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That was the Quo month that was ... July 1996

1st - Quo lose court case against Radio 1

The bitter court battle between Quo and Radio 1 finally drew to a close on Monday July 1st when Quo lost their case against the station. The writ was brought against Radio 1 after their continued reluctance to play Quo records, even when they entered the Top 40 - the entry of "Fun Fun Fun" at number 24 in February was the last straw for the band and they delivered the writ on February 29th.

While delivery of the writ received much media attention, the loss of the case seemed less newsworthy. The Sun, for example, only gave a small piece on page 3 (!) to the story, headed "Quo are rhythm 'n' losers" on July 2nd. The case itself was very short and the judge, Mr Justice Collins, obviously thought the whole thing something of a joke. In the High Court, he said "Maybe Radio 1 don't like your music - they don't have to." The whole point still seems to have been somewhat missed I feel.

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9th - Jeff Rich Drum Masterclass at North Camp

Jeff Rich continued his tour of southern schools and his Drum and Percussion Masterclass with a visit to Wavell School, North Camp near Aldershot on July 9th. His visit was covered by the local newspaper, The Aldershot News, on July 12th and their story was accompanied by a photograph of Jeff at his kit surrounded by some Year 10 pupils.

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20th - Francis Rossi interview in "The Independent" magazine

The Independent magazine on July 20th featured an extensive article about Francis Rossi. John Walsh interviewed Francis and syats that "Status Quo's three-chord hero reveals a surprisingly tender side." The interview (which was accompanied by a less than flattering photo of Francis) was spread over two full pages and included discussion of Rossi the family man, along with his life with Quo and his recent solo project. The interview concludes with Walsh wondering what singer Francis would most like to be like - "Yeah, there's a voice I've always dreamed of becoming - but it's probably a female voice. There aren't many men singers I particularly like." Walsh comments "And a minute later, the gender-bending, dendrophile ex-hellraiser is talking, with the warmth of total empathy, about Helen Shapiro."

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22nd - Francis Rossi releases "Give Myself To Love"

The first (and, as it turned out, only) single to be released from Francis Rossi's solo album "King of the Doghouse" was released on July 22nd. Titled "Give Myself To Love", the single was available on three formats - CD single, limited edition 7" picture disc and cassette single (all on Virgin Records with catalogue numbers VSCDT1594, VSP1594 and VSC1594 respectively). The 7" single and cassette single both offered "Give Myself To Love" and "Someone Show Me (Skunk Mix)" while the CD maxi-single also gave "King of the Doghouse (stripped down version)". Promotional 1-track videos were distributed for the single.

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22nd - Francis Rossi interview in "Woman's Own" magazine

The weekly women's magazine "Woman's Own" featured an article about Francis Rossi and the pending birth of his eighth child, on July 22nd. The two-page spread included five well-chosen pictures covering the entire spectrum of Quo's career. Francis talks about the imminent arrival of his new child, his solo project and his contentment at life with Eileen. The interview, by Ruth Brotherhood, says "Francis is grateful he's found happiness at last. He's determined to be around to see his kids grow up. The only reminder of the bad days is a hole in his nose big enough to stick a cotton bud through - a trick he performs for teenagers to put them off drugs." Francis comments "I always thought I'd be dead by 45, but now I want to make it to 80. I don't drink any more and I don't eat meat. I eat fruit in the mornings and do 300 sit-ups a day." Apparently, "He's so clean-living he even wears white socks so he can tell if his feet are dirty. Doesn't he have any vices? "Sometimes I take Eileen to Amsterdam without the kids. We have a couple of Margharitas and plenty of sex," he smirks. There's life in the old rocker yet."

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27th - Francis Rossi on "National Lottery"

Francis Rossi appeared on the Saturday night draw show for the National Lottery on July 27th. Introduced by Ulrika Johnson, Francis performed "Give Myself To Love" in his trademark solo career blue suit, complete with brass backing and female backing vocalists. The audience clapped along to the song and a number of Quo fans were present in the front rows (including me).

Francis had the honour of pressing the button to release the lottery balls, wishing "good luck everybody" as he did so. To close the show, Francis joined Ulrika and Mystic Meg to wave goodnight.

