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That was the Quo month that was ... June 2002

Flyer for the Sweden Rock Festival

7th - Quo concert at Sweden Rock Festival

The following promo for Quo's gig at the Sweden Rock Festival appeared on the festival web site.

"The leopard never loses its spots. A well used saying, but in some cases a highly applicable one. Of the geez guys in Quo have had their ups and downs, but they always seem to land on their feet. This was dramatically proved when they appeared on the Swedish lottery show "Bingolotto", where they rocked both socks and lottery tickets off the seniors in the audience. It actually feels kinda awkward trying to positively describe a band everyone knows rule the stage and a bunch that deliver their boogie with incomparable determination. Quos at Sweden Rock, go see 'em! Its as simple as that!"

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9th - Quo concert at Femoren, Copenhagen, Denmark

This review comes from Flemming Andersen.

Quo got off stage at 5-oeren, Copenhagen, only one hour ago. Here is a short report from yours faithfully.

In short: Nothing new under the sun! Or in other words: Exactly the way we like it :-)

It was an outdoor gig, the sun was shining but only half the crowd capacity was filled. A bit weird since the weather was perfect for a bit of beer 'n' boogie. It did leave a trace on the first two or three tunes. Both audience and the band seemed to need a bit of warming up. But sound was excellent and Quo played a set that will come as no surprise to you.

All-in-all a quite satisfying gig with splendid sound though lacking a bit of energy which was probably partly due to the poor turn-up of audience.

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22nd - Quo concert at Wilhelm-Dopatka-Halle, Leverkusen

The following review was written by Till Langhorst.

I just came home after 2.5 hours drive from the concert in Leverkusen. It was one of the best concerts I have seen from Quo.

The crowd was going wild from the start until the end - everybody was dancing, rocking, singing, clapping and Quoing. I must say it again and again the West of germany and Holland are the best regions to see Quo - the people are very open and know how to party. We came from the Southern part of Germany and there it is normally much quieter and much more good behaviour which I don't want at a Quo concert.

Quo played the same set like the whole tour and played as a bonus Juniors Wailing which was a great song for a great evening.

I think the next big Quo party will be in Essen in October. Tomorrow we go to Künzelsau but I can't imagine that the concert will be half as good as Leverkusen tonight.

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Some real cuties ... and some scantily-clad cheerleaders

22nd - Quo at NFL Europe World Bowl

Quo performed at a pre-game show for the NFL Europe league World Bowl in Düsseldorf's Rheinstation on June 22.

The game was broadcast to a worldwide audience and well covered by European media. The following photographs come from NGZ Online.

Heh Rick, look this way! Francis wearing something old and something blue
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