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That was the Quo month that was ... July 2000

7th - Quo concert at "Fun & Action Open Air", Kerzers, Switzerland

The following review comes from Reto Kron from Swizterland, one of approx. 8000 people to witness what sounds like a great gig!

I was yesterday at the Open air in Kerzers, Switzerland. Swiss band Cobra and Dr. Feelgood were the bands playing before Quo. Status Quo were in a very good mood and Francis Rossi was joking with the crowd. At my opinion, Rick had his best voice since a long time. Although there had to be rain if believing the weather forecast, there was no single rain drop 'til a few minutes after the gig was over. Instead of that there was rain on the play list, as a lot of other heavy Quo songs. It was an excellent gig with high sound quality and a great set. Started with "Caroline" and ended with "Rock 'n' Roll Music"/"Bye Bye Johnny". It was really worth to drive the long way to Kerzers from Lucerne.

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undated - Review of "Famous In The Last Century" in Classic Rock magazine

The following review by Dave Ling appeared in Classic Rock magazine (July 2000 issue).

Quo have never shied from their roots, having played Chuck Berry’s "Bye Bye Johnny" live since recording it on 1975’s 'On The Level'. In recent years, the band have become a mobile karaoke machine, yet they step over the line of decency with this 17-strong collection of (mainly) covers made famous by stars of the past millennium. Imagine Jive Bunny in patched denim out on the piss with Chas 'N' Dave, Showaddywaddy and Mrs Mills. and you’re halfway there.

The package begins with keyboard player Andy Bown’s twee title track "Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee/Phil and Don and Bobby Vee/The way that music used to be/In the last century" but that’s only the start of the nightmare.

Chuck Berry’s "Roll Over Beethoven" and "Rock 'n' Me" by the Steve Miller Band are among the rare tracks to survive Quo’s senseless, irresponsible mugging, and the quintet (who recently parted company with drummer Jeff Rich) even turn in a passable if highly unlikely stab at Robert Johnson’s "Sweet Home Chicago", yet Buddy Holly will be glad he’s not around to hear their treatment of his immortal "Rave On".

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