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That was the Quo month that was ... March 2009

8th - "Just Quo" tribute band gig at Seagulls Club, Tweed Heads, Queensland, Australia

Queensland Quo tribute band, Just Quo, formed part of a seven-band concert at the large Seagulls Club on March 8th. Their set was sadly limited to just thirty minutes, while other acts on the bill included Dean Vegas (Elvis), Inexcess (INXS), Brandy's Suzi Quatro show and a Police tribute. Photos from the show, including some of guest star Roy Lynes, can be found here.

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10th - Francis ponytail article in The Sun (UK)

Francis with no ponytail! Photo from Nyheter24 (Sweden), thanks to Phil Evans The following article appeared in the UK's The Sun newspaper on March 10th, titled "The ponytail's got to Quo" and written by Neil Syson.

"STATUS QUO legend FRANCIS ROSSI has stunned the world of rock — by having his trademark ponytail lopped off. The guitarist, who has had the same style for 35 years, got his long locks snipped after his hair became too thin.

The Rockin’ All Over The World star, 59, first grew his ponytail in the mid-70s — just as the Quo were becoming world famous.

Francis, who leads the band with shaggy-haired RICK PARFITT, said: "It looked fabulous — I felt like a fashion icon!

"But in the past few years my hair has got so thin that there’s not enough to work into a decent ponytail."

He went on: "A few weeks ago it dawned on me that I looked ridiculous. So I decided to forget about clinging to my youth and it was time to grow old gracefully.

"When it came off I was horrified to look at these six inches of wizened grey strands. I realised I must have looked really stupid."

Quo fan Rebecca Healy, 30 — who has seen the band more than 50 times — said: "It’s a bit of a shock, but it was inevitable. He’ll still have the same aura on stage, ponytail or not."

Dad-of-eight Francis said the new look, trimmed in his South London home, is a hit with wife Eileen.

But he added: "Samson lost all his strength when his hair was chopped off — I hope this doesn’t mean I’ve lost the ability to play my one chord!"

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22nd - "Statoz Quo" tribute band gig Caboolture RSL, Queensland, Australia

The modern upstairs room at Caboolture RSL provided the venue for a benefit concert for those affected by the recent Victorian bushfires. Featuring four bands (for just $20, as proudly advertised outside the RSL), the event included live music for the fans of Status Quo, Deep Purple, Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Rolling Stones. Not a bad way of spending an afternoon in Caboolture, eh?

Things kicked off at just after 3pm, following some hard work by the Statoz Quo boys in setting up their impressive stage kit. The backdrop and drums looked great and the line-up of guitars suggested we were in for a broad setlist from this up-and-coming outfit.

The room was filling up nicely as the opening tinkling that signals the popularist fodder of "Rockin' All Over The World" belted out of the not insubstantial array of Marshall stacks on stage! This immediately got a few Quo fans onto the dance floor and was well-received by the RSL crowd. They were treated to more familiarity with the ditty of "Something 'Bout You Baby I Like" and the band were settling into their set by the time we moved into the gem that is "Don't Waste My Time". Steve's lead work on the song's tricky solo brought wide smiles to the Quo hardcore fans and showcased the band close to their best during this set.

Continuing the harder edge to the set, "Roll Over Lay Down" was a belter, again with great lead work and some good rhythm from newcomer Dave. To get the general audience back on side, the set wandered back to more palatable material in "The Wanderer". The hardcore were soon in for a triple whammy though, kicked off with the great live track, "Creepin' Up On You" with a chaser of "Softer Ride". The band did this amazing old song justice before Tony Lingard (on bass) took the microphone to apologize in advance to the RSL audience for what the band were about to inflict upon them - all hail "Big Fat Mama" and five or six minutes of hard rocking Quo, knocked out with infectious enthusiasm and pure heaven to the Quo hardcore calling the dance floor their own.

It was back to more familiar material for the rest of the set, but there was nothing wrong in that, marching on from the "Big Fat Mama" hardcore interlude to one of Quo's best, in "Paper Plane" and the band didn't make many mistakes, but we would have forgiven them if they had! Next up, "Down Down" and the band were having a ball on stage by now, especially with the crowd finding their voices and the dance floor nice and full. It was time for "Statoz Aerobics" with "Hold You Back" and plenty of bouncing around both on and off the stage! The long and tricky "Rain" gave the band plenty to think about, before they hit their final three songs.

If there's a greater live Quo song than "Caroline", it would never matter - it stands out as a crowd-pleaser, a popularist choice and also a favourite of the hardcore. Statoz did a grand job of it and performed it in a very similar style to the current Quo live set with that teasing quiet break in the middle, great stuff. A drone from the keyboards and Dave centre stage with the white Tele meant we were back to a direct appeal to the masses, in the form of "Whatever You Want". The band gave this one everything and the audience reciprocated, leaving us nowhere to go but the final song. It was with a feeling of deja vu that the tinkling ivories again heralded "Rockin' All Over The World" but this was a fitting end to a well-received set that truly had "something for everybody".

I would like to extend my personal thanks to Statoz Quo (and all the other bands performing during this event), also on behalf of my friend Craig who attended the gig and recently lost everything in the bushfires. So, Steve (Brewster, lead guitar and vocals), Dave (Catterall, on rhythm guitar and vocals), Tony (Lingard, bass guitar and vocals), Gary (Peters, on drums) and Paul (Middlebrook, on keys), thanks for putting a smile on Craig's face (and mine!) and thanks to all involved in organizing this event for such a good cause. The warm hospitality and generosity of the good folks of Queensland will be remembered by us for a long time to come. It was also worthy of note that members of all the Queensland Quo tributes made the effort to come to the gig and support Statoz Quo - and that was truly great to see. Quo's music brought so many of us together and let's keep it that way.

Some excellent photos from this gig can be found here.

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28th - Woodedz gig at Thames Valley Harley Davidson's Grand Open Day, Slough, UK

Rhino's band Woodedz played two sets at Thames Valley Harley Davidson's Grand Open Day in Slough on Saturday March 28th. The fans were warmed up by Quo-Incidence and Burn, before Woodedz banged out varied sets, including 'standards' such as "Paper Plane", "Belavista Man", "Bad News" and "Lucinda". Photos of all the action (including a few of the bikes!) can be found here.

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