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That was the Quo month that was ... June 1996

16th - Francis Rossi in "Mail On Sunday"

The 'Mail on Sunday's "You" colour supplement, on June 16, featured an article entitled "Dad's Number One Rock Chick" and features famous rock dads Francis Rossi, Jet Black (ex-The Stranglers), Midge Ure, Noddy Holder, David Jones and Paul Young. The article is introduced by the following paragraph (in reference to a great shot of Francis with his youngest daughter Kiera):

"Who's grabbing the limelight in this photo? Not Status Quo singer and guitarist Francis Rossi, that's for sure. Even famous dads play second fiddle to their beloved daughters. Today may be Father's Day - but she's the star of the show."

Francis is then introduced:

"Status Quo star Francis Rossi, 47, has seven children - Simon, 28, Nicholas, 24, and Kieran, 17, from his first marriage; Bernadette, 12, from a relationship with rock publicist Elizabeth Gernon, and Patrick, seven, Fynn, five, and Kiera, 2.5, with his American wife Eileen. After losing one baby in January, she is expecting its surviving twin in September. The couple live with all the children except Bernadette in a mansion in Surrey. Francis' first solo single, "Give Myself To Love", will be released on July 15."

Then comes the fatherly interview bit:

"Kiera's my youngest daughter and I love her to death. But I don't want the brat developing in her. Her grandmother lives with us, and nearly all her elder brothers and sisters, so she's got so many people to go to. I worry that she's having too much attention. I used to be away a lot - now we only do three or four weeks at a time - and during the 80s I went wild. I was drinking, taking drugs... But I learned that you don't lose your children. And although I used to think I hadn't been fair to the three eldest boys in particular, they've turned into decent kids.

I'm more tolerant as a father than I used to be, but the kids take no notice of me. If it's anything to do with rock music they'll listen, but if I say "Don't go out in the frost with your hair wet", they ignore me. I've got used to living in a house full of kids. There was a time during the 80s when the eldest three lived with their Mother and I was alone - it was horrible. I've got used to the idea of being an older father too. It is a shame we lost the twin, but there's no use dwelling on it. You can't try to live your life according to a soap script."

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23rd - Quo concert at Dynamo Stadium, Moscow

The following review comes from Andrei Melnikov.

On the warm sunny day of June 23, 1996, a major rock festival took place in Moscow, at Dynamo Stadium. The action was dedicated to the 6th birthday of one of the most popular Russian radio-stations, "Evropa +". There were five participants; three Russian rock bands and two English acts invited to co-headline the show - Status Quo and Deep Purple. It was a great event for all Russian Quo fans, not too often does any info about Quo appear in Russian mass-media. Thus one of the biggest Russian newspapers dedicated a very impressive article to the achievements of our beloved band and clips of "Come On You Reds" and "I Didn't Mean It" were showed a few times on the TV.

And the day has come! The festival is running, the band finally take the stage, Rick is doing the intro to "Caroline" transforming it into "Paper Plane" and ... the show began! In spite of the fact that the set list contained songs generally unknown to our audience ( "Softer Ride", "Backwater", "Gerdundula", "Come Rock With Me"+"Rockin' On") people answered the band with wild applause after each song. I was in the first rows and saw the reaction of other people that hadn't expected "the grandfathers" who used to play the slow "In The Army Now" to perform such a thunderous type of boogie. After the first 20 minutes I heard an exclamation: "What are they doing, these oldies, we won't have forces for Purple!!!" Well, in ten minutes they got an opportunity to rest a bit and watch another kind of show; "In The Army Now", still popular in our country, began. At the very beginning of the song Francis happened to forget the words and he was standing in silence remembering them for a few seconds. However in the next part of the show, the band played with more concentration; they did "Something 'Bout You Baby I Like", "Don't Waste My Time", "Come On Rock With Me", "Rockin' On" and "Roadhouse Blues" non-stop with only a short pause before "Come On Rock..." when Rick wasn't in time for changing guitars and came back to the stage after the few first seconds of the song!

After "Roadhouse" Quo left the stage before the encore. Some people thought the show was over and called the band on "bis". Of course, Quo returned and played the rest of the set in the same quick vain. Here I have to say that Status Quo are not familiar to the Russian audience; almost no-one could sing the "Quo-oh-ooh-oh-oh" chant or the chorus in "RAOTW". Moreover, in the middle part of the final "Bye Bye Johnny", Francis tried to teach the audience to sing "Bye-bye, bye-bye, I say bye-bye Johnny...". No-one followed him and finally Frame directed his mike to the crowd. At the same moment everyone shouted "Ah-ah-ah-ah-aaaah!!!" - this even made Francis laugh! Anyway it was evident that the concert was a big success; both Quo and the audience had much fun and enjoyed the gig very well.

The next part of the festival was done by Deep Purple. I left their show on the third song. Yes, Purple were great too, but I was so tired that I couldn't stand at all. Leaving Dynamo I was surprised and even proud to see that I wasn't the only one - far from it! Dozens of people had been waiting for Purple's part for almost one hour and left the show after the first 10 minutes! Bravo Status Quo, it was a killing "support" to Purple! This show was great fun for Russian Quo fans and it surely gained some new followers as well.

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