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That was the Quo month that was ... June 2005

1st - Quo concert at Walkers Stadium, Leicester FC (cancelled)

Quo's long awaited stadium performance in Leicester on June 1st was cancelled late in the piece, the press release for the cancellation follows.

"The inaugural Foxes Music Festival, scheduled for the Walkers Stadium in June, has today been postponed.

Leicester City Football Club and the event producers reluctantly took the decision after being unable to secure additional days and acts for the festival.

Status Quo had been lined up to kick off the event on Wednesday, June 1st, and 24 hours later Lemar and Darius headlined a series of pop acts. Customers who have purchased tickets for the event can claim a full refund by contacting their point of purchase."

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1st - Jeff Rich article from the Wimbledon Post (UK)

The following article by Ben Clover of the Wimbledon Post appeared at

"Kids don't normally need any help making a racket. But when the former drummer with rock giants STATUS QUO dropped into Poplar Primary School, Morden, to give some expert tuition, it could have been a scene from the film, "School of Rock".

Jeff Rich played with STATUS QUO for 15 years as well as Brit-metal titans DEF LEPPARD.

Since leaving the QUO, he has been teaching children the basics of drumming. At Poplar on Thursday last week, he spoke of his musical journey which began when be bought his first drum by saving up the money from his paper round.

He went on to play in stadiums across the world with the QUO. He also told the kids what it is like to play on "Top of the Pops" and exploded some of the myths about showbiz.

Later he gave a demonstration of the drum skills that powered QUO hits like "Down Down" and "Rockin' All Over The World".

The grand finale of the masterclass saw the kids join in. About 200 pupils from Year 3 upwards were handed percussion, from drums and bells to glockenspiel, and joined in a rhythmic jam session."

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2nd - Daily Mirror campaign for Quo to star at Live 8

The following campaign - titled as "The Quo Must Go On" in reference to them taking the stage as part of Live 8 on July 2nd - appeared in the "3am" section of the Daily Mirror website on June 2nd, prompting a huge media and fanbase response!

"WHO cares whether The Spice Girls turn up or not? The only act we demand to see at Live 8 is Status Quo. The iconic British rockers famously opened the Live Aid gig on July 13, 1985, playing Rockin' All Over The World. And didn't we just...

So we are outraged that Bob Geldof and his co-organisers haven't put Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt on the star-studded list of those taking part in the eight-hour extravaganza at London's Hyde Park on July 2.

Quite frankly, without the Quo there is no show.

So today, 3am are launching a campaign to get the boys in stonewashed denim on the bill. And we're not the only ones...

Capital FM breakfast host Johnny Vaughan has aired his concerns that the longest-running rock band in Britain - 40 years and counting - have been overlooked.

While Radio 1's Edith Bowman and Colin Murray are keen to sing along to one of the band's many hit singles on the big day.

A well-placed source in the Quo camp assures us that the axe heroes are "bang up for it", if they are asked. But there's one stipulation... The band are already booked to play in Killarney, Co Kerry in Ireland at 6pm on July 2. The only way they'll be able to do both gigs is if they can be out of Hyde Park by 3pm.

This means they would have to have one of Live 8's headlining top slots in the first hour. And why shouldn't they? We're sure the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna, Elton John, Sting, Coldplay and U2 would welcome the hairy headbangers on stage with open arms.

Last night, the band's manager, Simon Porter, told us: "We would love to do it. However, if we were to play we would have to be away by 3pm as we have a contractual obligation to be on stage in Ireland at 6pm."

Our Quo insider said yesterday: "There a few things everyone remembers about Live Aid - Queen's performance and Geldof swearing - but Quo opening at Wembley is definitely one of them.

"It was one of the biggest days of their lives and they would love to recreate it at Live 8. There were more than 70,000 people singing along to Rockin' All Over The World and who can forget that.

"Nobody is saying the Quo should open Live 8 but everyone would love to see them there. They just need to sort out the right slot in the first hour."

Over to you, Sir Bob ...

FOR more information about Live 8, visit"

"TEN reasons why Quo must show:

1 Because we've all sung along to Whatever You Want on karaoke.

2 You can never have too much denim and long hair at a rock gig.

3 It's a chance to play air guitar...

4 ...and have a good head-bang.

5 They're knocking on and need to keep their blood circulating.

6 It'd be more fun than Sir Paul McCartney playing Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Yawn!

7 They are loads better than the Spice Girls anyway.

8 They have sold over 112 million singles and albums. Count 'em!

9 Er, they might not be around for the next one.

10 Because you'll like it, you'll like it, you'll la-la-la like it..."

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4th - Quo concert at Das Familienfest, Interpark, Ingolstadt, Germany

In front of a crowd of some 36000 younger rock music fans, Quo belted out a shortened set (without "Big Fat Mama" and "Juniors Wailing") at the family-oriented "Das Familienfest" in Ingolstadt on June 4th. A fabulous collection of photos from their performance are available here.

