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That was the Quo month that was ... July 2006

1st - Quo concert at Hastings Beer and Music Festival, Hastings

Quo headlined the final night of the Hastings Beer & Music Festival on July 1st. The festival, celebrating its 25th year, attracted large crowds, who allegedly consumed about 25,000 pints of beer over the course of the three-day festival in scorching hot conditions! Supported by Hastings band Zucchini and The Jakals at the Alexandra Park venue, Quo performed their standard festival set (to a crowd of about 6000) but with "Burning Bridges" and "Juniors Wailing" availing the encore.

Photos of Quo's show can be found here and here.

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6th - Quo concert at Epsom Downs Racecourse

Photos from Quo's post-race gig at the Epson Downs racecourse on July 6th are available here.

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8th - Quo concert at Cardiff International Arena

Quo played the Cardiff International Arena on July 8th, in a show originally scheduled at the much more capacious Cardiff Castle venue. As a result, the CIA looked somewhat sparsely populated and a number of ticket allocation problems resulted with multiple patrons battling for the same seats near the front...

Supported by local band Tall Thin Man, Quo played the following rather short set.

Photos from this show are available here, here, and here.

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9th - Quo concert at The Henley Festival

The Quo faithful had to ditch the usual T-shirt and jeans uniform to attend this "black tie" event at Henley on July 9th! The band arrived on a small boat and played the usual Summer set to the well-dressed audience. Photos from this show are available here, here, here and here with a truly superb set from the BBC also available here.

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14th - Quo concert at Gültzaudden, Luleå, Sweden

Quo kicked off their extensive Swedish tour with a show in Luleå on July 14th. Supported by Smokie and The Refreshments, Quo played their standard set in beautiful Summer sunshine with the lengthy Swedish Summer day providing a stunning backdrop to the gig.

Photos from this show are available here and here

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14th - "Piledriver" cover band gig at The Hi-Fi Bar and Ballroom, Melbourne

The funky underground Hi-fi Bar & Ballroom would be the unlikely venue for Piledriver's largest audience to date, on Friday July 14th. This "Members Only" (and lucky guests!) night would see the old timers opening proceedings, to be followed by two more contemporary acts (in the shape of "Room" and "British India").

A healthy crowd was developing by about 8pm and the Piledriver guest contingent lent an air of seniority to the demographic! Dimmed lights and a squirt on the smoke machine heralded the 'Drivers arrival with their first outing of their own recording of 'the drone', at around 9.15pm. The young crowd had filled the main room floor but looked dubious as to the merits of these blokes on stage...

Opening with "Caroline", the band made their intentions clear - play loud and heavy, and not worry too much about what the youngsters thought. The strategy was spot on with no mass exodus and encouraging applause after the end of the first song. "All Stand Up" again made Quo's live version look distinctly lightweight, the excellent PA and Piledriver's impressive backline getting a serious workout. Andrew's self-effacing intro spiels went down well and it didn't take long for the young crowd to really warm to the band's hard work and the on-stage smiles and moves all indicated relaxing in to this significant city-central gig.

There were no surprises in the set list and no time for an encore but the usual highlights hit the spot for the few Quo die-hards in the audience. "Blue Eyed Lady" and the "Railroad/Mean Girl" combo put big smiles on the faces of the front row air-guitarists, with the "big" songs like "Whatever You Want" and "Rockin' All Over The World" providing the more popular appeal with a few of the youngsters joining the dance floor and abandoning their youthful street cred.

With such a non-Quo savvy audience, the 'Drivers could have been in for a really tough gig here, but the reality was far from it - the young crowd seemed to genuinely enjoy and appreciate the band's energy and Andrew's excursions into the great unwashed proved to them how down to earth the band are. Meanwhile, the Quo faithful lapped up song after song played both accurately and gutsilly and revelled in the opportunity of showing some of the younger folk they weren't too old to rock 'n' roll!

Great venue, good crowd, top PA and an excellent Piledriver performance all resulted in a show much more than the sum of its parts. Many thanks to the band for their invitation to this gig and also for the after-show chats in the bar (over those evil $3 bourbons...!)

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15th - Quo concert at Nydala, Umeå, Sweden

On the second show of the Swedish tour, the Quo entourage rocked into Umeå and played the following set (which included two more songs than the previous night in Luleå, in the shape of "Don't Waste My Time" and "Burning Bridges").

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19th - Rick Parfitt interview on Sveriges Radio Värmland P4 (Sweden)

Rick was phone interviewed by Annica Buvik for Sveriges Radio P4 in Sweden on July 19th. The interview lasted for some 18 minutes and caught Rick in a fairly serious mood for once, answering all of the questions in a lengthy and thoughtful manner. Review the interview here... Annica worshiped by Francis and Rick in Sweden!

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21st - Quo concert at Rothoffsparken, Eskilstuna, Sweden

On yet another beautiful Swedish Summmer day, Quo played to about 4000 in the town of Eskilstuna on July 21st. The full setlist follows.

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23rd - Quo concert at Trädgårdsföreningen, Göteborg, Sweden

Quo played in the Swedish capital, Göteborg, on July 23rd to an audience of about 5000 at Trädgårdsföreningen. Photos of the band in action are available here and MP3s of "Hold You Back" and "Roll Over Lay Down" can be downloaded here.

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