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That was the Quo month that was ... July 2015

3rd - Quo concert at Symphony at The Tower, Hoghton Tower, Preston

Quo kicked off a busy month of Summer festival appearances with a show at the historic Hoghton Tower near Preston, for the Symphony at The Tower weekend event on 3rd July. Supported by Good Foxy and New York Tourists, the band were in fine form and some great official photos can be found in this Symphony at The Tower gallery .

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4th - Quo concert at Lovely Days Festival, Ottakringer Arena, Wiesen, Austria

For the first of two dates in Austria, Quo played the Lovely Days Festival in Wiesen on (a very hot) 4th July. Other acts on the bill were The Doors Alive, Nazareth, Uriah Heep and Jimmy Cliff, with Eric Burdon & The Animals rounding out the day as headliners. Mick Box from Uriah Heep had some nice things to say about the festival and Quo on his blog: "We had played the Lovely Days festival a few times so we knew what to expect. Backstage the dressing rooms are all in an old train. Each band having their own carriage. It was good to see the posters on the journey to the venue, that had ‘sold out’ splattered across them. We managed to see Nazareth who went down really well and they played great. We were up next, and boy did we get a reception. It was truly amazing and deafening. All of the other bands including the Quo boys were on the side of the stage loving it. As festivals go this was like we were headlining, such was the positive response. There were congratulations coming from every area backstage after the show, which was a great feeling. All of the bands and the crews were saying nice things which was really cool."

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8th - Quo concert at Festival de Poupet, Théâtre de Verdure, St Malo du Bois, France

Quo hit France on the 8th July for the first of two gigs on French soil, this one headlining the Festival de Poupet in St Malo du Bois, supported by Charles Pasi. A stunning set of professional photos of the band in action at this festival can be found here.

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12th - Quo concert at Live at The Marquee, Cork Showgrounds, Cork, Ireland

Next stop on the European festival tour was Ireland, where Quo played at the "Live at the Marquee" festival in Cork on 12th July. This annual music festival is spread over a month during Summer and consists of a number of separate events each headlined by a different artist. Other acts during the 2015 festival included Beck, Billy Idol, ZZ Top, Lionel Richie, Van Morrison and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds. The following glowing review of the band's performance appeared in the Irish Examiner on July 13th, titled "Status Quo prove they are still able to rock on Leeside" and written by Joe Dermody.

"How has Status Quo remained such a band of happy campers for so long? Since their formation in 1962, has there ever been a photo of them frowning?

Anyone who went along to the Marquee last night will now know why that is. They don't do frowning. They're just plain infectiously joyful. Those of us who went along more in curiosity than in anticipation weren't long converting.

You might be someone who can stay in your seat when Rocking All Over The World, Whatever You Want, There's Something About You Baby I Like, What You're Proposing or even Caroline when they come on the radio, but when any of those songs are pumped into your heels at a show, it's like you've been deluding yourself by relaxing into an ejector seat.

And when Down Down comes on, resistance is way beyond futile. My God, they rock. It's no surprise so many people cite the Quo as the greatest show they've ever seen.

To be honest (mea culpa), it's easy to think of them as a joke. Their three-chord trick is the butt of many a joke.

Like: "Quo have two types of song, the fast one and Living On An Island."

Or, when Rick Parfitt was sidelined last year after heart surgery, the joke was that he was actually out with repetitive strain injury from playing the same three chord shapes for the past 50 years.

Who comes up with these jokes? Eh, mostly Quo themselves, to be fair. They're quite the jokers.

"We're all on drugs tonight, legal ones, because when one band member gets a bug we all get it," said Rossi. "We've no idea where we are."

Parfitt (the blond one) and Francis Rossi (the ex-ponytailed one) are the two enduring original members, but there is still a great sense of camaraderie about the entire crew; after all, some of the 'new' ones are, somewhat like Ballincollig 'blow-ins', only with the band 20 years.

