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That was the Quo month that was ... March 2003

8th - Quo concert at BB Kings, New York

The following review comes from Greg and Chris Harrsion.

Just got back from the Quo gig in New York at BB King's Blues Club and of course, words cannot describe the excellence of this gig. I've been waiting to see Quo since 1981 when I first saw them in Paris, and they totally did not disappoint!

My wife hadn't seen them before and is now a Quo fan after this gig! She said she's never seen a band have so much fun on stage before. Rossi grinned like a madman most of the time (didn't play that one) and who knew Rhino was capable of so many facial contortions??!!

The club held about 700 (the gig was sold out) and it was an interesting mix indeed. About 30% Americans, 20% Brits, and the rest Mexican! The Mexican folks were the rowdiest. A couple got thrown out of the club and Rossi actually had to chide the crowd a little bit. The sound was well balanced and the song selection was superb. It was pretty much the same set as San Francisco.

There was actually a support band or woman I should say...a Janis Joplin-like belter named Dana Fuchs who was in the unenviable position of playing to a crowd that only wanted to see the greatest rock and roll band in the land. The crowd was kind but it didn't matter what she played. We were impatient to see the lads.

Overall a superb night. Who knows when they'll be back in the USA but they definitely acquitted themselves brilliantly.

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12th - Quo on the Harald Schmidt Show (SAT1, Germany)

Quo appeared on the high-rating German TV show, "Harald Schmidt Show", on March 12th. The appearance featured live performances of "All Stand Up" and "Rockin' All Over The World". A video clip of "All Stand Up" can be found at the show's web site.

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19th - Quo concert at Eberthalle, Ludwigshafen

Quo played to 2-3000 fans at Ludwigshafen as the third gig of the German leg of the "Heavy Traffic 2003" tour. The set list was as follows:

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25th - Quo concert at Festspielhaus, Bregenz, Austria

Following Quo's first gig in Austria on this tour, some good collections of photos have appeared - try the PartyPeople or Rheinportal Network web sites for a taste of the action!

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