.

The next 30 minutes was truly fascinating: Quo soundchecked and played the following songs either complete or partial:

I will never forget hearing Big Fat Mama again by the band !!!

The gig tonight was a full house. The audience again was a bit of a mixture but seemed to be more true Quo fans. Average age 35-40 with a lot of females again !! The set this time was as per Tuesday except the following 3 songs were included:

Quo played a really tight set again but this time the crowd rose to their feet practically right from the start. Quo had flown out the white heads off their Marshalls because of the previous problems and Rick said next time they played they would bring the whole Quo set (bugger the expense).

After the concert had the chance to talk to Rhino and Rick again and I asked Rhino about the Internet and his tour log. He knows about the mailing list and commented that I had put the review up before he could post his !! He knew about that fairly quickly so I think the management is definitely monitoring the list .

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10th - Quo concert at Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide

The following review comes courtesy of Mark Thomson.

I got my first Quo album in 1973 and I'd never seen them live so there was 24 years of expectation before the show. I was certainly not disappointed! Certainly a mixed crowd, agewise. From 10 to 60 and they were into it from the word go! You Europeans would have been proud of the Adelaide crowd - on their feet from the start, got the Quo-o-o-o-o chant going before they hit the stage and knew all the words - even down to the "No Shit!".

The set list was

Quo blitzed it tonight! Tight, totally professional and giving it their all from the moment they hit the stage! Sound was great but I'd still like to hear them with their own equipment.

I can suddenly understand why you guys see as many gigs as you do. The atmosphere was amazing. I left the gig totally knackered! I took a "non-believer" with me and he was converted by the time they played "Roll Over". For me, truly a night to remember.

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11th - Quo concert at Palais Theatre, Melbourne

This review of the Melbourne show was written by Chris Niven.

Well, the gig was two whole days ago but the wonderful feeling which true Quo fans have after a show remains. Quo were absolutely superb. The sound was fantastic, although from what we have heard, their own equipment is fairly special. I believe that Francis has definitely improved with age. It's as though he savours all of those precious moments on stage these days and was sensational. Rick was terrific and really gives Quo that driving guitar sound which sets them apart from any other outfit. Rhino and Jeff proved they are a marvellous addition to the band and Andrew does give them that extra dimension now. The set list was pretty much that which Rhino advised us in his tour diary and was delivered magnificently.

The setting was the impressive Palais theatre in Melbourne on a warm night and what I would call an intimate sell out crowd of 3000. We had a sensational spot right at the front of a huge sweeping balcony which reaches right down almost it seems to the front of the stage. From here we had a superb view of the band and the crowd which really got going following some prompting from the master Rossi.

The age of the audience I found very interesting as many fans my age (39) had brought their kids at around age say 8 to 10 or so as well as their mums and dads. So what you had in some cases were three generations of Quo fans! Quite amazing.

For me personally it was such a thrill to see them I had to keep reminding myself that this was really happening! I had seen them twice before here but the memories were fading as to the specifics of each concert. This night was special indeed as the mighty Quo came out and blew us all away, just as one would expect when they go to a Quo concert .

Here in Oz, we are getting greedy now; we want them back as soon as possible and they can bring that new Quo rockin' album which appears will happen this year. And what's more, they can keep coming back again and again and again 'cos we'll go to say hello.....

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19th - Quo concert at House of Blues, Los Angeles

The following review of Quo's first US gig in 20 years was written by Norman Hannaford.

Well after 20 years Quo finally played a gig in North America at the House of Blues in L.A om Wednesday night.

After seeing them at venues like Wembley Stadium and Arena it was amazing to be in a club which really just consisted of a small dancefloor with bars at the back and on the balcony, and it was good to meet up with people on this side of the Atlantic who were looking forward to this one as much as me.

Quo did a soundcheck while we were sat in the bar before it opened up to have a view of the stage. It's not often you can sit and have a beer while Quo warm up with the Backwater Medley, Get out of Denver etc on the other side of a thin wall.

I guess if you'd waited 20 years, another hour wouldn't make much difference so we stood through a fairly average pop/rock support band who's name I've forgotton already and who managed a pretty poor version of I Can Hear the Grass Grow.

Then it was onto the main act. The band hit the stage at around 10:30 and opened with Paper Plane. The set was the same as people in Australia have already listed.

Quo have never gone over the top with special effects, but given the size of the venue there was no special lighting, pyrotechnics, or anything else - just the lads working hard and giving a good performance.

The crowd was about 90% Hispanic combined with a few people who'd travelled from around the continent for this one. The Quo-oh-oh-oh-oh chants were soon replaced with Mexico chants (in Spanish) between many of the songs and it took Francis a while to work out what the crowd were on about. This crowd (or at least the section closest to the stage) that had been fairly subdued during the support went absolutely nuts when Quo came on and at times it was like a battle scene as people slammed around and made desperate attempts to climb over everyone onto the stage. This culminated with a fight involving 20-30 people as the band played Rain and to quote Francis to Rhino: "This is fuckin bad". It makes you wonder whether they'd rush back to this type of small club environment.

There were a few requests to play POMM which it had been rumoured might be played in the U.S. Rhino said to one guy holding up the album cover that he'd never played that track so I guess that rules out hearing it in the near future.

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