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That was the Quo month that was ... June 2008

7th - Quo concert at Thetford Forest, Santon Downham, Brandon, Suffolk

Quo kicked off their traditional "forest tour" on June 7th, playing to a full house of about 6000 at Thetford Forest in Suffolk. Although there was some rain during the day, it did nothing to dampen the spirits of the crowd. Support was again from up and coming band Macara, featuring Nick Rossi on bass (not his usual tool of choice!), before Quo hit the stage to perform the now familiar new set. Highlights included a near full-length version of "Big Fat Mama" and an impressive drum solo from Matt Letley.

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13th - Quo concert at City Square at Ullensaker Culture House, Jessheim, near Oslo, Norway

Quo played their first of three shows in three days in three different countries of Scandanavia with an outdoor show at Jessheim on June 13th. Inclement weather during the day cleared by the time support band Vidar Busk took the stage and a crowd of around 2000 saw Quo perform the new set in all its glory.

Photos of the band in action in Norway can be found here, here and here.

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14th - Quo concert at Naestved Sommerrock, Denmark

Quo's second stop in Scandanavia was in Denmark, to headline the 10,000-strong Naestved Sommerrock festival on June 14th. Other acts on the day included Shubidua, Dodo & The Dodos, Nicolai, Bryan Rice, Nikolaj & Piloterne, Moonjam, Lizzie and Johnny Madsen, with Quo not taking the stage until 10.30pm in the cool Danish evening air (leading Francis to ask in the first break, "Hands up if you’re drunk… Hands up if you’re cold?"!).

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15th - Quo concert at Kilafors Herrgård, Gävle, Kilafors, Sweden

The final show of the whirlwind tour of Scandanavia saw Quo heading to Sweden and playing at Kilafors on June 15th. Two support bands, in the shape of Bonafide and The Refreshments, warmed up the crowd nicely before Quo played the following set.

The Swedish Quo tribute band Status Quiz played an after-party in the town, which was attended by a number of Quo's crew! Photos of Quo in full swing in Sweden can be found here.

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22nd - Quo concert at The National Arboretum, Westonbirt, Tetbury

Quo returned to the UK for their next gig, on June 22nd at The National Arboretum, Westonbirt, Tetbury. Supported again by Macara (again with Nick Rossi sporting the bass), Quo played to a large crowd on this chilly day (in fact Francis kept his waistcoat on for the entire gig!). The setlist was the same as the Scandanavian tour, but "Burning Bridges" took the place of "Juniors Wailing" in the encore.

For the first time, the Quo show was recorded and made available for purchase within minutes of the show finishing. The recording was performed by Live Here Now, mixed from individual splits taken from the band & mixed in a dedicated truck by a team of audio experts. The 2-CD sets (with full colour artwork) are available or the gig can be downloaded. For order details, visit the Live Here Now download shop.

Photos of the band in action at Westonbirt can be found here and (more professionally) here.

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27th - Quo concert at Cannock Chase Forest, Staffordshire

Quo continued their forest tour with a first-time show at Cannock Chase Forest on June 27th. Supported by Rick Parfitt Jnr (complete with Nick Rossi on bass guitar), the band played the usual set. Despite some crowd trouble near the front during "The Oriental", the gig was a success and the weather was kind. Photos of Quo in action at Cannock can be found here.

The following review of the gig appeared in the Birmingham Mail on June 28th, written by Andy Coleman.

"ANY band that includes a song with the line “I can’t live without the rain falling on my head” at an outdoor show is tempting fate.

But despite Status Quo featuring the track Rain at their Cannock Chase gig it stayed dry, although a chill wind meant that front man Francis Rossi went on stage wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a jacket.

“I hope no one dies from frostbite,” he joked as he viewed the large crowd who had come prepared for winter in coats and fleeces.

They’d already been warmed up by support act Rick Parfitt junior, son of Quo rhythm guitarist. Rick senior looked tanned and fit after relocating to Spain and becoming the father of twins last month.

The natural amphitheatre that has been transformed into a concert venue gave everyone an excellent view of the stage – and the band a great view of the audience which came in handy when Francis Rossi spotted that a fan in the middle of the crowd had fallen and hurt his head.

He and bass player Rhino Edwards directed medics to the guy who was whisked to the first aid tent and soon recovered.

The show featured the now familiar Quo set list, with favourites like Caroline, Down Down and Rockin’ All Over The World, although the band was promising a new-look concert when they play Birmingham NEC on December 22 as part of a tour marking the 40th anniversary of their first hit single Pictures Of Matchstick Men."

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27th - John Coghlan's Quo at The Robin 2 Club, Wolverhampton

John Coghlan's Quo played at the famous Robin 2 music club in Wolverhampton on June 27th. Their set lasted about 90 minutes and John made some interesting comments between songs - he said that he and his wife went backstage at the recent Quo gig at Westonbirt and spent around 45 minutes with all the band, including about 20 minutes with Matt. He also said that Andy spent most of the time asleep!

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28th - Quo concert at Dalby Forest, Yorkshire

In the last of their stint of playing to trees, Quo played to a crowd of about 5,000 at Dalby Forest on June 28th. Rick Parfitt Jnr again provided support (with Nick Rossi on bass) and played a well-received covers set. Photos of the band in action can be found here, here and here.

The following review of the gig appeared in the Yorkshire Evening Press on June 30th, written by Alex Calnan.

"Hit me with an air guitar if Messrs Rossi and Parfitt aren’t damn fine inspirations to us all. These guys have been rocking since the late 1960s and can still dart around the stage like nimble antelopes while belting out the 12-bar riffs we’ve come to love them for.

In a sold out Dalby Forest arena, a crowd of 5,000 battle-hardened Quo Army devotees, long-time fans, families with kids in tow and the curious all gathered to hear this classic rock band treat us to a glorious greatest hits performance which launched with the eternal Quo anthem Caroline, then barely became anything less than brilliant.

Most of the big Quo songs were aired including early hits Paper Plane and Roll Over, Lay Down to the more pop- flavoured Living On An Island and In The Army.

The current tour is celebrating 40 years of hits, and it was fitting that Beginning Of The End from the newest Quo album, In Search Of The Fourth Chord was given an outing.

The crowd loved it all and I was left with the knowledge that I had seen these utterly majestic rock icons whose like we’ll never see again."

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28th - John Coghlan performs with Jackie Lynton, at the Seacourt Bridge Inn, Oxford

John Coghlan performed with his old mate Jackie Lynton in Oxford, on June 28th. The band played a set of classic rock along with some of Lynton's own numbers. Highlights for the Quo fans were a slow blues version of "Don't Waste My Time" and a closing Quo medley.

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