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That was the Quo month that was ... July 2019

4th - Quo concert at Festival of Nīmes, Arčnes de Nīmes, Nīmes, France (with ZZ Top)

The last of Quo's guest slots with ZZ Top saw the band playing in a stunning outdoor arena in Nīmes, France. The following photos were posted to Leon's Facebook, taken by driver Roy Pattle and Benny Calvert respectively.

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6th - Quo concert at FL1 Life Festival, Schaan, Liechtenstein

Quo made a rare excursion into Liechtenstein for a gig on 6th July and some professional photos can be found on the official FL1 Life Festival website here.

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8th - First play of "Liberty Lane" on The Ken Bruce Show (BBC Radio 2)

The first public airing of material from the "Backbone" album took place on 8th July, with Ken Bruce playing "Liberty Lane" on his popular morning show on BBC Radio 2. The official clip of the song also appeared on YouTube.

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11th - Article about Francis joining "I'm A Celebrity" TV show in The Daily Star (UK)

An article suggesting that Francis will join the 2019 edition of the "I'm A Celebrity" TV show appeared in the UK's Daily Star newspaper on 11th July. The article, transcribed below, was titled "Status Quo legend Francis Rossi lined up for I’m a Celebrity" and was written by Paul Jeeves.

I’m A Celeb chiefs are eager to repeat the success of last year’s winner Harry Redknapp.

A show source said: “Francis would be the perfect successorto Harry.

“They are both Londoners with a gift of the gab and a wealth of brilliant anecdotes to tell.”

The source added: “Francis has worked alongside all the greats and would win over a whole new generation of fans.”

Quo are preparing to release their first new album since the death of guitarist Rick Parfitt.

But fans have been left puzzled as to why there’s no news of an accompanying tour.

The Down Down band traditionally tour the UK in November and December but no dates have yet been announced.

That’s because Rossi, 70, has been in talks with I’m A Celeb bosses.

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12th - Premiere of new single "Backbone" on Paul Antony's Breakfast show (Planet Rock Radio, UK)

The first play of the debut single - and title track - from the "Backbone" album went to Planet Rock Radio, with Paul Antony giving the song a great intro (and he also gave a shout out to my tweet sent while the new song was played). The official video for the song was also posted onto YouTube on the same day.

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13th - Quo concert at Sion Sous Les Etoiles, Plaine de Tourbillon, Sion, Switzerland (with Gotthard & Krokus)

Quo played a big outdoor gig in Switzerland on 13th July, with Gotthard & Krokus. The 15,000-strong crowd gave Quo a great reception and Leon Cave posted this great photo on his Instagram account (taken by Benny Calvert).

A short interview conducted at the festival swith both Richie and Francis, thanks to top Quo fan and collector Phillipe Duponteil, can be found here.

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15th - Premiere of John Eden's video of remixing "Baby Boy"

John Eden released a fascinating video of his work on remixing the track "Baby Boy" from the "Rockin' All Over The World" album on 15th July.

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25th Quo concert at Stadtpark, Hamburg, Germany-

Quo played an outdoor show in Hamburg on 25th July and a great set of photos (along with a review in German) can be seen here.

Richie Malone shared an awesome two-minute clip from the soundcheck before this show on Facebook here.

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