They're constantly laughing, but they're no joke. They're one serious rock band, and masters of converting doubters into believers.

They slayed the Marquee. Slayed the place. Not only do we like them, I think it's fair to say that we like them, we like them, we la la like them."

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14th - Rick at the VIP night for "Dusty", Charing Cross Theatre, London

Rick donned his best bib and tucker to attend the VIP night of the new "Dusty" musical on 14th July. This new musical charts the life and music of Dusty Springfield and is showing at the Charing Cross Theatre in London's West End. A good set of photos of Rick looking dapper can be seen here (from

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17th - Quo concert at Newmarket Racecourse, Newmarket

Back on UK soil after their recent travels around Europe, Quo played an "after the races" gig at Newmarket Racecourse on 17th July. The following review of the show appeared in the Peterborough Telegraph on 21st July, titled "Bond between Quo and audience still holds strong" and written by Paul Monkhouse.

"They say you never forget your first love and that was certainly brought to Technicolor life when Rick Parfitt tore into the guitar riff of classic Quo set opener ‘Caroline’ on Friday night.

I was instantly transported back to the first time I saw the band live at Southampton Gaumont in 1981 and that rush of pure rock and roll inspired adrenaline that so swept me away as a young teenager. Always impressive on a string of superb albums, it was the raw passion and excitement of their live shows that blew me away and by the end of the evening at Newmarket that flame had not diminished with the years but had very much rekindled.

Running through a cherry-picked set that encompassed their long career and mixed newer and older classics Status Quo still have the energy and catalogue to shame most of the bands today. From the early primal boogie of ‘Paper Plane’ through to the more recent ‘Beginning of the End’ each song was greeted with roars of approval from the crowd.

So many of the songs played disabused the idea that Quo have always been heads down rockers and not much else. Sure, there was a lot of their signature bluesy hard rock but tracks like (cover) ‘In the Army Now’ and ‘Whatever You Want’ display such an ear for melody and great song-craft. Francis Rossi still plays the wisecracking frontman to a tee and Parfitt still looks every inch the blonde rock god as the stands at the apron of the stage cranking out rhythm guitar with all-consuming commitment.

Despite having threatened to retire several times, the bond between band and audience is so strong that has become a mutual dependency and when Parfitt sings the line “Say you need me” during ‘Big Fat Mama’ it seems so emphatic and telling of the need for both parties to share the music. Finishing the set with the very song they opened Live Aid with 30 years previously, ‘Rocking All Over the World’ exemplified the mass sing-along cum mission statement that the band has adhered to over almost fifty years.

A triumphal encore pairing of ‘Rock and Roll Music’ and ‘Bye Bye Johnny’ closed the night proper and left ears ringing and hearts and heads full."

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18th - Quo concert at Volksbank BraWo Bühne, Braunschweig, Germany

It was back to mainland Europe again on 18th July, for an open air gig at Braunschweig in Germany. Some fantastic professional photos from this gig can be found here.

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21st - Quo concert at ZeltSpektakel, Winterbach, Germany

Quo marched on in Germany with another festival appearance on 21st July, this time at the ZeltSpektakel in Winterbach. The main support act was Mallet and some great official photos from this gig can be found here.

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25th - Quo concert at 2015 Silverstone Classic, Silverstone, Northants

It was the perfect day out for Rick on 25th July when Quo played at the Silverstone Classic event. Some decent photos from this gig can be found here. While Rick was enjoying looking around at the old cars, he gave a phone interview for Radio 2's Dermot O' Leary Show - read a review of his interview here.

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25th - Rick interview on the Dermot O'Leary Show (BBC Radio 2)

Rick gave a phone interview (from Silverstone) on July 25th for the Dermot O'Leary Show on BBC Radio 2. The basic idea of the segment was to ask him the same questions that he was asked by Smash Hits magazine in the 80s to see how his answers matched up!

