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That was the Quo month that was ... January 2019

20th - Rhino's Revenge gig at Great British Rock & Blues Festival, Butlin's, Skegness

Rhino's Revenge performed their first of two Butlin's music weekend gigs on 20th January with a gig as part of the Great British Rock & Blues Festival at the Skegness venue. A well-written review of the entire event, featuring good words about Rhino's Revenge, can be found here.

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31st - Francis interview on BBC Radio Lincolnshire

Francis was interviewed on the Carla Greene afternoon show on BBC Radio Lincolnshire on 31st January, as promotion for the Lincoln show of his "I Talk Too Much" tour.

"Down Down" was played before the interview started and it somewhat inevitably kicked off by talking about Rick. Francis said that he's "probably a little bit more honest now" about his relationship with Rick and tends to remember the fun times they had together when they were younger, but also acknowledged the "fractious" times as they got older and said Rick's insecurities led him to try to be the "rock star".

There was no good news around the much-vaunted new Quo album, with Francis saying "there's talk of it... and material around" but maybe he was being deliberately cagey while promoting his own solo effort before the new Quo album gets a run later in the year. Carla then played the "I Talk Too Much" single from Francis and Hannah Rickard, before the interview resumed. Carla asked him about his best ever live concert and Francis mentioned a German gig from 2018 that was "just special" (though he couldn't even remember where it was!), with an hour-long soundcheck and a wonderful gig to follow.

In closing, Carla chose her favourite Quo song, "What You're Proposin'", with Francis indicating it's also one of his favourites.

This interview saw much more open answers from Francis than usual, most especially when talking about Rick in a very honest and heartfelt manner.

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