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That was the Quo month that was ... June 2000

3rd - Quo concert at Kanalbuhne, Gelsenkirchen

The following review comes from Till Langhorst.

I just come home from the gig in Gelsenkirchen.A great wonderful gig - many greetings to all the people we have met fromthe UK, from Holland, from Belgium and, of course, from Germany.The concert was on small island in a channel and the audience (maybe 4000people) were in an amphitheatre on land so that everybody could seeeverything.

The sound was crystal clear, much better for my taste than in Emden.Quo were in a very good mood - Parfitt was rockin the whole evening withno quiet minute and Rossi made long and funny announcements.The setlist was the same like the gigs before, they play the "Anniversary Waltz"without "Lucille", this is not a great loss.

There is no better place in Germany to see a Quo gig than in the"Ruhrgebiet", I am from Bavaria but this part of Germany knows how toboogie.

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6th - Quo concert at Unterfrankenhalle, Aschaffenburg

The following review comes from Till Langhorst once more.

I just come home from the gig in Aschaffenburg - it was fuckin' great.I expected that it would be a more average gig but it was in the samestyle like Gelsenkirchen.The same setlist like the last gigs, Francis was talking and joking verylong between the songs and he refused my request to play "Spicks andSpecks".

I have met Matt Letley before the gig on the street and he was very shybut very friendly. I would say that 2000 people were there.

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7th - Quo concert at Congresscentrum, Stuttgart

The following review comes from Wolfgang Bauer from Austria.

I just got home from the gig in Stuttgart (it's 2.30am right now) but I'vestill got this ringing in my ears and I like it, like it!! Yeah, that wasreally a great (and very loud) night with the Quo again. I loved the waythey did "Roll Over Beethoven" as the first encore, very powerful. They wholegig was loaded with energy, great gig, loved it - looking forward to the gigon Sunday in Schwäbisch Hall!

Starting with "Caroline" and doing "4500 Times" were other very welcome highlights for me! "Roll Over Lay Down" - fantastic! Frame apparently enjoyed the gig - about 3000 people turned up - he made quite a few jokes, especiallly before "Dirty Water".

The new drummer is great (although I'd like to see Jeff again) - he's definitely more than just a replacement!

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11th - Quo concert at Hasenbachhalle, Schwäbisch

The following review comes from Till Langhorst, the busy Quo fan this month!

I just come home from the gig in Schwäbisch Hall and now I am a littlebit sad because the normal tour is over and it was the best tour for mytaste that I have ever seen from Quo (my first tour was 1986).

Tonight was absolutely fantastic and steaming hot.I have changed after the concert my complete clothing.The band and especially Rossi were in a fantastic mood, manyconversations with the crowd. It was of the best audiences of the tour -only happy singing and dancing people, not like last friday in Hünfeld.

Somebody shouted "Is there a better way" and Rossi answered "yeahsometimes I thought there must be a better way than standing here andbleeding and sweating".

They played the same setlist like on every evening, but without "Roll OverBeethoven" because it was too hot - you could see that Quo were exhaustedat the end of the normal set because it was very hot and not one breathof fresh air was in the hall.

But they played, after many shouting and shaking from me and my friends,the first time on this tour, "Shake Baby Shake" in "Bye Bye Johnny".This was a great end of a great tour from the best "LIVE BAND EVER".

P.S. I think there were between 1500 and 2000 people in the hall.Many greetings to our friends from Austria, Holland, Switzerland andGermany who made the evening into a total party.

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23rd - Quo concert at Nibe Festival, Aalborg

This review comes from Michael Hansen in Denmark.

Started off 23rd at 8.30 in the morning from home. First a drive then a sailtrip and then more driving. Arrived at our hotel at 1pm in Aalborg. Met with a friend who also stayed at the hotel. Checked in - went for a small walk in town - and then it started to rain - really rain. Went back to the hotel to get a cup of coffee, it was at 15th floor - overlooking the whole town. As we sat there, my wife, friend and me, the waiter came and asked us, if we were going to Nibe Festival. We answered that we were and he then told us that the busdriver, who drove the bands to the festival, had told him that it was all mud out there already. The busdriver had just been driving with Manfred Man. I then asked him, if they were staying at the hotel, and he said yes and this other band - called Status Quo. YES YES YES!!!!

After the coffee we went down to the hall to meet with four other friends, who weren't going to stay at the hotel, but wait together with us, until it was time to leave for the festival. As we were waiting for the rain to stop just a bit, the waiter came and asked us, if we wanted to hear a secret and we said of course. Quo would arrive in 30 minutes time, so we just waited a bit longer. At about 6pm the bus arrived with Quo. We got to talk to them and got some pictures as well - great - great.

We left the hotel - the rain had stopped for a while. The festival was about 22km from the hotel. When we arrived there was lots of mud all over, but we made it fairly to the front without getting all covered in mud at 7.30 pm. Quo weren't on until 11.00pm. So it was a long wait with Eric Gadd on stage - not good. And then for some change a bit more rain.

Then finally at 11pm, Quo went on - and we got warm again - the rain had stopped - no one pushed - it was really great. It was so good, they were really in a good mood (or maybe just to cheer everybody up after the waiting in the rain) lots of energy, lots of fun, lots of talking - really a great concert (sorry for repeating myself - but it was great).

Same setlist as the latest - but with almost all of "Living Doll". Matt (Letley) and Paul (Hirsch) really great going compared to the two gigs we saw in Germany.

At about 1am we went back to the hotel - a bit tired.

Next morning - really funny - after breakfast I said to my wife that I would take our luggage to the car in the garage under the hotel. I went to the lift to get down - and when the door opens - Rick was in the lift. I must have looked like I saw a ghost. We said hello but didn't talk much, since it was only two floors down and I was shocked - it's not exactly what you expect to meet in the lift.

After that my wife and I went down to check out and when we got out of the lift, Francis and Matt sat there waiting to leave. So we got to say hello again and got a few more pictures. Then they left and at our way out, we said goodbye to Rhino. Rick and Paul were already on the bus. So that was yet another great Quotrip. Now we are looking forward to Skanderborg in August.

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23rd - Alan Lancaster on "The Happening 70s"

As part of a seventies night, Australia's Channel 10 featured a show called "The Happening 70s", presented by the evergreen Molly Meldrum. It traced the musical trends of the decade, from glam to punk, from heavy metal to disco. The show included contributions from many of the top Australian artists of the 70s, like Hush, Sherbet, Cold Chisel and Skyhooks. Quo were mentioned a number of times and Alan Lancaster provided some interview snippets. Short video clips of "Whatever You Want" and "Caroline" were also featured.

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