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9th - Quo concert at Katinkulta, Finland

Quo performed to an encouragable crowd of 2500 at a one-off gig in Finland on June 9th. Some photos from the gig are available here.

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10th - Quo concert at Sweden Rock Festival, Sölvesborg, Sweden

The annual Sweden Rock Festival featured a large line-up for 2005, including Quo, Motley Crue, Sammy Hagar and Ymgwie Malmsteen. Some good photos are available by clicking here.

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13th - Quo article in Daily Mirror newspaper (UK)

The following article, titled "EXCLUSIVE: GIVE US 4 F***ING MINUTES - ON THE ROAD WITH THE QUO IN SWEDEN", appeared in the June 13th edition of the UK's Daily Mirror newspaper.

"VETERAN hellraisers Status Quo last night begged Live 8 supremo Sir Bob Geldof for a slot on the greatest rock concert the world has ever seen.

In an emotional plea, Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt spoke out as 3am's campaign to get them on to the big show gained momentum. "All we want is four f***ing minutes," says Rick, backed by support from thousands of Daily Mirror readers. "Surely someone could find four spare minutes in an eight-hour show."

The veterans have been offered a 6pm slot but they have a long-standing, prior commitment in Ireland which means they'd need to get on to the Live 8 stage in London as early as possible.

The boys also have a special reason for wanting to join the superstar line-up at Hyde Park on July 2 - they don't remember a whole lot about their legendary opening salvo on Live Aid two decades ago. What should be cherished memories of the blockbusting 1985 fund-raiser remain lost in a haze of drink and drugs.

An ecstatic 80,000-strong Wembley Stadium crowd erupted as they launched into Rocking All Over The World. But today, as they relax before a sell-out gig in Sweden, the 55-year-olds can only recall a few highlights of the event.

"We didn't realise the gravity of Live Aid until we got on stage," says a now drug-free Rick. "But it was over in a second. Neither of us remember much of the day after that."

Francis, who stopped snorting coke when his septum rotted, adds: "Apparently, we were back on stage for the finale of Feed The World. I only know this because I've seen the film of it."

Francis says: "I do remember falling off a table with David Bowie just before we went back on..." Quo's evergreen double-act crack up at their vague recollections. Francis says: "Geldof got angry with me because I'd said there were lots of drugs around."

Rick takes issue: "You were wrong. There weren't 'lots of drugs'. There were f***ing shed-loads!

"Fifteen minutes after coming off-stage, I was completely drunk. I don't remember anything else. So it would be great if we can remember it this time. If they let us perform at Live 8 we'll have to stay stone-cold sober because of the gig in Ireland later on. I just hope they give us a slot... because there's no show without Quo!"

It was two weeks ago that the Mirror launched its "Re-inStatus" initiative, after the band's shock omission from the July 2 line-up. Quo are desperate to get on early because they don't want to disappoint their fans at an Irish rock festival later on that evening.

And Rick, Francis and the band - John Edwards (bass), Andrew Broom (keyboard) and drummer Matt Letley - are keen to fit both shows in.

On Friday, Sir Bob told viewers of the Jonathan Ross chat show that to get Quo on the bill, all they had to do was text in to the ticket number. And Rick is gushing in his gratitude to all the Mirror readers backing the Quo. "We can't believe it," he says. "Everyone has gone to so much trouble. It's marvellous. We really are very grateful because we'd actually given up on doing Live 8. When we first heard about it, we thought it would be great to do that again.

"But unfortunately, the 6pm slot was impossible for us so we asked to be put on earlier. In an ideal world we'd love to kick things off with Rocking All Over The World! Four minutes - and we're out of there. Of course, it can be done."

The red-tape delaying a decision is a contrast to two decades ago. "Yes, it all seemed so smooth back then," says Rick. "We were just told to get on stage. 'There's an amplifier, plug it in and play!'Sadly, it doesn't seem that simple this time..."

Even if they don't manage to convince Sir Bob, their fans are in no doubt about Quo's legendary, er, status. In a remarkable career dating back to the mid-1960s, the guys have sold more than 112million records and can boast 55 hit singles. But why has this eternally unfashionable act survived?

"It must be our good looks," says a grizzled Rick. "Or our intelligence!" adds an equally tongue-in-cheek Francis.

They still spend much of the year rocking all over the world, this time wowing 30,000 Swedish devotees. "This is a great time of year for Quo," says Rick. "We do lots of festivals, see old friends and hang out."

These days, however, drugs play no part. "We just like to share a beer on a day off," says Francis. Rick interjects: "Only one between us, mind. We genuinely stick to tea now.

"We do look after ourselves a bit more now. We have to - we don't want to let the fans down because we have a hangover or something."