The interview started off with Rick talking about looking and smelling the classic cars at Silverstone, before the topic turned to motor racing and Rick talked proudly about Rick Junior's successes in that arena. The first Smash Hits question came next, asking what was the first concert he ever went to. Rick said The Kinks (in Taunton), but his answer in Smash Hits was Hermans Hermits (at the Woking Atlanta Ballroom). He had more luck with the next question, which was about the first pair of jeans he ever bought - he mentioned Quo's preferred jean buying approach of offering to buy tattered jeans off people in the street, the same answer he gave back in the 80s. The last question from Smash Hits was "which TV programme do you always turn off?" Rick couldn't come up with a current answer and the somewhat embarrassing original answer was Coronation Street! (which Rick admitted he still can't watch, despite being in it and meeting the lovely cast members!).

The interview can be heard in full here.

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27th - Quo concert at Chateau De Beaufort, Luxembourg

Quo made a rare visit to Luxembourg on 27th July to play at the stunning medieval Chateau Beaufort as part of their "Rock Classics" season. A superb set (of 100!) photos from this gig by Dutch pro Rick van Gerven can be seen here. The following review of the gig appeared in the Luxemburger Wort on 28th July, titled "Status Quo rockin' all over Beaufort Castle" and written by Patrick Cameron.

"Having rocked all over the world it was time for Status Quo to bring the show back to Luxembourg.

Veteran denim clad rockers Status Quo brought the heat to a cold summers evening at Beaufort castle on Monday night.

Having been on stage together for some 50 years Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt know the way around the stage. They’ve gone from chart toppers to the butt of jokes, reminiscent of Spinal Tap over the years. But they have always kept themselves in the public psyche. Now they have come full circle and there seems to be genuine warmth toward the Quo who have become somewhat of a British institution.

It was an unseasonably cold summers night on Monday evening and with the flag fluttering away at the top of Beaufort Castle we knew we needed some high-octane Status Quo riffs to warm us up.

It didn’t take long as the riff to ‘Pictures of Matchstick Men’ blared out of the PA, the band all wearing shiny white new trainers entered and plugged in. Parfitt positioned himself in the middle of a row of five Marshall amps. Then the unmistakable guitars of Rossi & Parfitt kick into ‘Caroline’. If there is a band that has a sound more head bop inducing, I don’t think I’ve heard them.

With years on the stage come well-polished stage routines. With ‘Little Lady’, they throwback to a 50s Chuck Berry sound that the Quo do so well. Parfitt stood legs apart at the front of the stage with the guitar strap around his neck and the guitar dangling evocatively around his crotch. I suppose if you’ve done it since you were in your teens then why change a habit of a lifetime. Although it probably got more screams when he was at the peak of his powers and his hair was fuller, but rock poses are the make up of a good show.

Much loved tracks now came thick and fast with ‘Hold You Back’, ‘What You’re Proposing’&‘Creepin’ Up On You’, where Rossi & Parfitt came together to do a synchronised boogie guitar shuffle, cue the camera phones for that shot.

As you’d expect with the Quo the set was upbeat and energetic. At times it left Rossi looking out of breath, which he quipped with his very amusing self deprecating chat about his and the audiences’ age.

Of course the real big hitters were left to the end with ‘Down Down’, ‘Wherever You Want’ and ‘Rockn’ All Over The World’. If you can’t bop away to these then what can you? They sent us on our way with Chuck Berry’s ‘Bye Bye Johnny’.

It was a cold evening and one that could’ve turned quite miserable if we hadn’t have had the upbeat enthusiasm of Status Quo to keep us bopping along and warm."

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31st - Quo concert at Liseberg, Gothenberg, Sweden

Quo rounded out the month with a show to over 20,000 at the famous Liseberg theme park in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 31st July. The event drew more than its fair share of photographers so we're blessed with masses of great shots from this gig - try here, here, here, or here!

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