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27th - Francis Rossi article in "Daily Mail - Weekend"

A beautiful colour picture of Francis and daughter adorned the front cover of the Daily Mail's "Weekend" magazine on July 27th. The feature article inside the magazine includes a fabulous family shot of Francis and Eileen with Simon, Nicholas, Kieran, Kiera, Finn and Patrick. The usual interview fodder about drink and drugs gives way to discussions of family life (indeed the front cover asks "Francis Rossi - What turned a rock rebel into Mr Family Values?") and his recent solo project (which is accompanied by a photo of Francis and Eileen at his Virgin Records launch party at Thunder Drive in London). Once again Rossi concludes with his now ever-present contentment apparent - "I enjoy being alive. Now I want to live until I'm 80 or 90. I want to be one of those old gits who people say looks really good for his age."

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30th - Francis Rossi on "GMTV" (from Spain)

Francis Rossi appeared on GMTV's "Fun In The Sun" series of programmes from the beaches of Spain on July 30th. Introduced by Anthea Turner, he performed "Give Myself To Love" amongst a huge crowd on the beach, with the crowd participating with him and joking with his jokes. The awful yellow suit got another airing...

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30th - Filming of Gotcha for "Noel's House Party" at Brentford

The following account of the filming of Quo's Gotcha at Watermans Theatre, Brentford, on July 30th comes courtesy of Kevin Sullivan.

Well, for those of you who went to the 30 year BBC tribute recording, it turned into quite a night. The evening was set up with Rossi and Parfitt being interviewed by Eamonn Holmes (of GMTV) in preparation for a tribute programme on Quo. There were about 250 fans there including several from the Quo mailing list. I never met Lee but I know he was there, Jim and Kristian were also there.

The interviews started with Eamonn and the audience asking Quo questions. Quo were on form with the usual joking and fooling around. There were serious questions and then a few really weird questions started from some people who, if they were Quo fans, were a real embarrassment. Questions like.

It was all getting very embarrassing. Then a guy from the audience was invited onto stage to play and sing a tribute to Quo. He couldn't play a guitar to save his life. This was getting too much. Too embarrassing yet Quo were soldiering on and in amongst it all were serious and genuine questions from the real fans.

To cut a long story short, the embarrassing questions continued amongst the good and genuine ones. Then a guy asked if he could have the cardboard cut outs of Quo from the stage for his collection. 5 minutes later, in the middle of another question, the same guy was on the stage taking the carboard cut outs down in the middle of the show. Quo didn't know what the hell was going on. Neither did we.

He then took it to them and insisted they autograph it. At that point Rossi recognised that the guy was in disguise and it was Noel Edmonds delivering his Gotcha to Quo. Quo were well and truly set up. All the embarrassing questions were planted and done by actors. It was a complete set up for Noel Edmonds' programme.

For me, I'm in mixed mood. One part of me says "hey that was great. A real laugh, brilliant. A good night out. " Another part of me feels cheated. There is no 30 year tribute programme. Quo deserve one but it isn't happening. It was all a hoax to play a joke on Quo.

Other genuine info from the questions included:

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undated - "Euro Football Mania" (words by John Edwards) released

The football anthem "Euro Football Mania" was released in July for the Euro 96 football competition. The words are by John Edwards and are as follows:

Welcome, bienvenue, wilkommen,
Dobro dosli, benvenuti, hosgeldeniz, bienvenido
Euroooooo (`96)
Chorus 1
From Portugal to Switzerland
The Czech Republic to Scotland
England to Croatia
There's Euro Football Mania
Verse 1
Who can forget the Gothenburg night
When Deutschland got it wrong
And Denmark got it right
Four years later on who's it going to be?
Playing out the final at Wemb-er-ly
Verse 2
It's going to be a classic
Go down in history
It's going to be amazing
A famous victory
So enough of my yakkin' and on with the show
Called... Euroooooo (`96)
Chorus 2
In Turkey, France and Germany
From Russia down to Italy
In Holland and Bulgaria
There's Euro Football Mania
Euro Football Mania ('96)
Verse 3
Everybody's talking football now
We don't need no man from Brussels
To tell us when and how
`Cos what Euro is about
And I'm sure that you'll agree
Is to bring us all together
In a big community
Euro (x3) (`96)
Chorus 3
With Romania, Denmark and Spain
We're all aboard the Internet train
Believe us when we say to ya
It's Euro Football Mania
Believe us when we say to ya
It's Euro Football Mania
Euro Football Mania
La la la la.........
Good luck, sretno, bon chance, buona fortuna, iyl sanslar

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