Rick suffered a major health scare in 1997, when he woke up with crippling chest pains, was taken to hospital and underwent a quadruple heart bypass. Now he insists: "If I drop dead on stage, it would be a great way to go."

Rossi is outraged. "Not in the middle of the Mirror's campaign, I hope! Don't peg it before Live 8. Can you imagine if he pegs it in the middle of Live 8? That would be a way to go!"

In fact, their health regimes mean they don't look too ridiculous in their customary drainpipes.

"I go for long walks or work-out in the gym," says Francis. "I also have a personal trainer at home." Rick, however, still smokes and lacks Francis's commitment.

"I do f*** all," he reveals. "Luckily, I can maintain a reasonable level of fitness because of what we do."

The days of drugs and groupies may be behind them but Rick's love life still isn't conventional. He divorced first wife Marietta in 1982 after 10 years. His second wife Patti was a former childhood sweetheart. But he was reconciled with Marietta in 1991 and divorced Patti. Now he's back with Patti.

"You're confused?" asks Rick. "Don't ask me, I don't know. I'm sort of with my other ex-wife. Am I married to her? No, I don't think so." Francis laughs: "You'd better check with our PA."

He has been married to second wife Eileen for 17 years and she's mother to three of his seven children. With that, it's time for Quo to get busy, pleasing the Swedes. But will they be pleasing the British at Live 8?

C'mon, Sir Bob, remember what Rick says: "No Quo means no show!" And this time they promise to behave themselves...

NINE out of 10 voters in an online poll of nearly 15,000 people by AOL called for Status Quo to play at Live 8. Dan Patton, head of music at the company, said: "Status Quo rocked the world when they opened Live Aid 20 years ago, so we would love to see them do it all over again. Our poll shows nearly everyone wants the Quo at the gig." AOL is the online partner for Live 8 and will show all the concerts live on the internet.

Tell Sir Bob you want the boys on Live8 by texting Quo to 04599 and by signing our petition at Texts cost £1.50 - all profits to Live8."

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17th - Quo concert at Ravenhill Rugby Ground, Belfast, Ireland (with Meatloaf)

The following review comes from the Belfast Telegraph and was titled "Slice of classic loaf" penned by Damien Murray.

"A MAJOR triple bill of international performers provided Belfast with a memorable 'mini-festival' last night in a musical marathon lasting over four hours.

The soundtrack of a generation was on offer in this night of nostalgia at Ravenhill and anthemic rock classics from Status Quo and Meatloaf after former Spice Girl Melanie C joined her band to kick things off with a lively set featuring many songs from her current album, Beautiful Intentions.

Status Quo took to the stage for over an hour in a packed programme of well-known and well-loved rockers, as the dynamic dinosaurs of pop-rock remembered almost 40 years of guitar-driven hits.

They got the Quo treatment in a powerhouse performance, which began with the classic Caroline and included such highlights as Down Down, Roll Over Lay Down, Whatever You Want and Rockin' All Over The World

The non-stop rocking nostalgia continued with the main attraction Meatloaf (backed by a superb band) in a display of musical showmanship.

When the mighty Texan's leather jacket came off even before his opening song had finished, we knew he meant business - and he wasted no time before getting into evergreen rockers like Black Betty and Dead Ringer For Love.

While this charismatic character had no problem persuading the participation of the audience in singalongs like You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth, it was dramatic epics like Paradise By The Dashboard Light and Bat Out Of Hell that won the night."

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18th - Quo concert at Ardgillan Castle, Dublin, Ireland (with Meatloaf)

In the second of their Irish concerts with Meatloaf, Quo played in the grounds of Argillan Castle near Dublin on June 18th. Mel C again kicked things off before Quo launched into a 90-minute set (as per the Belfast show but also including the quad of "Heavy Traffic" songs). Meatloaf closed the event, to the delight of the 25000-strong crowd.

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22nd - Quo concert at Hessentag 2005, Weilburg, Festzelt Technikerschule, Germany (with Jethro Tull)

Quo and Jethro Tull played at the annual Hessentag in Weilburg on June 22nd. The Hessentag is the annual exhibition of the German county of Hessen - it takes place over a two-week period and there are lots of events every day for every kind of culture and art. Quo's show was in a big tent and, due to the very hot temperatures all over Germany, it was very hot for their performance in front of a sell-out crowd of 5,500.

Tull kicked off the event, playing more than 90 minutes focused on material from their 'Aqualung' album. Quo then appeared to play their usual set (but with "Big Fata Mama" missing), concluding of course with "Bye Bye Johnny" - right after the final chords of "Bye Bye Johnny". a boy climbed up stage went to Francis with a poster and got signed autographs by Francis and Rick. He was so proud that he went to a microphone and screamed "Rock n Roll".

