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That was the Quo month that was ... July 2007

1st - Quo appearance at the Concert for Diana, Wembley Stadium, London

Marking the tenth anniversary of the death of Princess Diana, a number of major rock and pop acts were brought together on July 1st for the "Concert for Diana", held at the new Wembley Stadium in London. The sizable crowd of around 65000 were entertained for over six hours by many acts, including old-timers like Quo, Elton John and Rod Stewart.

Francis and Rick gave a short BBC interview before the gig, which can be viewed on YouTube. The performance itself (also available on YouTube here) was just one song, that being a live rendition of "Rockin' All Over The World". The sound mix was less than helpful to Quo (and Rick's singing in particular), but the crowd didn't seem to mind too much and Quo were the only act to leave the audience shouting for more...

Photos of the band in action at the impressive new Wembley can be seen here and here.

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6th - Quo concert at Petworth Park, West Sussex, UK

As part of the Summer Nights concert series, Quo played an outdoor show at the 17th-century Petworth Park on July 6th. The event was well-attended and a fine Summer's day made for a great gig all round. The support band was Macara, who have a Quo connection in that they've recently been using Francis's Arsis studio for some recording work!

Photos of Quo in action at Petworth can be found here, here and here, whilst YouTube has a clip of the entertaining "Gerdundula" performance.

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7th - Quo concert at Festival Terre Neuvas, Bobital, France

Quo played at the massive Bobital festival on July 7th. Appearing before Pleymo, Placebo and Marilyn Manson, Quo took the stage to an audience of about 50,000 and played the usual festival set without an encore.

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7th - Statoz Quo cover band gig at Southport RSL, Queensland, Australia

Heading back to their home state of Queensland (after their brief excursion over the border to play at Casino the night before), Statoz Quo hit the Southport RSL on July 7th and played a blinder, with Roy Lynes on keyboards again! As these photos illustrate, the staging was amazing and the full-house appreciated a long set of no-nonsense Quo boogie! Video clips of the following songs from their set are also available now: Caroline/Something 'Bout You Baby I Like, Rockin' All Over The World, Don't Waste My Time, and Railroad/Red Sky.

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14th - Quo concert at Ulriksdals, Stockholm, Sweden

The second show of the Swedish Summer tour took place on July 14th in Stockholm. The weather was distinctly un-Summerlike, however, with torrential rain starting just as Quo took the stage. First up was Swedish rockabilly act, Nisse Hellberg, before 81 year old rocker, Chuck Berry, strutted his stuff. Quo played a slightly shorter set as a result of the bad weather (87 minutes all up), though ironically the rain stopped just as "Bye Bye Johnny" finished! As the crowd dispersed, the PA blasted out a song from the new album, in the shape of "The Beginning of the End"! The full setlist follows.

Photos from this show are available here.

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18th - Quo concert at Brunnsparken, Örebro, Sweden

Despite the cancellation of the previous gig of the tour, Quo marched on in Sweden with a show at Örebro on July 18th. Photos of the band in action can be found here, whilst a clip of "Roll Over Lay Down" is on YouTube.

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19th - Quo concert at Tennisstadion, Båstad, Sweden

An amazing collection of photos from Quo's show in the unfortunately named Swedish town of Båstad on July 19th are available here.

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20th - Piledriver cover band gig at The Dream Niteclub, Melbourne

Another cold Melbourne night and another excuse for some good-time boogie with the Piledriver boys, this time back at The Dream Niteclub in Carlton. We arrived early and the band were still setting up, but that didn't take long (their typical large PA not being required in this small room) and the usual suspects started to stream in. The venue filled up nicely as fans caught up in the friendly atmosphere of this small club. The early arrivals were treated to the band's soundcheck, a rocky rendition of "The Wanderer" and a song not forming part of the typical Piledriver set.

The place might as well have a row of hooks as you walk in where you can hang up your street cred ... and then enjoy the music on offer, free of the shackles of any of society's expectations. This was meant to be the band's first "smoke free" gig, but the smoke machine didn't seem to realise and filled the place with a dense fog before the band's own invention of the Drone sparked up the PA and the good times could begin!

As always, it would be "Caroline" to kick things off and, while it wasn't the band's tightest performance of it (I blame the effect of the cold on the fret fingers), it did the opening job well and got the crowd warmed up. A steady stream of the great Piledriver songs followed, including a memorable "Roll Over Lay Down" (again Wayne did an awesome job of the lead work on this song), "Blue Eyed Lady" and "I Saw The Light". The band were all in good form and the on-stage banter gets better every gig as the band relax into the stage set and enjoy it more and more. Andrew couldn't help but leave the stage to join the air guitar troops doing a fine job down the front a couple of times during the show, a gesture which makes us simple folk very happy!

Despite being a while since their last live outing, Piledriver played very well at The Dream, to an appreciative band of followers (as well as some of the Thin Lizzy contingent arriving for the later Twin Lizzy set). The set is in good shape too, though we do miss "Big Fat Mama" guys! It's great to see Andrew, Co, Wayne and Ron have a genuinely good time on stage, it's an infectious professionalism that endears them to the Quo faithful and should ensure a strong following in their future live work.

Let's hope it's not too long before the next live show is announced, how about a country Vic gig near Ron's to give us a reason for a weekend out of the city?

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21st - Quo concert at Petvå, Hässleholm, Sweden

The final show of the Swedish tour saw Quo playing in Hässleholm on July 21st. This well-attended show rounded off yet another successful Swedish campaign and the essence of the show is captured well via these photos.

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24th - Quo concert at Pakkahoune, Tampere, Finland

Quo continued their stint in Scandanavia with a one-off gig in Finland on July 24th. Support band for the show were "Horsepower" and the audience numbered about 2000. Photos from this show are available here and here.

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28th - Quo concert at Sixways Stadium, Worcester Rugby Football Club

Quo played at Worcester rugby club's Sixways Stadium on Saturday July 28th. Despite the recent flooding in nearby areas, the gig went ahead and the 5,000-strong crowd were treated to an extensive line-up, albeit slightly dampened by yet more rain at times. The support bands were My Sergeant Mask, Funky Skunk, and Insanity Beach, before Quo hit the stage (with the usual Summer set) at 8.30pm. Some professional photos are available here and some fan shots can be found here.

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29th - Quo concert at Scone Palace (near Perth), Scotland

Quo headlined the third and final day of the Live On The Lawn festival series, with a well-attended gig at Scone Palace near Perth in Scotland, on July 29th. Previous nights of the festival had included Jools Holland (with Lulu) and a Proms concert, before Quo stormed the Palace (sorry!). Support band was Albannach and photos from the show can be found here.

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