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24th - Quo concert at München, Olympiapark Süd, Tollwood Sommerfestival 2005, Germany

Quo hit Germany in the middle of a Summer heatwave, to play the annual Tollwood festival. With an outdoor temperature approaching 40 degrees, Quo played to 6000 fans in a huge tent erected for the festival. Unsurprisingly, the temperature inside the tent was very high and the band suffered through their set to the break for the encore. After "Rockin' All Over The World", Francis was helped off stage by Rhino and was clearly exhausted. Rick was seen being given oxygen from a cylinder at the side of the stage. A few minutes later, the tour bus left the venue, closely followed by an ambulance (containing Rick). An announcement was then made in German that there would be no encore "for medical reasons". Later an official announcement came from Simon Porter:

"Rick is fine. The weather today in Munich was roasting and, inside the tent where tonight's show was held, the temperature hit 130 degrees.

"It was quite possibly the hottest show Quo has ever had to play and, after more than 80 minutes of giving it everything - as Quo always does - Rick simply overheated.

"Total exhaustion meant that he was unable to return to the stage for the usual encore - for which we apologise."

The next scheduled shows in Kempten and Leipzig were then cancelled, with this official statement appearing on the official web site: "Quo will not play the shows at Kempten, Burghalde (Saturday June 25th) and Leipzig, Parkbuhne (Sunday June 26th). Doctors have advised that due to the effects of heat exhaustion and dehydration following the show in Munich that Quo rest for a few days.

Photos from this sweaty German show can be seen here.

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24th - Rick interview in Southampton Echo (UK)

The following interview with Rick, titled "Quo-draphenia Day" and penned by Noel Davies, appeared in the Southampton Echo on 24th June.

"The mighty Status Quo bring their trusted fret swords to the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu next month as part of Summer Pops 05, which also features concerts by Will Young and Lucy Silvas. Noel Davies grilled the band's guitarist Rick Parfitt about tea, Rambo and trashing hotel rooms!

You've been around for over 30 years, sold millions of albums and could easily afford to live on island and smoke cigars all day, so why do you still bother performing and making records?

"We still have a laugh on the road, but take it seriously. It's just pure professionalism. We do not get bored because when you think about it, it's not work, it's just enjoyable to do. There are thousands of new faces every night. You don't think it's the same set, but a different crowd and we want that crowd sweating and rocking.

"It's great to come up with a new song too. It's all good and well coming up with the ideas, but when you get together with the band that's when it becomes a true Quo thing. That's when you think "I was strumming around with this idea and now look what it's become".

"We could turn around and knock it on the head tomorrow, but we don't want to. I think it's disgusting what Busted did. They had such a huge following and then just said bye. We could never do that. We are not going to hang up our guitars just yet."

You play at Beaulieu next month as part of Summer Pops 05. What can fans expect?

"I'll be too occupied with the cars! I'm just hoping the weather is nice and that everyone has a great time."

What's the best guitar riff ever?

"Probably Smoke on the Water. It's just the opening line. Most of the best riffs are simple like Smoke on the Water or something by Chuck Berry."

What's the craziest party you've ever been to?

"There have been a few, but most of them I don't remember! That's probably a good thing now. The best one? Probably in LA a few years ago now. We went to a house in the hills and it was wild, completely wild, anything went. It was when we started to get into the wrong substances, but back then we thought it was great."

How many hotel rooms have you trashed?

"Umm most probably three! We tend not to do that anymore. In the early days we'd wake up and find our rooms wrecked and not realise who did it. It was great fun, but when I look back we used to make a horrendous mess. We wrecked the whole reception of a hotel once and had to pay for everything. I like TV so I always used to keep that as long as I could."

Who's the best guitarist: you or Francis Rossi?

"He's good at what he does and I'm good at what I do. When we come together that's when the Quo sound comes. We have something that comes out when the two guitars come together."

What's your favourite tipple?

"I have to be honest and say nowadays it's tea. I always have some nice English breakfast tea with me."

One of your most famous songs was In The Army Now. Who in your opinion is the best action hero: Rambo or Action Man?

"I'd say Action Man because he's British."

What's the best guitar chord to play?

"Open D. It's such a sexy chord. I like working in different guitar tunings."

What's the most interesting fact or piece of knowledge you know?

"Never take anything for granted and always go out there and give it 100 percent."

Status Quo play the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu on June 22. Tickets £30. Box office: 0871 230 2627.

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undated - Quo mentioned in Q magazine (UK)

In the June edition of Q magazine, (in)famous Coronation Street Quo fan Les Battersby picks what he likes to play in the evening...

"Anything by Status Quo. I'm always up for a bit of Quo. I know Rick and Francis quite well, and I convinced them to appear on the Street in August- they will be playing at Les's wedding. They're big fans of the show. Apparently they won't go on stage until they've watched it."

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